What's the Weirdest Food to Put Hot Sauce On?

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Today, we're trying hot sauce on different foods. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1910
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Elliott Astro-Imaging
Elliott Astro-Imaging Dag sedan
I want that outfit!!!!! Is it for sale anywhere!!?????
Alan Otero
Alan Otero 12 dagar sedan
Dairy and spicy...just like a Big part of mexican cuisine
Ian Productions!
Ian Productions! Månad sedan
One time I put butter spray on water
C Hong Williwonla
C Hong Williwonla Månad sedan
Why Is link doing that
Alexxxa Wild
Alexxxa Wild Månad sedan
thanks a lot👌🖤
Hannah Månad sedan
Nobody suggested hot sauce in apple sauce? It's really good!
Stephen Borders
Stephen Borders Månad sedan
The grapes and hot sauce thing reminded me of my favorite breakfast. Buttered toast, scrambled eggs, grape jelly, bacon or sausages and hot sauce as a sandwich. It's really good.
Jak Cook
Jak Cook Månad sedan
I’m not kidding I was thinking about watching old videos... the walking on and then you said it 30 seconds later! Mind blown!!
Jess Oberle
Jess Oberle Månad sedan
my favorite animal is a giraffe too !! 🦒
Jaden Versluis
Jaden Versluis Månad sedan
What was with the random kangaroo "fact"
Demi P.
Demi P. Månad sedan
I'm curious about this because I've put sriracha on some weird stuff and it always works
C B Månad sedan
I'm really surprised ice cream wasn't tested. It seems the most obvious choice
C B Månad sedan
You stole that walk from Monty Python lol
Traci Heath
Traci Heath Månad sedan
I found putting Ghost Pepper Mustard in the yolk of Deviled Eggs instead of regular mustard is AMAZING!! Really wanna spice it up put Tapatio in the mayo.
wordsinahandle Månad sedan
I love Links imitation of rhetts hair whips and rhetts obvious embarrassment and ignoring cause it is silly
Jesse Jalapeño
Jesse Jalapeño Månad sedan
Diablo sauce at TBell
Jakeypoo332 Månad sedan
Grapes don’t come from the ground they grow on vines
Shane Sch
Shane Sch Månad sedan
grapes come from a vine
Hayley P.
Hayley P. Månad sedan
WHY is no one talking about “rurnt my whole” hahaha that was so funny
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Månad sedan
Giraffes can run really fast, but because of their fur pattern it looks like slow motion. :)
Mandizzle FoShizzle
Mandizzle FoShizzle Månad sedan
GUYS! Cottage cheese with pepperoni. Either use the pep rounds as a scoop, or cut em and stir em
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Månad sedan
Hot Sauce and Yogurt
tamara hanson
tamara hanson Månad sedan
I live right down the road from the BIg Chair in Thomasville!
Ten Tortoises
Ten Tortoises Månad sedan
Okay. I'm crying over the giraffe pouch bit.
KillShot Kev
KillShot Kev Månad sedan
Fun Fact : Grapes grow on vines
Rhys Maddox
Rhys Maddox Månad sedan
Rhett has really been embodying Damnyell lately
Nick Randall
Nick Randall Månad sedan
If you want good hot sauce for drinks try Frost bite
Sierra Kurtz
Sierra Kurtz Månad sedan
Winston has an art park I didn't see something like that in Greensboro! Def reccomend!
Sierra Kurtz
Sierra Kurtz Månad sedan
WAIT They are in greensboro?! STFU I used to work in winston, and my ex bf lived in greensboro That's crazy
Hannah Chavers
Hannah Chavers Månad sedan
Lol unpopular opinion Winston isn’t that cool anymore, Greensboro is better 🤣
Sarah -Sunshine
Sarah -Sunshine Månad sedan
I want Rhetts shirt. It looks hot af
Verolution Månad sedan
A friend had chili sauce on bread, cheese over, chili flakes on top, swallowed down with at least two espressos. He then behaved like a giraff in a pouch for the next couple of hours.
David Do Yo Dance
David Do Yo Dance Månad sedan
The 2nd item they tried w/ Hot Sauce was definitely a joke/prank from that Fan... he was most definitely hoping for a Nasty Fan reaction lol
Madison Mings
Madison Mings Månad sedan
LMFAO I was so confused to at Giraffe pouch haha that part was hilarious!!!
Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick Månad sedan
I want to know what chain of events lead to each of these discoveries
RoseWraith Månad sedan
Their kangaroo-pouch photo could be misconstrued as "two men who forgot their masks" and "Link doesn't know how to wear one, anyway."
Myrtle Street Podcast
Myrtle Street Podcast Månad sedan
look at the stuff our state is known for a big chair and dresser
Veronica Falkenrath
Veronica Falkenrath Månad sedan
someone tell me someone did the giraffe pouch
Alexis Gomez
Alexis Gomez Månad sedan
A shot of tequila with tobasco 👌🏼
Makayla Cox
Makayla Cox Månad sedan
Oh my goodness when Rhett said Pepper Jelly I instantly thought of my moms homemade pineapple pepper jelly. It’s the best stuff ever. I also realized something in the last video about the shuffle board and hot sauces. NC (home state) in my small town we host the hot sauce festival that so many people come to every year in September!
Raleigh Lilley
Raleigh Lilley Månad sedan
Chocolate ice cream and gost pepper hot sauce
Cousin Map
Cousin Map Månad sedan
Two hearts, seven stomachs. Rhett is a Time Lord crossed with a Hobbit.
Melissa C
Melissa C Månad sedan
As someone who LOVES fruity pebbles but can't get it here where I live, this episode made me sad. :(
Thyda Cooking TV
Thyda Cooking TV Månad sedan
Weirdest hot sauce
Justin-David Springstun
Justin-David Springstun Månad sedan
soylent green is repotedly amazing with some hot sauce.Those PJ's are hilarous!!!
Akemiko Månad sedan
Sriracha and peanut butter taste great or sriracha on ice cream
Austin Fedo
Austin Fedo Månad sedan
I think MinnesotaJoe3 meant, like, Strawberry, Blueberry, or Lemon for the yogurt. He said "flavors" not "sauces," which I'm guessing was what the Mythical Team thought.
Ton Ton
Ton Ton Månad sedan
I like coconut yogurt with macdonald´s ketchup 😐👍
Janeé Harris
Janeé Harris Månad sedan
I'm going to mix maple, peanut butter and cholula and then put that on my honey nut cherrios.
Janeé Harris
Janeé Harris Månad sedan
I've had sriracha on grapes and it's my favorite bathtime treat!
mizu & lofi
mizu & lofi Månad sedan
Fruity pebbles and hot sauce taste sour because the vinegar in those hot sauce lol
Maggie Månad sedan
Anybody else go to Old Salem in elementary school? I don’t know if it’s as cool as I remember, but it’s still one of my favorite field trips. We went in the fall and it was super beautiful there. One of my best friends was in my group and our parents chaperoned. I get so much nostalgia whenever it crosses my mind :)
Aj Barger
Aj Barger Månad sedan
Oh my gosh the giraffe confusion has me dying
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis Månad sedan
I cant believe y'all don't even krystals hot sauce up there!
PrismGuy Månad sedan
I wonder if Rhett’s favorite animal is a giraffe because he relates to them
Kreo72erutta12 Månad sedan
Links last 2 brain cells show through this whole episode 🙄
Ace Øne
Ace Øne Månad sedan
a friend of mine gave me a green apple slice with tapatio on it and it was delicious!
QueenChee’sLife Månad sedan
The whole kangaroo/giraffe interaction was such a best friends thing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Saahitya Sangireddy
Saahitya Sangireddy Månad sedan
3:36 and 3:46
Kassandra Wenzel
Kassandra Wenzel Månad sedan
Be interesting to see what people put with their doritos. I'll dip them in fritos nacho cheese, salsa, cottage cheese, French onion dip, or fried pickle and ranch dip (only found at Sam's Club)
jackchan04 Månad sedan
Baby kangaroos are officially renamed giraffes. I never liked joey anyways.
MistressDistress Månad sedan
That’s the victim’s walk, Rhett! Do you want to be mugged?!
MistressDistress Månad sedan
Anything goes well with hot sauce
Possum Crotch
Possum Crotch Månad sedan
Back in my younger days I drank the “prairie fire”. It’s a shot of tequila, no salt or lime, with enough hot sauce (usually tobasco) to turn it dark red. Heat covered the bite of the tequila, and the bite of the tequila covered the heat. Goes down very smooth 🥃🥃🍺🍺🍻🍻. Was my go-to drink for three or four rounds when I first hit the bar, then switched to beer. Man I miss those days! Bathrooming hurt the next day.
Acapulco Gold Pablo
Acapulco Gold Pablo Månad sedan
Louisiana hot sauce on Hot Cheetos, or on cucumber slices with lime juice and salt goes hard!
Justin Maddox
Justin Maddox Månad sedan
Diablo sauce is better than fire
unikirahvi Månad sedan
Hahahah i too thought that Rhett likes to watch videos of giraffes giving birth and i was like whatta.. 😂
Nick Netz
Nick Netz Månad sedan
Oatmeal cream pies and Tabasco sauce
Samantha Serrano
Samantha Serrano Månad sedan
Please do an episode with pregnant women suggesting what they like as a craving. And Rhett and link have to try them! I’m 25 weeks pregnant and I do Mac and cheese with Doritos.
LOH Månad sedan
The grapes conversation made me laugh harder than anything. They have a pit, are a root vegetable and have protein. Fun alternative facts.
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez Månad sedan
I love a warm croissant with cream cheese and jalapeno slices
haileppgz Månad sedan
Not pepper heads... Potheads 💀😂
Backstahber Månad sedan
Ngl some Louisiana "Habanero" on a Peanut M&M is always the play 👌🔥
Mikaela Settle
Mikaela Settle Månad sedan
MORE has just been so chaotic lately and I never want it to change.
Jordan Sac
Jordan Sac Månad sedan
I’ve never seen a seed in a grape before
Brizzy.6 Månad sedan
Its the tapatío!!
Chris Daughtry
Chris Daughtry Månad sedan
Time to visit Thomasville and get it done
Jeremy Swanson
Jeremy Swanson Månad sedan
Do these guys actually get along?
Jason Shackelford
Jason Shackelford Månad sedan
Jason Shackelford
Jason Shackelford Månad sedan
And Texas Pete.
Katelyn Leer
Katelyn Leer Månad sedan
Pizza, spaghetti, eggs...
Will W
Will W Månad sedan
Its called a Giraffaroo
Video Compiler
Video Compiler Månad sedan
Tapatio hot sauce on biscuits and gravy!
Happyhearts56 G
Happyhearts56 G Månad sedan
“You dig up grapes like potatoes “ 🤣 never mind vine ripe grapes. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Ashley Calhoun
Ashley Calhoun Månad sedan
I have been to the giant chest of drawers in Highpoint, NC
n n
n n Månad sedan
Chewy peanut butter cookie with Sriracha
Pam Månad sedan
Downtown Winston-Salem is really coming up! Wake Forest has a branch of their campus (biotech/engineering) downtown, which has caused the surrounding area to elevate quite a bit.
Big Street Food
Big Street Food Månad sedan
♥️Thank you so much this is nice 👍 Big Street Food 🍱....
Rachel Stokes
Rachel Stokes Månad sedan
It's episodes like this that make me concerned for the people who don't sense sarcasm. They learned so many new things today, like that grapes are a root vegetable with a good source of protein!
Louise Benjamin
Louise Benjamin Månad sedan
Thank you
Peter Trast
Peter Trast Månad sedan
"I don't think of milk as having protein." -- Link. I got nothin'...
stecky87 Månad sedan
Link: repeatedly licks fingers w/o washing/sanitizing hands Also Link: complains about the grapes not being washed
Andrew Graham
Andrew Graham Månad sedan
I'm here for the pajama set and only the set. Help.
Dream Zzz
Dream Zzz Månad sedan
watermelon and tajin ..or mango and tajin ..yummm.. roman noodles and tajin.. I could go on and on that stuff is the bomb..
rev1hard Månad sedan
no crystals hot sauce?
Charlotte Rouse
Charlotte Rouse Månad sedan
Look at the size of these grapes!! 🤣
Alex Laird
Alex Laird Månad sedan
Link: "I thought only greek yogurt had protein" Rhett: *abruptly stops stirring*
Loretta Struck
Loretta Struck Månad sedan
Female Kangaroos also have 3 vaginas
battyLegislacerator Månad sedan
I’m apparently on the same wavelength as Rhett this morning cause I was like “why’s link giving him a hard time about a kangaroo pouch...WAIT HE SAID GIRAFFE? -backs up video- he said giraffe”
Disco Dmann
Disco Dmann Månad sedan
P B & J & Hot Sauce
Ashley Månad sedan
Global warming does bring colder weather.
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