What's the Best Late Night Snack?

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Today, we're determining the best snack to eat AFTER HOURS. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1912
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SM0k3D2NA 2 dagar sedan
Hey Rhett, throw a slice of kraft singles in a chicken flavor cup o' noodles. Let it melt and enjoy.
Dave Clemens
Dave Clemens 7 dagar sedan
wish your store was cheaper
S O 13 dagar sedan
The stubble is good. Just needed to turn down the resolution I was living inside the mythicaltrix...
Catalina 15 dagar sedan
Yeah cold pizza hits
Justin 18 dagar sedan
Cassie this, Cassie that...don’t care
tay tay
tay tay 25 dagar sedan
I love pizza in the box the next morning 😁
a j l
a j l 26 dagar sedan
Yes you Can definitely put cheese on ramen its great! And in some areas in Japan they actually do that : )
kellypryb26 Månad sedan
They make a cheesy ramen noodle @Rhett
Sauville Bonnefoy
Sauville Bonnefoy Månad sedan
Asian households: 👁👄👁
Braxton Miller
Braxton Miller Månad sedan
Im agreeing with rhett😂i gotta throw mines back in the oven
Dustin Whitesell
Dustin Whitesell Månad sedan
I like the way Lincoln thinks :)
ron alfasi
ron alfasi Månad sedan
אייל שני מה אתה עושה כאן
BenjaminABen Månad sedan
To answer your question Rhett, yes, you can put cheese on ramen. It’s just as simple as putting a slice of cheese after you finish cooking your noodles. Simple. Lol
Steven Murphy
Steven Murphy Månad sedan
rhetts my guy hes got the correct answer everytime
Marlo Gates
Marlo Gates Månad sedan
Yes rhett you can put cheese on ramen noodles I do it all the Time .I think it Taste better with cheese
Betty Holland
Betty Holland Månad sedan
The wide-eyed newsprint collectively knit because swiss elderly talk midst a ossified chive. fortunate, upbeat beer
Matt P
Matt P Månad sedan
“Can you put cheese on ramen?”..Mythical Kitchen crying over they’re Grilled Cheese Ramen
emily faith
emily faith Månad sedan
yall need to try mozzarella sticks with barbecue sauce, its amazing.
ayyXmomo Månad sedan
"we have the discipline to not buy it, but once it's in the house..." wow. I have never felt mroe understood.
FTW Tech
FTW Tech Månad sedan
COVID exists BTW.
Joel Kumpulainen
Joel Kumpulainen Månad sedan
fast food left over margherita with couple dabs of texas pete! that hits the spot
ALIEN CHASE Månad sedan
I clicked LIKE right after hearing this 2:55 Then paused the video and went to my kitchen where I (OH YES) had myself a pack of Twix, Peanut Butter and some Tortillas just waiting for me. End result? I’m on board 👌🏻❤️ thanks Lincoln 💯
sambino Månad sedan
the taste buds podcast is changing the game
Marco Toledo
Marco Toledo Månad sedan
Is no one gonna talk about Link finding his soulmate at 10:26??
C. S.
C. S. Månad sedan
I like to put my left over pizza in a waffle iron.
circuswannabe Månad sedan
Pizza rolls
FacheChanteDeux Månad sedan
Cheese is one of my favourite foods, but a good Ramen with veggies and shrimp tempura- the best!
Ariel Coffin
Ariel Coffin Månad sedan
I will buy extra pizza just to have fridge cold pizza for breakfast.
Jen S
Jen S Månad sedan
I’m so proud of Lando! With Link for a dad?? Kid can make some tasty sounding food!
Kevin Ramsey
Kevin Ramsey Månad sedan
You don't have to have marinara with mozzarella sticks at all.
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Månad sedan
There's a ramen package with cheese powder in it. :) The brand has little cartoon chickens on the packaging.
Mirksmurf Månad sedan
My boyfriend gets a whole bag of mini chocolate bars and a gallon of ice cream on grocery day hah
Sir Kiken
Sir Kiken Månad sedan
Hard disagree on the mozz sticks, lol. You don't NEED marinara and it definitely doesn't need to be warm marinara...
Mustard 3
Mustard 3 Månad sedan
“I need the milk man.” -Link Neil 2021
John Borck
John Borck Månad sedan
A couple slices of American cheese in a bowl of Ramen. Delicious.
Beny Penaloza
Beny Penaloza Månad sedan
Nobody: Rhett: if it’s in my house I will consume it
StuttaBoxx Månad sedan
Link... Bagel 🥯 bites are SO MUCH BETTER. 🔥
DeadLeaFMoth Månad sedan
Link is just weird. Cold cereal at night? Psycho
Carli sellar
Carli sellar Månad sedan
Anyone know where Rhett got his shirt from ?
TheKardaMome Månad sedan
Rhett, you can melt Kraft singles into ramen (use Nongshim ramen with its spice packet), and even cook the ramen in milk and it's sooooo creamy and cheesy, but also savoury and the texture is nice and chewy. It's the best of both words between ramen and mac and cheese.
DadVsDad Månad sedan
Link....I think your kids might have the munchies.....
Meemmie Månad sedan
When I was younger I used to make peanut butter toast with m&ms sprinkled on top for my midnight snack lol
Stu Campbell
Stu Campbell Månad sedan
PLEASE TRY JENIS ON THE SHOW!!! Best ice cream in the world
Elementsage Månad sedan
If I’m sloshed at 12 am, I want a cheesy pizza
Caroline Bray
Caroline Bray Månad sedan
I quit cold cereal, cold turkey😂
Yasmine Henry
Yasmine Henry Månad sedan
GMM has been my morning regimen everyday since middle school, and I graduated in 2019 ❤️
Marc Jaxon
Marc Jaxon Månad sedan
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, from my hometown, is AMAZING. The Goat Cheese and Cherry is the BOMB
Jenn Rogers
Jenn Rogers Månad sedan
Pizza, Quesadillas, Ice cream, Bagel Bites, Ramen, and balogna sandwich. Whose my bestie?
Salina Sanders
Salina Sanders Månad sedan
I can’t tolerate the Honey Lavender ice cream slander. it’s literally the best ice cream i’ve ever had in my life.
Tiffani Lynn
Tiffani Lynn Månad sedan
Just got Jeni's the other day. So delicious!
Rett Bull
Rett Bull Månad sedan
I learned nothing from this video.
Connor Tough
Connor Tough Månad sedan
Now I need to see a single pice of bologna in a microwave...
Wildcat Marie
Wildcat Marie Månad sedan
I went to a bar/ grill place after drinking at a show and had the best French fries, they had cheese that was melted, bacon bits and green onions. Dipped in ranch.
Addox Morrow
Addox Morrow Månad sedan
We have a bar that you can order a recession special that’s a fried bologna sandwich, chips, and a PBR
Sandra Månad sedan
Dang! I love the sweat shirt! Alas, I live in Canada.
Shaylin J
Shaylin J Månad sedan
I literally have a pint of honey lavender in my freezer. Best flavor ever!
Madisonbrewtea Månad sedan
Only a teenager would put a candy bar in a tortilla with peanut butter and then microwave it.
Alex Dake
Alex Dake Månad sedan
Totally agree with Rhett that chocolate is not Candy!! Ive been saying this for years lol
Andrew Higgins
Andrew Higgins Månad sedan
Mint Icecream with crushed Ginger Nut Biscuits
apatternedhorizon Månad sedan
So this is GMM's version of Tastebuds?
Jasmine Sharrer
Jasmine Sharrer Månad sedan
Link would be my dads spirit animal specially about the cereal
Aldo Pacheco
Aldo Pacheco Månad sedan
Josh literally made a Roman grilled cheese
Lisa Månad sedan
Bagel Bites 4 eva
Katherine Marie
Katherine Marie Månad sedan
lol im so glad me and my kids arnt the only ones up at like 1 am making random meals
Cam J
Cam J Månad sedan
Can you put cheese on Ramen??! Of course you can Rhett!
wiz kid
wiz kid Månad sedan
I love a good fried bologna sandwich.
Dizz2K7 Månad sedan
This man didn't know about ramen and cheese... Lord, save him.
Liz Joy
Liz Joy Månad sedan
Ohmygosh cheese on Ramen is SO good! With an egg and ham too 😋
Lauren Robinson
Lauren Robinson Månad sedan
McConnell's started here in my hometown!!
LF trashsushi
LF trashsushi Månad sedan
Lincoln was definitely dummy fried when he was making that tortilla lmaooo that is for sure something someone makes when theyre smacked
Liz Bixby
Liz Bixby Månad sedan
Y’all need to try PBJ + banana + marshmallow fluff. That is a truly amazing PBJ experience.
levi raihala
levi raihala Månad sedan
bologna is just hotdog patties
Ethan Layne
Ethan Layne Månad sedan
Gotta try Talenti! So gooood 🤤
Grace Bauer
Grace Bauer Månad sedan
Madison Hitch
Madison Hitch Månad sedan
My roommate buys super spicy Korean ramen and then puts a slice of Kraft American cheese in it. It’s like the perfect combo cause the cheese melts and cuts the spice a bit
Abzz Buzz
Abzz Buzz Månad sedan
Rodrigo Hernandez
Rodrigo Hernandez Månad sedan
I still think potatoes are the best creation of the planet. Think of all the things it can be made into
Jake Burke
Jake Burke Månad sedan
Ya certain someone from GMM should really consider following that sweaters message.
acegeek Månad sedan
Rhett not knowing what bagel bites are... STILL! Someone buy this man some bagel bites already!
Trenton Farris
Trenton Farris Månad sedan
PB&J used to be my go to midnight snack and before that it was my go to after school snack haha
MinjiLindsey Månad sedan
Omg you guys need to do a ramen recipes taste test! Of course there's cheese ramen, Rhett!
slayer1990z ashley
slayer1990z ashley Månad sedan
I never use the flavour packets in ramen I cook them and then make a cheese sauce and mix it all up and yes it's delicious af
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner Månad sedan
Good Mythical Midnight is another awesome GMM show idea Rhett and Link can make
Jonathan Trauner
Jonathan Trauner Månad sedan
Good Mythical Evening should be a show
omgitsaaron8 Månad sedan
Can you guys make shakers? Maybe color changing ones? Or like a mythical green one. A 25oz one would be perfect but I’ll settle for the 16oz one. Idk any shaker would be good. Please and Thank you.
Rukia Kuchki
Rukia Kuchki Månad sedan
why not cookies and ice cream you can make an ice cream sand which with those ingredients
Sarah nichole Brown
Sarah nichole Brown Månad sedan
Rhett they do have cheddar cheese flavored ramen in a cup just look for it your mythical friend Sarah nichole
Jonas Sandström
Jonas Sandström Månad sedan
I needed this episode!
Noelle V
Noelle V Månad sedan
Roles reversed. When R&L were young Link went to Rhetts house for the good snacks. Now I feel like Rhetts kids should go to Links house
Lindsay Gillard
Lindsay Gillard Månad sedan
Tortilla, Twix and peanut butter...nothing wrong with that! 🤤
sedriensmorgasbord Månad sedan
Pizza Rolls > Bagel Bites
sedriensmorgasbord Månad sedan
I like mozzarella sticks dipped in honey mustard. (Though I put honey mustard on practically everything...so good.)
Luna Kat
Luna Kat Månad sedan
Yep, every single day my mom made me a bologna sandwich with mustard for school lunch. Memories lol.
The Great Rontorba
The Great Rontorba Månad sedan
@mythicalchef you have to make your grilled cheese Ramen for Rhett!
NasserFeed Månad sedan
cold pizza!? now that's disgusting
LECyr4 Månad sedan
For the first second, Link looked like he was experiencing sensory overload
Cherish Elledge
Cherish Elledge Månad sedan
We make PB&J sandwiches at any hour. Idk but lately we have been all about the PB&J.
nick yaeger
nick yaeger Månad sedan
bagel bites are 1000x better than pizza rolls don’t @ me
Zachery Norris
Zachery Norris Månad sedan
its crazy that rhett doesn't know what a bagel bite is when he literally had it a few weeks ago on the show lmao 😂
Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick Månad sedan
Hearing about Links kids habits makes me feel better about making second dinner at 2am 😂
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