What's the Best Soda and Cheese Combo?

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Today, we're pairing soda and cheese to find the best combo. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1918
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Kaya Campbell
Kaya Campbell 3 dagar sedan
This has big ltat vibes
Brad V.
Brad V. 7 dagar sedan
On over half of them they only tried 1 cheese and liked it... who knows if another wouldve worked best...On almost all it was just the 1st cheese they tried
Jeffrey Bailess
Jeffrey Bailess 21 dag sedan
I said a bucket of clams.
Nicholas Johnston
Nicholas Johnston 23 dagar sedan
I think any soda would work with almost any cheese, because sugar goes so well with almost any cheese
elmadicine Månad sedan
as a mountain dew aficionado, I'm glad they acknowledged that sprite and mountain dew don't play by the same rules
Doc Månad sedan
I think they may just like goat cheese
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
Do Will it Froot Loop Cereal taste test
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
Do Will it Wendy's Baconator Burger taste test.
Anew1008 Månad sedan
daniel tische
daniel tische Månad sedan
They really called the American plastic cheese....
Riuka Månad sedan
I thought I was the only one who liked cheese and soda
Water Witch
Water Witch Månad sedan
My first thought was “ a clump of clams” 🤷🏻‍♀️
Katie Månad sedan
mountain dew pairs well with cheese puffs ;)
Eliös Månad sedan
I didn't want to know this, but *NOW I MUST KNOW your opinions on what THE BEST is*
Bonnie Johnson
Bonnie Johnson Månad sedan
Watching you guys with those hats made all the difference 😂😂😂
TheFettuck Månad sedan
Gouda Cheese + Coca Cola! :D
NewYork Plays
NewYork Plays Månad sedan
Rhett:” I like my mtn dew stirred not shaken”
Huong Hoang
Huong Hoang Månad sedan
The attractive hamburger intraoperatively tick because base unquestionably support of a truthful addition. deadpan, neighborly price
Dani Iliesi
Dani Iliesi Månad sedan
Parmesan really goes nice with anything.
XtraBeefy Månad sedan
Guys mountain Dew is already in a love combo with a cheese. Nacho cheese
ı Månad sedan
Did orange wine just make it to the US now? Ya'll are way behind.
mototype2 Månad sedan
Anyone else think of the movie 'Waiting' every time they mention The Goat?
Maddie Eckhart
Maddie Eckhart Månad sedan
I would like to know Josh and Nicole’s opinions
Jake Freppel
Jake Freppel Månad sedan
But what cheese pairs well with Cheerwine?
kaitlyn pierzanowski
kaitlyn pierzanowski Månad sedan
I feel like the cream soda and Brie thoooo
Novakiel Månad sedan
You haven’t lived until you’ve chased a piece of cheddar with a sip of orange juice 👌 y’all do it an let me know
2SavedByChrist Månad sedan
I think Link wants a vommit episode and I've been wanting "Will it Tuna Salad?".
Betty Holland
Betty Holland Månad sedan
The disturbed ruth directly mourn because toilet immunophenotypically request despite a diligent hour. utopian, hard-to-find pull
ghw7192 Månad sedan
If it doesn't go with Sptite or root beer, I am our.
Jacob Rahuba
Jacob Rahuba Månad sedan
This is disgusting... but cheese and soda though????
Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor Månad sedan
Is Link on a diet? So gross to spit
Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor Månad sedan
Most wine tastings don't have running water. The buckets aren't spittunes, they are for emptying your glass of wine you don't want to finnish
Tacara Thomas
Tacara Thomas Månad sedan
Cheddar cheese and cream soda
alebre678 Månad sedan
Did Rhett forget he was against the Dew?
CJ P Månad sedan
Mnt Dew and hot peanuts is the breakfast of champions
JF GAMING Månad sedan
Kinda want to wear a Beret now
GFEAST Månad sedan
I relate to Rhett a lot with his tastes but I don’t really like cold cheese kinda like link lol
J Master
J Master Månad sedan
Link always wanting to do things wrong. Food then drink, always.
Jo Månad sedan
I've never heard of beer cheese!
The Exploraholic
The Exploraholic Månad sedan
I'm DEVASTATED that BEER cheese did not work with root BEER
David Tinnie
David Tinnie Månad sedan
Is anyone else thinking about Boxtrolls
Cris Rae
Cris Rae Månad sedan
This might be my favorite GMM ever and I wanna try all their pairings.
Kimberly Hoffer
Kimberly Hoffer Månad sedan
I have goat cheese with Mountain Dew on the reg. It’s Gouda.
sadslumber Månad sedan
Do a part 2 to the tasting :)
Courteney Siggens
Courteney Siggens Månad sedan
Why's your cream soda dark?? Ours is normally like sprite from what I've seen
Tommi treehugger
Tommi treehugger Månad sedan
I have been falling asleep to you guys AND waking up to watch you guys as I get ready for my day for yearssss
Cinder Man
Cinder Man Månad sedan
Rhett's gonna be doing some grunting after all this cheese. 😖
DomCagney Månad sedan
a clobber of clams lmaooo
J.R. Caldoon
J.R. Caldoon Månad sedan
(spoiler hidden for your inconvenience) I love that the chevre was the GOAT of this tryout.
Jake Outdoors
Jake Outdoors Månad sedan
Fun fact. American cheese was invented in canada
Keith Mossey
Keith Mossey Månad sedan
These dudes and Sprite go way back hahaha i love it
Robert Mckinney
Robert Mckinney Månad sedan
I think mtn dew would be best with nacho cheese
Nate Ecko
Nate Ecko Månad sedan
this was delightful. also the only cheese that works with mountain dew is nacho cheese doritos lol
Shifter22 Månad sedan
"So wine-not...." 😜
Joseph Pellerito
Joseph Pellerito Månad sedan
Link takes the smallest bites ever. Ha it’s even more noticeable when you see Rhett take a proper bite of food. Hah
Claire Bear
Claire Bear Månad sedan
You should've put the soda in a fondue fountain!
MargaritaMolly Månad sedan
So, Sprite + Goat Cheese Dr. Pepper +Blue Cheese Orange Fanta+ Brie
Dodaal Månad sedan
So yall are saying goat cheese is the goat
Becca Viljoen
Becca Viljoen Månad sedan
Creme soda isn't green in America ?!?!?
popmusic2008 Månad sedan
Why would it be green? Where is it green?
Becca Viljoen
Becca Viljoen Månad sedan
@ShadowReaper2006 Absurd
ShadowReaper2006 Månad sedan
Whoa Titties
Whoa Titties Månad sedan
Man I love cheese
TSM RedeemZ
TSM RedeemZ Månad sedan
Mtn dew ice plus Combos
enzoTHEferrari Månad sedan
Sharp cheddar and Red Bull. Tastes like freshmen’s year.
Alexis Dixon
Alexis Dixon Månad sedan
For someone that doesn’t drink I’m definitely gonna try it.
jbruckbro Månad sedan
Spitting during a parring? How dare you both!!! Chef will flip your plates
irThumper Månad sedan
I'd do cream soda and beer cheese.
irThumper Månad sedan
A group of clams should obviously be called a "Chowder" lol :P
Kimberly Harriott
Kimberly Harriott Månad sedan
Why is the cream soda not pink? 🤔 in Canada, our cream soda is typically pink (I think).
Devon Grosstephan
Devon Grosstephan Månad sedan
Why are y’all wearing Kangol hats? I’m uncomfy
Chris Aplin
Chris Aplin Månad sedan
This is the dumbest and I love it
gemini star
gemini star Månad sedan
There's an idea... trying non-grape wines.
Kathy Somers
Kathy Somers Månad sedan
I think ginger ale goes with all the cheeses...
Godspeed Månad sedan
When they didn't try Dr. Pepper with Pepperjack. :(
FRODO LIVES Månad sedan
Isn’t Rhett lactose intolerant
Beee Månad sedan
It really does not stop the man
Yessie Månad sedan
Group of clams: clam cult
Anna Pruitt
Anna Pruitt Månad sedan
Omg they both look really good with berets! Love the facial expressions Link makes when he raises his eyebrows with the glasses and the beret haha very sophisticated
Trill Collins
Trill Collins Månad sedan
Rhetts all sorts of jacked up lmao
Evelyn Månad sedan
Link should keep that beret, it's working for him.
Peter Zoura
Peter Zoura Månad sedan
I actually thought this is a good mythical morning episode. They were so quiet
Tim Kitchens
Tim Kitchens Månad sedan
“I don’t know if you should have cheese with Mt. Dew” Taco Bell and Doritos have both left the chat.
Shauna Corrigan
Shauna Corrigan Månad sedan
Rhett: "I'm gonna try american cheese cuz I feel like it's America's offering" All Wisconsinites: 😱
dixie m
dixie m Månad sedan
I was hoping one would say, how can a clam cram in a clean cream can?
Marcus Wilson
Marcus Wilson Månad sedan
Sparkling water and Rockfort. They are on opposite ends of the taste spectrum so they very much accentuate each other.
laurabadora414 Månad sedan
How were they unable to pair Cheddar with any soda?? Cheddar goes with everything!!
Evelyn Lester
Evelyn Lester Månad sedan
Diet Mtn dew and extra toasted cheez-its is my vote
TheHomie Jordan
TheHomie Jordan Månad sedan
I love how serious they are about this.
BuckBucktheWookie33 Månad sedan
As a former cheese mongerer, I’m not surprised that goat cheese went so well with a lot of these beverages. Creamy chèvre goes so well with herbs or acidic fruit, a nice goat Gouda is wonderful for melting on food, and a goat Brie is a perfect hot with some dry salami. Such a versatile cheese!
bslewi Månad sedan
It's always so bizarre to me when people say that root beer and cream soda are similar, because cream soda is my favorite drink and I can't stand root beer.
Lemon Fig
Lemon Fig Månad sedan
I have no idea how either taste. There are not available where i live or maybe i haven't seen them? 🤷🏻‍♀️
pokelover02 Månad sedan
I could really do without the spitting, but I love this segment!
Christopher Månad sedan
Cheeto cheese and Mountain Dew is the correct answer.
Kangakool Månad sedan
A bed of clams... *has flashback to Alice in Wonderland*
KjetilK Månad sedan
A group of clams should, of course, be a silent clamour.
The Quiet Man
The Quiet Man Månad sedan
They didn't even try the american cheese with any of the drinks 😂
Lizz Newman
Lizz Newman Månad sedan
This one was exceptionally adorable.
Mt Dew pairs best with easy cheese in a can.
Sara Atkinson
Sara Atkinson Månad sedan
i feel like josh should be in this episode!
Malexandre P
Malexandre P Månad sedan
what is beer cheese??
Matthew Feirstine
Matthew Feirstine Månad sedan
Gotta be skeptical of this. Title is what is the best soda cheese combo and you didnt try them all with every soda. Whats to say its the best if you didnt even try some of the others with it, you coulda been suprised with something better.
MrOmalley 800
MrOmalley 800 Månad sedan
yall need to try ale 8 one
Rachel Neff
Rachel Neff Månad sedan
Before they even said it i was like hmmmm bleu cheese and dr pepper makes sense to me
C Kien47
C Kien47 Månad sedan
"Now taste that" How did I know Link was going to do that!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha that was too funny!!! If Rhett would have tasted it, I would have barfed!
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