What's Their Shattered Dream? (Match Game)

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Today, we're hearing some shattered dreams and matching them to the Mythical Crew member. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1916
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Laurydoodle 19 dagar sedan
I need it know that UC Davis is actually the number one vet school in america.
Matty G
Matty G 20 dagar sedan
The joke returns !
Dominic Po White
Dominic Po White 23 dagar sedan
Polar bear Putin is my favourite animal farm character
M2KD 25 dagar sedan
We need a Grimace segment where Rhett and Link occasionally ask him questions and he just responds with food references.
Jonas 28 dagar sedan
As someone who watches every GMM episode on or near the day they're uploaded, but often saves the GMMores for later to and watch them a week or two after, it's always a fun to try to recall why exactly Link has red dust on his cheek and Rhett has to go against some promise he made and smear peanut butter on Link's goozle.
Cooking with Pops
Cooking with Pops Månad sedan
New record for Tokyo What so far I think right?
Paige Peezy
Paige Peezy Månad sedan
Ryan Posadas
Ryan Posadas Månad sedan
12:32 Was that Grimace or Barney 😂
bangelo Månad sedan
18:51 I bet Rhett was holding himself back from saying "That was my nickname in highschool"
Madison Mings
Madison Mings Månad sedan
Lmfao the color bomb is stuck in Rhett's beard and Link face still has it on there haha but hey they got them all correct!!!
Alex Månad sedan
This episode had an exceptional Tokyo super note, well done Rhett!
ragingfiip Månad sedan
What a treat! I thought it was an established rule that Rhett didn't have to do the whole "WHAAAAAAAAT!!!" thing if Tokyo was ever mentioned in GMMore
Sînziana Perțea
Sînziana Perțea Månad sedan
Wipe my goozle, dude!!
scottembler Månad sedan
I'd like to thank Tokyo for the honor of having my hearing permanently damaged.
Chris Warren
Chris Warren Månad sedan
why is his face orange??
xiximoon Månad sedan
This More made me grin 😁 I miss the crew cameos. It's awesome getting to know more of them
Hakar Doski
Hakar Doski Månad sedan
is that he longest Tokyo ever?
Daniel Shultz
Daniel Shultz Månad sedan
Me: oh wow! A 20 minute gm more Link: somethin somethin blah blah Tokyo Me: oh
sourgummy Månad sedan
Jordan green
Jordan green Månad sedan
13:15 Is mayonnaise an instrument?
GushinGushers Månad sedan
“did someone call me” funniest part 12:29
K Dawes
K Dawes Månad sedan
Can somebody please refresh my memory of how the whole Tokyo call started!? Omg. This has to be Rhetts longest time.
Blake B
Blake B Månad sedan
14:50 yes there are actually baseball players that do this... or at least there used to be. Basically Ichiro
Donald Wise
Donald Wise Månad sedan
6:28 i thought someone was at my door
morsmordre maggie
morsmordre maggie Månad sedan
Rhett's lung capacity is so astonishing!
morsmordre maggie
morsmordre maggie Månad sedan
These are the hottest dads on the internet. Change my mind.
Emma Marie Thomas
Emma Marie Thomas Månad sedan
Cornell is the top vet school!
Greta Schneider
Greta Schneider Månad sedan
lol Cornell is alright but shoutout to UC Davis!
simplymssweets Månad sedan
Best Tokyo Ever!!!!!
Daheixiong Månad sedan
Ichiro Suzuki slap hitting. Google it Rhett~
Allison Hubbard
Allison Hubbard Månad sedan
That “hi”, all I heard was Ross and was confused how none of them said he was impersonating Ross 😅
Emma Josephine
Emma Josephine Månad sedan
Yessssss Tokyo!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😎
Kendra Mangan
Kendra Mangan Månad sedan
Link quoting Elf is my favorite thing so far.
Gus Månad sedan
When link said Tokyo I instantly clicked the like button
Kari Ronk
Kari Ronk Månad sedan
Had a flashback of the fan fiction episode when Rhett went for the pb...
Reed Månad sedan
Ichiro could slap hit like a softball player almost
Lucas Dhority
Lucas Dhority Månad sedan
DoTheDew92 Månad sedan
Unsigned hype is a column in the source magazine. Seen on Biggie documentary.
Calvin Chang
Calvin Chang Månad sedan
108 people breakdance...
Chris Johnston
Chris Johnston Månad sedan
My cat loses it every time Tokyo happens. She jumps on the TV stand and paws at Rhett’s face
Lily Sunshine
Lily Sunshine Månad sedan
I always forget they went to nc state until they casually mention it. GO PACK!
J Lam
J Lam Månad sedan
a supernote throwback
James Hernandez
James Hernandez Månad sedan
Break dancing has been in international competition for years now and Red Bull BC one has made it more mainstream so it’s about time 🙌🏽🙌🏽
cptn boo
cptn boo Månad sedan
After all this time I still don't have a clue how the Daddy like, Daddy don't like thing works
Aitch2_D2 Månad sedan
Following today's GMM, More episode suggestion: beard decor items/tried and tested on Rhett. Baubles, glitter, wax, bows, chalk dyes etc. Could end up looking verrrrry fancy!
Finnish Finn
Finnish Finn Månad sedan
Okay that was the longest WHAAAAAT - Tokyo EVER ! :D
Lisa Månad sedan
"Will it musical instrument?" Coming soon to an episode by GMM.
jsjazz12 Månad sedan
Cornell is a wonderful school.
SpaceW Månad sedan
I have peanut butter PTSD from THAT episode
birds eye chilis
birds eye chilis Månad sedan
The most relatable moment in this episode is when Jenna says, "I'm, I, I, my knee"
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee Månad sedan
Link absolutely nailed that impression !
Connie Benedict
Connie Benedict Månad sedan
women's softball was not going to the Olympics in solidarity with men's baseball!
juggledgeese Månad sedan
As an asthmatic I'm very jealous of Rhett's lung capacity. 😂
Tanner Pyron
Tanner Pyron Månad sedan
Cornholing still has a chance become an Olympic sport by 2024!
Riley Fleming
Riley Fleming Månad sedan
Then he put his arm straight into it hahaha
Riley Fleming
Riley Fleming Månad sedan
Oh no ur pants..... cmon man
Tori Lawrence
Tori Lawrence Månad sedan
Rhett low key jealous Caleb and Lucas didn’t already invite him to join their band .... awww who needs a little Pookie?
Indico Lite
Indico Lite Månad sedan
I'm suprised at how little Rhett and Link know about their employees. You can learn about their talents from social media.
Ryan Coble
Ryan Coble Månad sedan
Rhetts eyes on the “Tokyo” lmao
Raymond Elsayed
Raymond Elsayed Månad sedan
This is an old video?
Tony D
Tony D Månad sedan
I have watched every ep of gmm. But I don’t remember the origination of the Tokyo thing...anyone remember?
Harmon Heater
Harmon Heater Månad sedan
They tried to take away wrestling! The original Olympic sport!
Sasha TMP
Sasha TMP Månad sedan
Oh no the peanut butter gave me “Break the seal” flashbacks.
Sky 🌌
Sky 🌌 Månad sedan
Can someone tell me what episode the Tokyo bit started? I love the bit but have never seen where it all began and want to!
Leon Estello
Leon Estello Månad sedan
Ashten Preza
Ashten Preza Månad sedan
8:51 - 9:32 The most impressive thing I have ever seen
kmcc921 Månad sedan
GMM team covered the Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine before I could comment :) It’s really one of the best - my friend’s father attended and did in fact work on polar bears and did dermatology for zoo/large animals!!
Dustin Huiting
Dustin Huiting Månad sedan
When was this filmed or are they just playing it like covid didn't happen
Indico Lite
Indico Lite Månad sedan
They work with a reduced crew and they all get tested for covid regularly.
Sasa Månad sedan
Everytime I see Rhett and Link with peanut butter, I have flashbacks...
Dustin Huiting
Dustin Huiting Månad sedan
Can we appreciate the fact link said Daddy don't like wheat but his favorite cereal forever was mini wheats . . .
Bluebird_rkp Månad sedan
Lucas plays the theramin right?
Indico Lite
Indico Lite Månad sedan
No that was another crew member who left years ago.
Katie McCall
Katie McCall Månad sedan
rhett's tokyo thing was so impressive that my dog paused mid snore to listen
Vega Månad sedan
Half of this episode was just that Tokyo woah
Nathan Negron
Nathan Negron Månad sedan
Please!!!!! Do a Mythical Talent Show!!!! Rhett and Link as judges. That is a wonderful idea!
StonersRWeed Månad sedan
2020 Summer Olympics? .. lol
Ozzy Smoke
Ozzy Smoke Månad sedan
But Zubat evolves into Crobat!
Anwar Abdullah
Anwar Abdullah Månad sedan
My cousin was going to be on the olympic softball team at the same time the decided to 86 it. She still wanted to be in the Olympics so she became a player on the handball team.
Shann Kielma
Shann Kielma Månad sedan
You guys Really need to retire. You guys are so redundant!
Angela Miller
Angela Miller Månad sedan
Can we get a video of every tokyo bit! I feel like this one was the longest! 👏🏼
Luis Orozco
Luis Orozco Månad sedan
The Tokyo bit better never stop
Tori Månad sedan
"I don't see any polar bear buttholes" -Link
milreads Månad sedan
“i don’t see any polar bear buttholes. i would think they’d plastered all over the walls.”
Courtney Reiss
Courtney Reiss Månad sedan
I always forget about Tokyo
Jenna Base
Jenna Base Månad sedan
Am I the only one that HATES the Tokyo thing
Cheyanne LaLiberte
Cheyanne LaLiberte Månad sedan
Rhett's getting really good at holding a note
Ryan Downes
Ryan Downes Månad sedan
This Tokyo thing has got to go, where’s my razor blade. Mother Mary
Goodness Ekpata
Goodness Ekpata Månad sedan
He made me excited again. *KEMHACKS* on Instagram fixed my locked device without any delay or issues♡
Goodness Ekpata
Goodness Ekpata Månad sedan
He made me excited again. *KEMHACKS* on Instagram fixed my locked device without any delay or issues♡
MBK812 Månad sedan
“Any of these people could be aspiring rappers. We were!” -Link Full stop. “Aspiring”??? After all the raps that you released that I still know the words to say otherwise. Y’all WERE rappers.
Sengentaro Vlons
Sengentaro Vlons Månad sedan
2020 summer Olympics?..... did.... did I unknowingly step into a time machine?
spinster Månad sedan
damn they finally got all of them right, watching reactions has been their kryptonite all this time
Ruth Buck
Ruth Buck Månad sedan
Huge fan!! Does anyone know where Jen went? She use to do the mail on Thursdays!
Indico Lite
Indico Lite Månad sedan
She left a couple of years ago and now works for Patreon.
SpaceCircles Månad sedan
I was excited to see softball coming back in the Olympics. I was going to look it up. I forgot for just a second... maybe next time.
jassLmhn Månad sedan
softball is just american, that's why
Emmy-Lou Månad sedan
that peanut butter is giving me flashbacks to the fan fiction episode💀
Liz Joy
Liz Joy Månad sedan
"Polar Bear Pootin' Zoo Vet Computer Game" Link's genius is showing. 😂
Rebecca Boone
Rebecca Boone Månad sedan
“Did someone call me?” 😂
Bahareh Safari
Bahareh Safari Månad sedan
All that I'm asking is, who is Lucas?
Indico Lite
Indico Lite Månad sedan
He's the crew member who is usually on camera destroying things.
Noscw No last
Noscw No last Månad sedan
Them: softball will be featured in the 2020 olympics in Tokyo Me watching in 2021: Yeah, Right
Elizabeth Mayer
Elizabeth Mayer Månad sedan
What was this episode about, I was just watching the goozle peanut butter the whole entire time.
Hermit Journey
Hermit Journey Månad sedan
rhett's face toward the end of that "what" lmao
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