What Was Their First Job? (Game)

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Today, we're matching the Mythical Crew member to their first job. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1926
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TheMrBond1 9 dagar sedan
I am a longtime fan and love watching good mythical morning and good mythical more. But PLEASE make it easier to get to the main channel video by having a direct link to it in the description of good mythical more because I struggle with finding it. I'm going to keep commenting this on every single good mythical more episode I watch until it gets noticed or possibly changed. Please upvote if anyone else agrees with me! Thank you mythical beasts!
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty 13 dagar sedan
“Dust In the Wind” is Kansas.
Fix Family
Fix Family 24 dagar sedan
I asked my mail carriers what there favorite beverage was. So I can leave it in the mail box for them.
Shannon M.
Shannon M. 28 dagar sedan
14:32 - Bless you.
graveside_glitz 28 dagar sedan
Link: I made 35,40 dollars mowing a lawn Rhett: Quit braggin'! 🤣🤣🤣
MST 29 dagar sedan
Fun colon times!
Ryan Burger
Ryan Burger Månad sedan
i'm mad i watched to the end to imagine a colon emoji
Allusion Månad sedan
:( Kansas just got recognized as Styx. The disrespect. Haha STYX WIL NEVER BE KANSAS
ChocolatTherapy Månad sedan
oh god the ' you can keep the bills uhuhuh' joke threw me back to my days as mail deliverer. i truly hated that
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo Månad sedan
Who needs a job
Samantha Gajewski
Samantha Gajewski Månad sedan
Rhett and I just sneezed at the same time 🤙 Bless you, Rhett
Louis Hoey
Louis Hoey Månad sedan
14:33 god bless u rhett !
YouTubeShark4 YTS4
YouTubeShark4 YTS4 Månad sedan
QueenofCountry13 Månad sedan
Also I love that the only one they got right on the first try was the new guy they had never met before.
QueenofCountry13 Månad sedan
Rural Mail carrier here! If you talk to your mail carrier at all, make it brief. They're trying to get done and are delivering to hundreds of houses. If you see them walking to your door with a big package, walk up and help them if you can. I'll try to fit a package in the mailbox but if it doesn't fit I'll take it to the door. The bigger mailbox you have the better! Also, we're outside all day in the heat so any way to stay hydrated is appreciated. We can take stuff worth $20, but no more.
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty 13 dagar sedan
🙆🏻‍♀️Ummmm “take”....or “accept”?
Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine
Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine Månad sedan
I do t get why people say no pun intended when it is intended
Armand Potgieter
Armand Potgieter Månad sedan
This is awesome wish all bosses were this humane.
Agi Blu
Agi Blu Månad sedan
"Couldn't you run over a dog?"- Link 2021
KaraokeGigolo Månad sedan
Rhett is still a goalie in the NHL Braden Holtby 😜😜😜😜😜😜
Devonte Hardimon
Devonte Hardimon Månad sedan
I appreciate Link saying it'd be cool to get to know me
KaraokeGigolo Månad sedan
Well if you do tell him that his buddy looks like Braden Holtby. He's Rhett's double
Madison Mings
Madison Mings Månad sedan
Taylor Hardiman
Taylor Hardiman Månad sedan
can we have Mail time ??
Tony D
Tony D Månad sedan
Anyone know this movie, paperboy reference? “I want my two dollars!”
Clarissa Månad sedan
Why people gotta be so secretive about what state they are from lmao
J. T.
J. T. Månad sedan
That movie with the paperboy I think was called Rad.
Cheryl Chuning
Cheryl Chuning Månad sedan
I would like you to recognize Single Moms but even if you don’t “We carry on”
Rowan Wild
Rowan Wild Månad sedan
That promotion was like when you're at a relative's house and they ask you to pray for the dinner.
Matthew pennell
Matthew pennell Månad sedan
Adults do the same thing but they hide beers in the driveway help make people shovel
bad wolf
bad wolf Månad sedan
Man I wish I was listening to this 😩
George Månad sedan
You guys are right. 30 year carrier here!
Kelley Brown
Kelley Brown Månad sedan
I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS 🤣 Who knows that “paperboy” reference?
Hashbaz Månad sedan
Until she said the year, i wondered if i had known Jenna with so much overlap in location and work. But then she said early 2000s, and i left Knoxville in 1997.
Sarah Short
Sarah Short Månad sedan
Am I the only one that noticed the sly switch they tried to do, that I’m sure the crew was advising them to change behind the scenes? Link literally went to stereotypical “he must be interested in football.”
pvic Månad sedan
15:20 "im pretty introverted" LOL do you know what company you're working for now??
Amethyst Jean
Amethyst Jean Månad sedan
I was a paperboy (girl). I rode my bike or roller skates. We didn't have them bagged or elasticized to throw them - had to go up to every door.
Bobbnoxious Månad sedan
Wait - did the wheel *naturally* land on Gifticality?
Siege's Gaming
Siege's Gaming Månad sedan
Styx... Come Sail Away and Mr. Roboto...
Henry Kulikov
Henry Kulikov Månad sedan
Play this in 0.25 speed please 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kei Jones
Kei Jones Månad sedan
I am a USPS carrier, and I can confirm those jokes are real.
Kei Jones
Kei Jones Månad sedan
@George Nice. I have 30 more of being a regular to go
George Månad sedan
Right? I’ve heard those jokes for 30 years.
margaret Turtle
margaret Turtle Månad sedan
My mom retired as a mail lady
Smol Phrog
Smol Phrog Månad sedan
We actually still have the paperboy game on the C64- you can also get hit by cars!
Gooja Månad sedan
I oddly remember Carny saying he was a paper boy too, maybe it was someone else
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
I want to see y'all do a Blindfold Dip and Dots Ice cream taste test And rank the Dip and Dots Ice cream on a scale of 1 through 10 .
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley 26 dagar sedan
Sorry I spelled dipping dots wrong but I hope Rhett and link can still understand what I'm talking about
Olivia Lang
Olivia Lang Månad sedan
lol im excited to see Devante loosen up and transform
Analisa Bishop
Analisa Bishop Månad sedan
I’m so disappointed in Rhett and link... who doesn’t love Styx!
Ryan Carver
Ryan Carver Månad sedan
Watch you guys all the time but start giving to other charities other than LBGQ and racially driven ones. Come on guys!!!!
Ryan Carver
Ryan Carver Månad sedan
@Olana Owen I can complain about tons of stuff, that is just one I chose. Pleasure chatting with you
Olana Owen
Olana Owen Månad sedan
FFS if that's all you can complain about...
Erin Richard
Erin Richard Månad sedan
"The only thing I've ever delivered is a Mythical Society promo"
Olivia Lang
Olivia Lang Månad sedan
I love episodes that involve the crew!!!
Ben Warren
Ben Warren Månad sedan
I could see u shoulder deep in a cushion😂
Ben Warren
Ben Warren Månad sedan
Guessing stuff about the crew is the best type of more
Sir Penguin The 15th
Sir Penguin The 15th Månad sedan
I'm a mail carrier. What he said is very true.
Hannah Mattox
Hannah Mattox Månad sedan
Paperboy was one of the greatest games ever 🙌
L 11 dagar sedan
Anum Baig
Anum Baig Månad sedan
devonte reminds me too much of me...i like him
Vanessa Graves
Vanessa Graves Månad sedan
Please tell me that someone told Link what a colon is. Please.
Valci Månad sedan
That promo was awesome 😂😂
Axel Blake
Axel Blake Månad sedan
Not one reference to The Paper Brigade?
gator fan
gator fan Månad sedan
The Karl Malone joke was the best part of this episode in my opinion.
NessaMarks Månad sedan
but. carney has mentioned working at Pick Up Stix before.
Gabriella Kastel
Gabriella Kastel Månad sedan
Yes! And they talked about when they are doing something about Asian food saying he worked at two sticks jobs!
Mark Shull
Mark Shull Månad sedan
Ya'll lost some brownie points with the Styx business....
snuterella Månad sedan
godzillatimmy Månad sedan
I work in a mailroom and I've heard those same jokes. Also the one where they ask if their package is "ticking" 🙄🙄
KarmenH88 Månad sedan
Styx- Renegade. Come on guys, it's a classic.
KarmenH88 Månad sedan
@akingtoddd Yes, how can they not know this. They've lost their way.
akingtoddd Månad sedan
also Mr. Roboto!!
Analisa Bishop
Analisa Bishop Månad sedan
Dave Pants
Dave Pants Månad sedan
If it’s about their first jobs shouldn’t you guys already know this info? Who hires people here ?
The Miss Katana
The Miss Katana Månad sedan
They probably have an HR manager who takes care of the hiring process for them
It's all happening
It's all happening Månad sedan
is California still under such strict restrictions????????????? I am so happy i live in NY
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose Månad sedan
Omg I had no idea Jenna is from Knoxville!!! There's hope for me yet 😅
Lavanna Wright
Lavanna Wright Månad sedan
Come Sail Away is by STYX and my favorite song
Jacob Nestingen
Jacob Nestingen Månad sedan
Styx songs include Come Sail Away, Mr. Roboto and Renegade
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi Månad sedan
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi Månad sedan
My 100th comment on GMMore
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi Månad sedan
I have the Book of Mythicality
Olana Owen
Olana Owen Månad sedan
Me too
Burn It Down
Burn It Down Månad sedan
Im so old I get those Karl Malone jokes
Alisaishere Månad sedan
I love the treasure hunt idea and will have to employ it! Might have to hide a few quarters to make sure the kid actually finds some treasure for his piggy bank.
FMD BD Månad sedan
Devante (spell check) funny asf 😂😂
K Webster
K Webster Månad sedan
Ut oh, “silly videos for the internet”
Chris Maxwell
Chris Maxwell Månad sedan
Yes, to me, they both cringed so hard at that comment.
xmypantsx Månad sedan
And he makes them
somecsguy Månad sedan
yea that was rough. you could see it in R&L's eyes.
goldie Månad sedan
Lol I noticed that too. I have a feeling someone will be trying to move on to TV/Movies as soon as they get the opportunity 😂
Kevin Sargent
Kevin Sargent Månad sedan
My first job was landscaping.
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez Månad sedan
I'm a HUUGGGEE fan of Rhett's hair 💖
Broken Ice
Broken Ice Månad sedan
I used to Treasure Hunt all the time for my parents! Chores were fun!
Sally Smith7
Sally Smith7 Månad sedan
Paper boy isn’t that old of a job, my neighbourhood paper boy is only 21 now!
Sally Smith7
Sally Smith7 Månad sedan
@Gerald Herring no they weren’t the first or last, I’m confused about your point /: Rhett and link guessed the oldest person as the paper boy but it was still a thing in my neighborhood growing up in the 2000s. I think my parents still get the Sunday paper once a week but I’m not sure how it’s delivered anymore
Gerald Herring
Gerald Herring Månad sedan
And you assume he was the first one?😂
lwbhf29 Månad sedan
Support your local printed newspapers!
Deakon Månad sedan
Tell me this is Devante's last day on air without telling me this is Devante's last day on air...
Sasha Barnett
Sasha Barnett Månad sedan
I’m going to try the treasure hunt thing for my kids they are special needs and it’s a nightmare if you even say clean
C Y A Månad sedan
My favorite Styx song....Babe!
Loki the Cat
Loki the Cat Månad sedan
Rhett: "but we're not going to talk about it" Link: *talks about it* because.. he likes doing things his own way.
Elijah Cee
Elijah Cee Månad sedan
Boy, before Nintendo made PaperBoy they were making paper
Magnolia Air
Magnolia Air Månad sedan
I'm happy you guys have a new racial justice organization.
Dzone Månad sedan
Jenna is always my fave 💜
Critical Lol
Critical Lol Månad sedan
Link getting real with that 'perfectionist dad' talk.
Rachel White
Rachel White Månad sedan
I neeeeeed an enneagram podcast from them 😩
Mackayla Paul
Mackayla Paul Månad sedan
Love how he sniffed, he is so emotionally “there” for his kid. What a great Dad.
Kolby Sholly
Kolby Sholly Månad sedan
true. and I love how he said father perfectionist tho like shouldn't it be perfectionist father tho?
LoveTroll Månad sedan
❝ _So I say to you, keep on asking, and it will be given you; keep on seeking, and you will find; keep on knocking, and it will be opened to you. For everyone asking receives, and everyone seeking finds, and to everyone knocking, it will be opened._ ❞ - Luke 11:9,10
Brain Handsome
Brain Handsome Månad sedan
I only watch GMM because of Jenna now. Fight me if you say it's untrue!
JubalEarly52 Månad sedan
I think she is remembering The Paper Brigade, which aired all the time on The Disney Channel.
InvdrDana Månad sedan
You brought forth a memory I forgot I had.
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell Månad sedan
Shoutout to Jenna! I did the same at Neyland from ‘99 to ‘03!
Chris Bay
Chris Bay Månad sedan
WHAT?!? Rhett doesn’t know a STYX song?? What about Renegade or Mr Roboto?? STYX rocks my Socks.
Faggu Chan
Faggu Chan Månad sedan
Ah, yes.. Dust in the wind. My favorite STYX song 😂😂
Alex T
Alex T Månad sedan
Yes!!! I love Styx!
Josiah pedigo
Josiah pedigo Månad sedan
Yes sir Jenna (I don’t know if I’m spelling that right) GO BOG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josiah pedigo
Josiah pedigo Månad sedan
I meant big not bog
Beth Moore
Beth Moore Månad sedan
Today's gmmore is Rhett and link trying to hack the crew's passwords
Paul Carrisoza
Paul Carrisoza Månad sedan
Oh I miss the old crew.....
Kayleigh Santee
Kayleigh Santee Månad sedan
Paperboy!!!! My favorite NES game. And song. By Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. ❤️
Trish A.
Trish A. Månad sedan
Would love to see see Rhett and Link play retro video games like Paperboy on a more!
Madison Figg
Madison Figg Månad sedan
I think they played Cuphead in a More.
Celia Zane
Celia Zane Månad sedan
It made me sad knowing they only knew one Styx song :( and guessed one wrong first :((((
Karina Lopez
Karina Lopez Månad sedan
Yhei Jenna! Go VOLS!!
abslol1 Månad sedan
Our paper boy is like a 35 year old dude who drives up to the houses. Once I was staying at my neighbors house, and they apparently got the Sunday paper, and I thought I was about to get kidnapped.
abslol1 Månad sedan
@InvdrDana literally so scary! I was leaving for work bc I worked at a golf course so I left early and as I was locking the door this dude pulled up to the house. I legit lived across the street though, left at the same time every sunday, and had never seen him
InvdrDana Månad sedan
I had a similar experience when my sister and I were on a midnight walk around our neighborhood. There was this car that was driving reaaaally slowly behind us and it was moving back and forth across the street. I was nervous until I saw them throwing the city's newsletter to each house and remembered it was their usual time to do this. :V
Gerald Herring
Gerald Herring Månad sedan
@superfluous saxicole paperdad
superfluous saxicole
superfluous saxicole Månad sedan
*Paper Man
rgbii Månad sedan
It's probably the dad of the paper boy :)
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