What's The Best Vegan Meat And Cheese Combo?

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Today, we're eatin' vegan meat and cheese and finding the best combination. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1927
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Anna Baron
Anna Baron 4 dagar sedan
this makes me want a charcuterie board video omg
Nancy W
Nancy W 7 dagar sedan
I actually quite enjoy that Chao cheese on sandwiches. A bit sad that my local walmart stopped carrying it.
HDIMYB 13 dagar sedan
For any vegans looking for chicken nuggets: quorn has some genuinely good, chicken-like stuff.
sherocks54 14 dagar sedan
Educate yourself on factory farming watch dominion on SEpost go vegan
Justin Harrison
Justin Harrison 15 dagar sedan
chao cheese just straight slaps fam
Lloyd 16 dagar sedan
I'm kindof interested in this whole overuse of the word situation situation
DeathAngel 23 dagar sedan
is there a good vegan bacon?
Cheryl Berg
Cheryl Berg 24 dagar sedan
ha ha @ ripping and repping
Aubrey Swanson
Aubrey Swanson 24 dagar sedan
SEITAN is a PERFECT replacement for chicken!!!!!
ralph wiggum
ralph wiggum 27 dagar sedan
Field Roast Tomato Cayenne Chao Slices is the best vegan cheese of all. However, it has disappeared from all the stores around me. It's still listed on their website, so I assume it's still being made.
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley 28 dagar sedan
Quorn chk'n is pretty good. Cauliflower is cruciferous. That why it does that.
Yashi Stampedes
Yashi Stampedes 28 dagar sedan
is this a show or an info-mercial???
Myriam Côté
Myriam Côté 28 dagar sedan
a man who says that he is thinking about going vegan, it's sexy! Here I said it! haha :)
Bamana Baroma Madomba
Bamana Baroma Madomba 28 dagar sedan
Grand merci
NeptuneChildASMR 29 dagar sedan
The chao slices were really good on a “quesadilla/sandwich” I sautéed mushrooms, peppers, onions and spinach and then put them in a flatbread tortilla with that cheese and it melted so well and tasted actually amazing. I think it’s just kind of expensive if I remember correctly.
Sadie Marie
Sadie Marie 29 dagar sedan
I have tried to go vegan so many times and the ONLY reason I can’t is I can’t not give up cheese. Such a weakness of mine😭 everything else is easy tho 🤷🏻‍♀️
Anna Adjei-Baah
Anna Adjei-Baah Månad sedan
A lil squad
Kerah Vandenbos
Kerah Vandenbos Månad sedan
Gardein has some amazinig vegan chicken alternatives :) and Boca. Just sayin.
Haleigh Lee
Haleigh Lee Månad sedan
An interesting video for MORE would be if the crew made some charcuterie boards and they guess who made which one
Angel Shadow whispers
Angel Shadow whispers Månad sedan
there are good vegan chicken options besides breaded/ fried. Garden Chick'n Strips are good.
Chloe Randolph
Chloe Randolph Månad sedan
Link looks like a librarian. 😆
Jonathan Forman
Jonathan Forman Månad sedan
Vegan chicken - try "Daring" chick'n. Non-breaded and breaded options. Sauteed in a touch of oil. Great anywhere you would put grilled chicken (salad, wraps, quesadillas, etc)
Tankbusta Månad sedan
They should do a second rendition where they do vegan crackers
kerenrashish Månad sedan
Seitan chicken works. You can make it at home with just flour and water.
Bland Polecat
Bland Polecat Månad sedan
They said “situation” more than our gorl Amberlyn ☀️
stecky87 Månad sedan
My personal experience with vegan "cheese" is that they're meant to be eaten melted, not cold
Adrian-Cristian Nicolaescu
Adrian-Cristian Nicolaescu Månad sedan
But...polenta's vegan already...
Jolene Magusiak
Jolene Magusiak Månad sedan
Anyone catch the blip at 6:29 I was trying to see if there was anything there. I tried like 10 times but I can't go frame by frame.
lolo rojo
lolo rojo 24 dagar sedan
Click the ... and change the speed of video
리야엘 Månad sedan
Link’s dad energy is so strong
canderia Månad sedan
I really enjoyed the relaxed nature of this video.
Tre Taliaferro
Tre Taliaferro Månad sedan
“maybe it has something to do with your... beard” aka rhett don’t forget 😂😂
Brendon Oliver
Brendon Oliver Månad sedan
The kissing camping trip idea keeps coming around. And it's usually Rhett who brings it up which surprises me.
God Månad sedan
tbh, the first mythical pomade packaging was like a billion trillion times better
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo Månad sedan
Both tasty
Bizarre Is The New Black.
Bizarre Is The New Black. Månad sedan
being vegan is so fufilling - go for it!
Send It
Send It Månad sedan
Lol the green blip at 6:32 🍀
Overlode Brandt
Overlode Brandt Månad sedan
rhett: mythical beard balm me: mythical beer bong ?!? *looks up to see* ... oh :(
abberdail marie
abberdail marie Månad sedan
If you're wanting vegan chik'n, soy curls are the way to go. It's just dehydrated soy. I make mine a beefy flavor because I never liked chicken growing up.
Hope Kordalski
Hope Kordalski Månad sedan
Violife is my favorite. Chao is good for melting on a burger or grilled cheese
Charlie Durnford
Charlie Durnford Månad sedan
Humans are frugivores.
Katie McCall
Katie McCall Månad sedan
The best way to enjoy vegan imitation food products is to forget how the actual food tastes and enjoy it as it’s own thing entirely
Katie McCall
Katie McCall Månad sedan
Yea I agree the imitation foods are not the answer to veganism or vegetarianism they are treats for once in a while because they are so processed
Danniella Boling
Danniella Boling Månad sedan
Quorn... Though most aren't vegan. But their chicken is amazing
Line Andersen
Line Andersen Månad sedan
What's with that green screen frame at 6:32?
ShadowCraft Månad sedan
Do a mythical camping trip with the crew and families and vlog it on r and l channel
Sheridan White
Sheridan White Månad sedan
Uh... did anyone else see a flash of green when he was saying limitations create opportunities? Like just after the word create. I couldn't pause on it in time xD
Ijeoma Månad sedan
Hopefully Lincoln's friends don't find the last minute of this video
Hapiz Teoh
Hapiz Teoh Månad sedan
Why do i feel like rhett's forehead is extra shinnier today
BroncFan Channel
BroncFan Channel Månad sedan
Oh God, Lincoln is going to get bullied for the next 4 months when Link mentioned his Squad story.
Alan Kerber
Alan Kerber Månad sedan
Rhett should have for sure said beardiful about his beard instead of supple.. missed opportunity
Chris Moon
Chris Moon Månad sedan
"Butt Blank" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jaclyn Holder
Jaclyn Holder Månad sedan
I love how comfortable they have become in front of the camera, compared to some of their very first videos. I wish they would take it up a notch this season though and bring back some more of the physical/funny games.
Kayla Stark
Kayla Stark Månad sedan
Brought to you by the word “situation”
Cinder Man
Cinder Man Månad sedan
This became Fart Theory 101 somehow. 😀
Caleb Schmidt
Caleb Schmidt Månad sedan
I really wanted to know your opinions on your favorite combos.......
moonlightskitten Månad sedan
I couldn’t stop laughing at this 🤣👍🏻
sina panaro
sina panaro Månad sedan
Kelsey Stewart
Kelsey Stewart Månad sedan
Is link gay he
Jacobi Pavlica
Jacobi Pavlica Månad sedan
Alpha foods has an amazing chicken nugget. try it and love it
Brianna morgan
Brianna morgan Månad sedan
i haven’t had their nuggets but i’ve had their chick’n patties which i’m sure are the same formula and i made chick’n parmesan (vegan obviously) with them and it was AMAZING
Ali Sha
Ali Sha Månad sedan
Vivolife cheese is really good
Ali Sha
Ali Sha Månad sedan
@T still good
T Månad sedan
Ricks Shxt
Ricks Shxt Månad sedan
The last 3 minutes of this episode is why I come to More
Oscarplayz YT
Oscarplayz YT Månad sedan
i live in Santa Barbara CA goleta their is a few camping spots
Flay The Skin
Flay The Skin Månad sedan
Link looks like your lesbian PE teacher from elementary school in this episode.
Shane Gedekoh
Shane Gedekoh Månad sedan
Rippin' 'n' reppin'
lynndec22 Månad sedan
Rippin’ and Reppin’ 😂🤣😂🤣
HERB SMURF Månad sedan
Fair play
JustWolf Månad sedan
Rhett talking about a bathroom in his garage... rich people things.
Samantha Katawicz
Samantha Katawicz Månad sedan
For chicken substitute - Quorn is scarily close to the real thing. Soooo yummy
Zola Lewis
Zola Lewis Månad sedan
Anyone else see that flash of green at 6:32?? Curious if that was a holiday trick thrown in or maybe nothing and just a technical issue. 😆.
Sirius Black
Sirius Black Månad sedan
Yeah, saw that too, thought something was wrong with my tv
Carmen Anderson
Carmen Anderson Månad sedan
Funniest More in a while. Fart talk with our boys.
EbtsOby Månad sedan
Tanya Y.
Tanya Y. Månad sedan
Chao melts nicely. Heat up some salsa, a squirt of Sriracha, and a slice of tomato cayenne Chao...you got yourself some tasty "queso" dip. Kite Hill makes some decent soft-type cheeses, including a good frozen ricotta tortellini. Good Planet Foods makes nice vegan shredded mozzarella. Miyoko's and oven roasted tofurky slices makes a solid panini.
Andrew Hoogerhyde
Andrew Hoogerhyde Månad sedan
Rhett "thinks about going vegan more than you might think." Go for it Rhett! That would be amazing. You can tell deep down he knows it's the right thing.
Brianna morgan
Brianna morgan Månad sedan
i loved hearing him say that and not immediately knock it like most people do 🥺🥺
Edward's Sisters'Hands
Edward's Sisters'Hands Månad sedan
Feed the soy boys soy and they go full soy.
T Månad sedan
you know there's ACTUAL estrogen in dairy right? Estrogen that comes from a pregnant lactating female mammal. Soy contains phytoestrogens and do not affect human hormones. You do you though, manbewbs...lol
Conner A
Conner A Månad sedan
KleShreen Månad sedan
So did anyone actually answer what the best combo was, or what? lol
DNGRS Games Månad sedan
I’m so glad I’m related to Rhett rather than link
Dwoalin Månad sedan
I'm not sure what happened at 11:27 but I swear I felt spit hit my face during Rhett's PFFFFFFFF.
Jessica Månad sedan
Zoe Rankin
Zoe Rankin Månad sedan
I literally had a vegetarian turkey and cheese wrap today. A whole wheat tortilla, simple truth meatless “turkey” slices, spinach, hummus, cheese, and mustard 🥰
DangeloCake Månad sedan
I stopped paying attention for a second and now Rhett is talking about farting at gyms. That's as much as context I want.
Zoe Rankin
Zoe Rankin Månad sedan
Me being vegetarian 🥰
Amy Snable
Amy Snable Månad sedan
Yves veggie chicken nuggets are lowkey super good
Bassplayer95 Månad sedan
El-la-minnery school?
DNGRS Games Månad sedan
Rhett is my fave ME.
DNGRS Games Månad sedan
Possibly partially due to namesake
SamBam Månad sedan
Im am actually a vegan and I have never tried these, which are good?
SamBam Månad sedan
@Brianna morgan Thanks for the suggestion I definitely try at least one of them
SamBam Månad sedan
@Brianna morgan Thanks!
Brianna morgan
Brianna morgan Månad sedan
follow your heart is the only vegan cheese brand besides miyokos that i like !!! follow your heart feta crumbles, miyokos semi soft cheese wheels and miyokos roadhouse chedd’r spread is amazing !!!
Daniel Cameron
Daniel Cameron Månad sedan
You need to find a vegan cheese brand called, "Myoko's". I've tried several of their products and they are by far the closest to actual dairy based cheese. They actually use real cheese cultures to produce their products. I think you'd really love them!
Brianna morgan
Brianna morgan Månad sedan
yes “miyokos” is amazing, their semi soft cheese wheels and chedd’r roadhouse spread is amazing !!!
Julie Harden
Julie Harden Månad sedan
Chao original slices are the best. They make the best grilled cheese. So delicious. Follow Your Heart grated parmesan in the shaker bottle is very good as well. VioLife Shreds are good
Amethyst Jean
Amethyst Jean Månad sedan
I love follow your heart
Amethyst Jean
Amethyst Jean Månad sedan
Glad to see you are using some of the better cheeses.
Perry S
Perry S Månad sedan
Sorry I couldnt be vegan, my brother and sister just switched and enjoy it
Brianna morgan
Brianna morgan Månad sedan
everyone who once said they could never go vegan, is now vegan. including me lol
Melissa10380 Månad sedan
The best Chicken alternative is from the brand Quorn.
Jen Månad sedan
I love when they do vegan food on the show, Rhett always seems like he's on the brink of being convinced. Hoping someday they'll get there!!
Spicy Wolf
Spicy Wolf Månad sedan
Fart gymnastics, that's why I come to this channel.
WESTCOAST Månad sedan
Fook vegan food
Kirby Snow
Kirby Snow Månad sedan
these guys are somehow NC hicks and California Boys at the same time
Melissa Gandarinho
Melissa Gandarinho Månad sedan
People need to stop associating veganism with diet culture. Vegan is about animal compassion, NOT dieting or being healthy. PS - if you ever do a shredded vegan cheese video, Violife pepperjack!!!
LeiosOS Månad sedan
Today we learned about Rhett's ripping reps
Veronica Lent
Veronica Lent Månad sedan
i personally need "just short of a shart" on a shirt
tori uh
tori uh Månad sedan
They have those chicken mushrooms... I saw it on tik tok and it looked so good
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