Who Are The Richest People In History? (Game)

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Today, we're talking about some of the richest people in history. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1936
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Iron-Bran Dag sedan
Looked up that fire thing and there's a whole ass news article about it from 1993💀
A T 10 dagar sedan
I like watching rich people criticize rich people
Erin Smith
Erin Smith 12 dagar sedan
what about mansa musa !
cbmx1x1 12 dagar sedan
Anyone else get the distinct feeling that they are a little uncomfortable making fun of rich people, when they know that they are also rich? Link sort of joked momentarily about it regarding Rhett’s sweatshirt, but I get the feeling they both feel weird about the whole bit. Maybe I’m just reading too much into things. Personally I like that they understand how privileged they are.
Theo 47
Theo 47 12 dagar sedan
Mamas Musa was so rich that when he went to Mecca he gave all the cities he passed gold, so much Gold that he cripple their economy by accident due to inflation.
Gustavo Henrique
Gustavo Henrique 13 dagar sedan
Not them saying “rich people” like they’re not rich themselves
Matthew Wojcik
Matthew Wojcik 13 dagar sedan
You don't commission *self*-portraits.
Hax Saw
Hax Saw 14 dagar sedan
Bald people are great 👍
Brooke 14 dagar sedan
I wish my car expelled patchouli 💕😂
Shaquita Austin
Shaquita Austin 14 dagar sedan
Talk about Vikings, starts wondering why there's no season 2 for Vinland Saga.
Robert mike
Robert mike 14 dagar sedan
Bitcoin is the future invest in Bitcoin now with a professional broker and see your life change financially
sam buddy
sam buddy 15 dagar sedan
Never heard of Crassus...? Cmon dudes
Dave l
Dave l 15 dagar sedan
One thing for sure I would not take a bullet for Lady Gaga's dogs
Brianna Canuel
Brianna Canuel 16 dagar sedan
witch burning is the original denouncement of women from men just saying
Yola Gómez
Yola Gómez 16 dagar sedan
Opium is like crack. ~Link Neal 2021
Elijah Barker
Elijah Barker 17 dagar sedan
Yo... where can I find links shirt?
Stone 17 dagar sedan
Got all right minus the last one cuz that was ridiculous THE POWER OF HISTORY CLASSES
JustMeLauren 17 dagar sedan
I was curious about the volunteer firefighter and apparently 10 volunteer firefighters had over 90 arson charges for intentionally burning the abandoned houses
Megan Forsythe
Megan Forsythe 17 dagar sedan
Look up the modern day worth of the Dutch East India Trading Company - a couple billion dollars from trade was very possible lol
Dom Mattox
Dom Mattox 18 dagar sedan
Rhett. I have been a fan of you two since DAY 1! And I just have to tell you...that you claiming that going to a mass witch burning party would be, " That would be fun, I gotta admit that" is making me cry lolololol
Rajkhan Muhammad Nur
Rajkhan Muhammad Nur 18 dagar sedan
6:16 LMAO the aristocats movie
Laurie Pelletier
Laurie Pelletier 18 dagar sedan
Okay, I normally love Rhett, and Vikings too, but the whole "that would be fun" in reference to watching witches burn??? Ummmmm, NOOOOOOOO!!! That is not okay! For someone who proports to support Mythical Beasts, that is very archaic and narrow minded. It makes me sad. Please do better.
Ronald Rogers
Ronald Rogers 19 dagar sedan
Daddy DON'T like hairCUTS. With that beard, the answer was right under Rhett's nose!
beksfrog 19 dagar sedan
Paget/Paget..."I've heard it both ways."
Jackie Imhoff
Jackie Imhoff Dag sedan
Was hoping to see a Psych fan in the comments!
James Park
James Park 19 dagar sedan
In Soviet Russia, bear rides you!
Dodgegirl 19 dagar sedan
“How do you ride a bear?” Bear back!! Hahahaha
Matthew Blackenship
Matthew Blackenship 19 dagar sedan
Someone needs to make a product called "Genghis Kahn Seed Spread"
FrankfurtMyDearIDontGiveAJam 19 dagar sedan
Totally missed set-up for a joke! 07:01 -How do you ride a bear? -Bear back.
QueenofCountry13 20 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but we're not talking about Mansa Musa I of Mali?!
Best memes Around
Best memes Around 19 dagar sedan
He wasn’t even the richest it’s incorrect. He’s the richest of who’s value can be somewhat calculated. Both Augustus Caesar and Genghis Kahn were worth far more. Kahn mostly because of the amount of land he owned.
QueenofCountry13 20 dagar sedan
Me, a history nerd: Oh this will be easy and fun 3 minutes into the video: Rhett, clearly knowing nothing about history: I've never heard of Marcus Licinius Crassus Me: ...oh no
Brenon Fiwchuk
Brenon Fiwchuk 20 dagar sedan
Genghis Khan was a real trillionaire though...sooo they got that wrong...
Sarah Aldrich
Sarah Aldrich 20 dagar sedan
Weird Wombat
Weird Wombat 20 dagar sedan
I miss the destruction one on the wheel of Mythicality.
wammes 20 dagar sedan
Why is Link always so hyperactive in GMMore
Nayr 20 dagar sedan
I know you do well to hide it and be relatable, but aren't you both 'rich people' as well. Should do ones on your own purchases at $30+ mil
Aly W
Aly W 20 dagar sedan
Link, didn't you and Rhett just do a video on Twitter about Spoilers? You should definitely go rewatch that one.
Connor Lahey
Connor Lahey 20 dagar sedan
3:11 Rhett ur engineering degree is showing
ALEEEN AIEEE 20 dagar sedan
9:32 it is not 0.00001% it is 1%
Cesarito 20 dagar sedan
Does Rhett have a stray tan?
Angel Osborn
Angel Osborn 20 dagar sedan
Where did link get his shirt from?!? I love it soo much!
Bissa Money
Bissa Money 20 dagar sedan
Link's awkwardness about giving away years-old Vikings spoilers is freaking hysterical.
sam buddy
sam buddy 15 dagar sedan
Yeah but he saw it, and had no clue there was a lot of occult and burning 9f people..
megstar 19 dagar sedan
his face🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Optimus PrimeRib
Optimus PrimeRib 20 dagar sedan
Wow, that firestarter they mentioned. Crazy, but living in the deep south all my life... completely believable.
Rando Plants
Rando Plants 20 dagar sedan
Roman buildings lit on fire super frequently, especially apartment buildings
Toni Hicks
Toni Hicks 20 dagar sedan
Y'all have a net worth of 20mil each... You ARE rich people 😂
Abigail Way
Abigail Way 20 dagar sedan
Rhett going through all that reasoning for the opium one and then getting it wrong and realizing that he "knows nothing" basically sums up standardized testing
Hales 20 dagar sedan
i really want to know where link got his shirt
Angel Osborn
Angel Osborn 20 dagar sedan
GreekGeek 123
GreekGeek 123 20 dagar sedan
Me living in Oregon knowing John Jacob Aster was a fundamental part of our states founding and them saying he’s fake 👁👄👁
Jacob Shadinger
Jacob Shadinger 20 dagar sedan
Just as a little fun history and economics clarification point for Rhett. There have been quite a few companies in the past worth way more than the Bezos and Gates of today’s world. In fact the richest company ever was the Dutch easy India shipping company and at its height in the 1700s it was worth around 7.8 Trillion dollars compared to bezos 1.7. Trillion. The super rich are not a new concept and they have been around for all history. What is new is how quickly a person can become super rich due to technology.
Mark Petersen
Mark Petersen 20 dagar sedan
Crassus is pretty famous. Rhett is just ignorant!
Mark Petersen
Mark Petersen 20 dagar sedan
Also a lot of houses and apartments at that time were wooden. So, another ignorant point by Rhett.
Ritu Giri
Ritu Giri 20 dagar sedan
"You ride a bear with a bear saddle." Learning new things everyday!
Corina Williams
Corina Williams 20 dagar sedan
Umm cool coincidence I just bought a geo prizum today 😳
Abhinav Srivastava
Abhinav Srivastava 20 dagar sedan
Abhinav Srivastava
Abhinav Srivastava 20 dagar sedan
For the algo
Abhinav Srivastava
Abhinav Srivastava 20 dagar sedan
Bring back LTAT 😫😩😢
Willy Ames
Willy Ames 20 dagar sedan
this feels like the end of the night when everyones just chillin and having a good time after dinner
Alexander Taylor
Alexander Taylor 20 dagar sedan
Doc holiday
Dante 20 dagar sedan
Caeser was estimated to be a trillionaire with his total fortune(which included the entirety of Egypt at the time).
richard webster
richard webster 20 dagar sedan
They actually subtitled him [twinkie]
Justin 20 dagar sedan
Haven’t watched yet but I hope Mansa Musa is somewhere in here
Nonbinary Ethan Bartleby Evans
Nonbinary Ethan Bartleby Evans 20 dagar sedan
Every Xena fan: Of course Crassus was a real person
Erykthebat 20 dagar sedan
You guys talked about insanely rich people doing insane rich things and you didn't bring up Mansa Musa?
Calumeup 20 dagar sedan
Everybody wants to be a cat
Megan Trout
Megan Trout 20 dagar sedan
Is that spoiler true?? I'm just starting it and am legit a little upset right now
Joseph Flemming
Joseph Flemming 20 dagar sedan
One time this old guy complemented my work at the salad bar. He said my pumpkin pie pudding was as good as opium. No joke.
Dooku 20 dagar sedan
Link saying “rich people “ like he’s not rich himself lol
RatKeeperDude 20 dagar sedan
The main episode and more are almost exactly the same duration
Nathan Valley
Nathan Valley 20 dagar sedan
Did Rhett and Link just admit in a sneaky way they used to burn down abandons houses? Haha
Katie Rodriguez
Katie Rodriguez 20 dagar sedan
Snort laughed at "His car farted patchouli." Omg.
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass 20 dagar sedan
I'm enjoying the boys' energy today. :)
Nick Von Dick
Nick Von Dick 20 dagar sedan
I legit lost focus for a solid minute point five singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt in the middle of this.
Brendan Hoffmann
Brendan Hoffmann 20 dagar sedan
Bald Pride!!!
Berry at Don
Berry at Don 20 dagar sedan
Talking about “ rich people” like there not rich lmao. Still love the show tho 😂❤️
Phil C
Phil C 20 dagar sedan
No saddle, bareback 👍 just saying 🤔
Jake K.
Jake K. 21 dag sedan
Rhett's understanding of historical wealth is hilarious.
Kyle Novak
Kyle Novak 21 dag sedan
Wonder what Frank Force has been up to.
Raptor's Treasure
Raptor's Treasure 21 dag sedan
Missed opportunity... "How do you ride a bear"... BEARback (bareback)😂👍
Caeli _metalfab
Caeli _metalfab 21 dag sedan
fun fact: John Jacob Astor survived the sinking of the Titanic by sneaking onto a life boat. He was the richest man on the ship and also a coward.
LoneCourier2281 21 dag sedan
Rhett never played Civ V
worm time babey
worm time babey 21 dag sedan
i am upset that our good friend Ludwig von Neuschweinstein that built a CAVE just so he could listen to Wagner by himself was overlooked
Rob 21 dag sedan
How do you ride a bear? .......bear back.
Bella Swanson
Bella Swanson 21 dag sedan
“I’m going to tell you about rich people that have done crazy stuff, or have they?” *vsauce music plays*
Jpach14 Raymond
Jpach14 Raymond 21 dag sedan
How do you ride a bear? Bare back of course
Penguin 101
Penguin 101 21 dag sedan
Denmark has an entire day dedicated to burning witches 😅
CartoonLink 9 dagar sedan
That was way later than the Viking era though c:
sleepified 21 dag sedan
Genghis Khan is the only person capable of saying „You virgins.“ with ultimate power. This man spreads his nut across the world like Covid does.
Eric Scott
Eric Scott 21 dag sedan
How do you ride a bear? You wouldn't use a saddle. Wouldn't you go..... bear-back?
tjhall1000 21 dag sedan
all the real ones have been gone over by the youtube channel "fact fiend" which is why i got all of these correct haha i love the fact fiend channel with a passion
Mama D Lady Trucker
Mama D Lady Trucker 21 dag sedan
You ride a bear bare back. Missed opportunity there
Brian Heidemann
Brian Heidemann 21 dag sedan
Um stevy said self portrait
PixeledGamerz 21 dag sedan
Unbelievable amount of nerds in the comments lol
pvic 21 dag sedan
its funny because rhett and link are probably richer than all of us lolol
Andyp6006 21 dag sedan
“And then he was not in the calf, because bear” new top ten favorite quotes
stdesy 21 dag sedan
You didn’t do Mansa Musa? That guy was the richest person ever
Dara Shapouri
Dara Shapouri 21 dag sedan
The lion growl transitioned so well into the wheel
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley 21 dag sedan
Please do Will It Spring Roll please Similar to the will it Egg roll episode y'all did in the past Maybe josh can make the lipstick 💄💄💄💄💄 taste better than the lipstick Egg roll y'all tried last time
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley 21 dag sedan
Please do Will It Fajita Taste Test Please I really hope y'all do Will It Fajita Taste Test
Quinch 21 dag sedan
"how do you ride a Bear?" ... BEAR...back of course!
Branson Cathey
Branson Cathey 21 dag sedan
Have you ever done drugs, Link? They're amazing!
Cody Rudi
Cody Rudi 21 dag sedan
Sad Mansa Musa noises
Amanda Adger
Amanda Adger 21 dag sedan
Dad joke mode...BEARback
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo 21 dag sedan
I'll be rich
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