What's The Best Sparkling Water?

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Today, we're determining which sparkling water is best! Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1924
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Who Knows
Who Knows 2 dagar sedan
alphabet mindfuck
Pabro Rodriguez
Pabro Rodriguez 8 dagar sedan
I need Link’s love for Topo Chico to be quelled, Chef Josh ahead made plenty of gnarly carbonated drinks on Mythical Kitchen. I feel the two should be aquatinted lol
Emily LLoyd
Emily LLoyd 9 dagar sedan
I wish more restaurants would serve seltzer water as a drink option.
InWeCome 12 dagar sedan
SPRINGS ARE NOT CARBONATED! yeah right and chocolate milk doesn't come straight from cows??
Purple Tele Tuby
Purple Tele Tuby 14 dagar sedan
I stopped drinking soft drinks 2years ago. I drink about 4 Topo Chicos a day. Put a little bit of lime or lemon w/a dash of salt, very refreshing
zygogotron12 15 dagar sedan
middle aged men with engineering degrees discover natural sparkling water exists
Tate 16 dagar sedan
Why is no one mentioning that Rhett accidentally called Link "Locke" at 15:22 after his childish saltiness? 😂😂
Chuck german
Chuck german 17 dagar sedan
How are these soy boy dandies in my feed?
Chantelle gattrell
Chantelle gattrell 17 dagar sedan
Bubbly is my favorite
Hell Spawn Ruler Of Hell
Hell Spawn Ruler Of Hell 19 dagar sedan
Tonic water DansGame. Yuzu for the win.
PBS 87
PBS 87 21 dag sedan
I like the pear peach La Crorx taste just like pear and peach.
KoolBeanz 22 dagar sedan
if Jarritos Mineragua is not on here then you will not find the most carbonated! It may be the first episode I will be giving a thumbs down!
K B 25 dagar sedan
I feel the dad vibe from link so bad in their episode idk why ahahaha
jody diewald
jody diewald 27 dagar sedan
What about klarbrunn?? Midwesterners must know how it stacks up
A0KIBA0KEI 27 dagar sedan
My mom loves topo chico and actually there is in Mexico a lemon flavored topo chico. Which is delicious!
irThumper 28 dagar sedan
Link is so engrossed in his searching that absolutely everything Rhett and Jen are saying is going WOOSH right over his head, lol.
Avalee T
Avalee T 29 dagar sedan
I learned more from this video in 20 minutes then I did in school for a month 😂
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores 29 dagar sedan
Link is constantly interrupting and holding up the show.
Brittany Brown
Brittany Brown 29 dagar sedan
Link is such an old man In this episode I love it!
Luna Kat
Luna Kat Månad sedan
Absolutely nothing can make me like carbonated water. Lol
Kristen Ruggles
Kristen Ruggles Månad sedan
I'm from South Texas and OH MAN ... they're not wrong. Topo Chico is the BEST! the grapefruit and lime flavors are the BEST.
Jem Adamson
Jem Adamson Månad sedan
I just imagined them kissing and i REALLY DONT want to see that 😂😂😂
Shalini Pehrinparaj
Shalini Pehrinparaj Månad sedan
Link is hilarious! 😂
Alyssa Mendonca
Alyssa Mendonca Månad sedan
go to Azorces Portugal! i drank from their spring when i was 8 on vacation LOL its super cool
Billy Loper
Billy Loper Månad sedan
sparkling water is always trash
trevor aldrich
trevor aldrich Månad sedan
My favorite carbonated water is non-carbonated :D
Amanda Månad sedan
Lol, Link at the beginning being in a mood is how I get after kids make me mad eventually, I'm like nope I'm mad now leave me be
CookieLady 85
CookieLady 85 Månad sedan
Link! Shut up! Geez...
Wv mtn-man
Wv mtn-man Månad sedan
Aww come on we all know Carbonated water taste like 💩 anyways...
Brando H
Brando H Månad sedan
7:08 Rhett: "You made two mistakes,first mistakes you POURED,second mistake you didn't let me DOUBLE UP".....spoiler alert and burst bubbles there's a thrid mistake my dad did DOUBLE UP and that's how I got here.☠☠😭🙈
Sybarite Sphynx
Sybarite Sphynx Månad sedan
Rhett is extra hilarious in this more lmfao
Sandbox Videos
Sandbox Videos Månad sedan
Don't listen to whatsherface. Kroger Seltzer water is the best. Simply amazing. The plain anyways. The flavored Kroger Seltzer water is defintely bad tho.
Lisa Hammond
Lisa Hammond Månad sedan
I don't know if this is the right place for me to request this I would love to see them test restaurants secret menus
orion p
orion p Månad sedan
Lol link is such in old man he was getting so offended by the idea of drinking in a zoom call
Tyler Swanson
Tyler Swanson Månad sedan
If you want the spiciest of spicy water, food lion store brand does not disappoint
Keefe Brown
Keefe Brown Månad sedan
Why is link so angry bruh
Andrew Burgardt
Andrew Burgardt Månad sedan
12:35 Rhett Meows
Melvin Romero
Melvin Romero Månad sedan
Topo chico is absolutely the best, but only from the original glass bottle. As SOON as you pour it, it's not any good. Even from a plastic bottle, it's not as good.
raquel massanet
raquel massanet Månad sedan
there is something wrong when a grown a** man behaves like a baby. GROW UP link!
Jay Lingo
Jay Lingo Månad sedan
4:38 PM
Alyssa Kaye
Alyssa Kaye Månad sedan
The most chaotic & disorganized mineral water taste test ever 😂 and I’m here for it
Lauren Streba
Lauren Streba Månad sedan
this was such a LONK episode 😂
Hayley P.
Hayley P. Månad sedan
Link is getting so mad about something that doesn't even taste good lmao
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Månad sedan
I didn’t want to tell you but it’s topo chico Rhett: ....I’m not playing anymore
Wyld Silverwolf
Wyld Silverwolf Månad sedan
There's a natural soda spring in soda springs Idaho
Wendy Clever
Wendy Clever Månad sedan
La Croix is the best! ☺️
Matthew Bergeron
Matthew Bergeron Månad sedan
Link: Calls his favourite sparkling water trash because it is when you take away the marketing Also Link: starts throwing a temper tantrum at everyone else who has literally nothing to do with the taste of the drink.
Sirina Heart
Sirina Heart Månad sedan
This feels like a behind the scenes episode. Link just chillen on his phone and Rhett just being weird lol
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA Månad sedan
La Croix is nasty, best Sparkling Waters are San Pellegrino and Perrier to me
Paige Johnson
Paige Johnson Månad sedan
Rhett’s face when they discovered carbonated water is “natural” from the Soda Springs... I’m weak😂 Love you guys🧡
Amanda Siler
Amanda Siler Månad sedan
I think Link needs a cup of coffee, seems he woke up on the wrong side of the bed for sure lol
Iran Moreno
Iran Moreno Månad sedan
Have you tried the (Topo chico Twist of Lime). It is very good.
alex Månad sedan
this gmmore episode feels like a regular gmm episode... but also not at the time
Ozz C-b
Ozz C-b Månad sedan
Link made me so mad during this episode.
The Gunk Load
The Gunk Load Månad sedan
Link likes things in his butt.
F33f33nkou Månad sedan
it's carbonated in the ground lol
bro.oked Månad sedan
Link is such a freaking character rofl
pvic Månad sedan
links alphabet: B, A, D, C, E
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
I want to see Rhett and Link do will it Sundae. ice cream taste test
Chloe Randolph
Chloe Randolph Månad sedan
Well, this will definitely be a contender for "Top 5 Tantrums" at the end of the year. 😆
Jacob Solbrig
Jacob Solbrig Månad sedan
This would have been a good Damnyell episode.
Nissan Karki
Nissan Karki Månad sedan
This GMMore was so fun!!!
Charles Bower
Charles Bower Månad sedan
Gerolsteiner and HEB 1877 are my favorites.
Aitch2_D2 Månad sedan
Well, I feel I have learned today. Thanks GMMore!
Josh Dunlap
Josh Dunlap Månad sedan
New type of show where the 3 of you and crew just sit around for an hour doing exactly like this episode. These are my favorite type where do something but just converse in between. On no rush I would watch that for sure. Good mythical more extended. Thumbs up so they see this!!!
Melissa T
Melissa T Månad sedan
Colleen Noonan
Colleen Noonan Månad sedan
they should have tried Bubly and Ah-Ha as well
Marshall Månad sedan
I’m from the future, congrats on 6 MIL 🎉
Bryson Hile
Bryson Hile Månad sedan
Shawna Basallo
Shawna Basallo Månad sedan
Topo Chico is apparently derived from a natural sparkling spring
lolo rojo
lolo rojo Månad sedan
Link was probably reading the comments at the end lol
lolo rojo
lolo rojo Månad sedan
Clickbating always solves anger lol.
Brad Watts
Brad Watts Månad sedan
This episode was absolute chaos and I loved it 😂
Josie Field
Josie Field Månad sedan
Bubly is the best sparkling water!
james Rohrbacher
james Rohrbacher Månad sedan
Topo Chico is the best, no question...
Georgios Pyrgiotakis, PhD
Georgios Pyrgiotakis, PhD Månad sedan
It is carbonated in the ground.
KY Klinepeter
KY Klinepeter Månad sedan
Why are you tasting unflavored sparkling water? You should rank all the flavors. My favorite is peach Perrier.
Lyrics Massiah
Lyrics Massiah Månad sedan
I learned something today
IWannaManatee Månad sedan
"Depth perception is my weakness" shirts coming up. Calling it now,
Christopher Medina
Christopher Medina Månad sedan
I don’t get the appeal, I prefer water, regular water over sparkling/carbonated water. But hey, to each their own.
Anna Eady
Anna Eady Månad sedan
1876 from HEB is stronger than Chico
SUNNY-D Månad sedan
10:55 the disappointment in links eyes 😂😂
Larissa Mitchell
Larissa Mitchell Månad sedan
Me checking how much episode is left when they already finished guessing all the waters and seeing there's still 10 minutes: ???
lisa simpson
lisa simpson Månad sedan
i would love if someone could make a compilation of link saying "im not participating" lmao
lisa simpson
lisa simpson Månad sedan
every time they mention the good mythical crew podcast i am so tempted to buy the subscription
AIDOL klover
AIDOL klover Månad sedan
Why canned carbonated water? 🤔 Usually glass or plastic bottles...❤️🇮🇹
Sara BareHug
Sara BareHug Månad sedan
La Croix goes flat so fast. I'm with Link in that Topo Chico is the best. I'm also with Link in that it's always better in the bottle or can, and never poured.
devon urroz
devon urroz Månad sedan
I feel like link woke up on the wrong side of the bed
Victoria DeMoranville
Victoria DeMoranville Månad sedan
I got so excited when I found Topo Chico and the Dallas Airport. Twisted lime is da bomb.
Lavenvdxr Månad sedan
Link upset for 20:03mins😂
samhouston1979 Månad sedan
when Link rage quits
Bernardo Garcia
Bernardo Garcia Månad sedan
Man... I’m from Monterrey and not even I know where the spring is, I just know there’s a little mountain called Topo Chico which translates to little mole because someone thought the mountain looked like one.
Polkadotpearl Månad sedan
100% you guys need to take Link to the Topi Chico water source.
Anne-Marie Watson
Anne-Marie Watson Månad sedan
LINK: See me be Mad.
Naomi Muñoz
Naomi Muñoz Månad sedan
Trader Joe’s has the BEST plain sparkling water when it comes to grocery store brands. Sorry about your topo chico Link 😂
Chris Channon
Chris Channon Månad sedan
I really appreciate this channels existence. Morning every week day, binge More on Saturdays and Kitchen on a Sunday, how to make this a truly daily show :) happy days
PorkusPie Månad sedan
Link is a disaster
PrismGuy Månad sedan
It has been 0 days since Link has had a tantrum
Jason_games Månad sedan
The best la croix is lemon cello
Mary Snodgrass
Mary Snodgrass Månad sedan
I agree Kroger brand does not touch lacroix but I can only get it when goes on sale.
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