Weird Pickle Flavors Taste Test

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Today, we're eating some weird flavored pickles. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1914
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Buck Naket
Buck Naket 8 dagar sedan
Link looks like he's about to vomit lol
Hope Papernacky
Hope Papernacky 26 dagar sedan
“We are going to donate 1,000 dollars to the Los Angeles LGBT center-“ *likes video* *subscribes again* *turns on notifications*
Judit Baráth
Judit Baráth Månad sedan
I love pickles I drooled the moment I saw the bags. Pickled stuff are great. 😍
Wherehouse Music
Wherehouse Music Månad sedan
3:38 think cut,,,, if it was a sandwich pickle, that might be a problem, but these pickles are definitely snack pickles,
Michaela Brown
Michaela Brown Månad sedan
Is it odd that I want to watch them try edibles? like make it 18+ locked. idk they live in cali
Derpy_Hooves_65 *Daniel*
Derpy_Hooves_65 *Daniel* Månad sedan
They should do an episode where they taste test all 33 flavours!
XianHu Månad sedan
I kept expecting Koolickles to be mentioned when tasting the Tropical Paradise. Especially since you're from North Carolina.
stinky6958 Månad sedan
Is the lgbt the only charity on the wheel?
Void Lurker
Void Lurker Månad sedan
Sandra F.
Sandra F. Månad sedan
As a lesbian, Link's t-shirt suggestion has another meaning for me 👁👄👁
Rorschach T
Rorschach T Månad sedan
Downvoting cause of lgbt promotion.
ChronicStealzzz Månad sedan
i love my texas home :) so unique and i love it
Jeffrey & Hannah Stusak
Jeffrey & Hannah Stusak Månad sedan
You guys should do a freeze dried candy episode. Freeze dried skittles are amazing and you can get them on Etsy.
Sushi PcGaming
Sushi PcGaming Månad sedan
Just curious , what does LGBT center even do ?
Dat Hat
Dat Hat Månad sedan
Burgess McCandless
Burgess McCandless Månad sedan
Link, spitters are quitters
Lisa Månad sedan
Was really hearing Rhett's accent here, love it.
Jay Allen
Jay Allen Månad sedan
Can someone tell me where to get these pickles please
sedriensmorgasbord Månad sedan
2:47 That's what he said. 4:48 Yep. That, too. 9:13 Mhmm... It sure does.
Stefan Lopuszanski
Stefan Lopuszanski Månad sedan
That weird cut when they were opening the fire cracker pickle... why? It is GMMore. Take your sweet time!
The_Red_Gemini Månad sedan
There should be a compilation of Rhett intentionally making it stop on gifticality. So pure
Black Delta
Black Delta Månad sedan
I wonder what was cut at 10:00
DaniDarlin' Månad sedan
I've never understood the flavored pickles. I'm not surprised they got these from Texas lol there are kool-aid pickles everywhere
Teagan Deery
Teagan Deery Månad sedan
I'm confused...are the pickles already dill and then they put them in these flavors? Or do they "pickle" in the flavor?
Colton Smart
Colton Smart Månad sedan
Did i just spend $50 on ordering pickles? Yes, yes i did LUL didnt get any of this fruity stuff tho
Lizz Guriel
Lizz Guriel Månad sedan
My favorite mythical more is when you did the koolaid pickles and this reminds me of those
pvic Månad sedan
lol this time rhett didnt even try to hide the fact that he manually put the wheel on gifticality
Ashley G
Ashley G Månad sedan
I imagine these are a lot like koolaid pickles. Was fun to make during summers
morgan alford
morgan alford Månad sedan
where did they get these pickles?
Lexi Kenis
Lexi Kenis Månad sedan
I dont understand, are they pickled as in soaked in vinegar AND these flavors? Or pickled as in soaked in these flavors sans vinegar?
Cătălina Månad sedan
Wow, sh*itpickle is on the package without the hat. Covered advertising.
Vincent Martinez
Vincent Martinez Månad sedan
Pickle crunch best crunch
Brandy B
Brandy B Månad sedan
“what is this? tropical punch basically?” when the bag literally says tropical punch 😂
Janea Castillo
Janea Castillo Månad sedan
Rhetts face every time he makes the wheel land on gifticality 😂 love it!
“Pickles is”
irThumper Månad sedan
No Kool-aid pickles??
mungoloid Månad sedan
Next time you make a donation to an LGBT organization, the donation should be: Kiss?
Trill Collins
Trill Collins Månad sedan
"Tang on tang on tang" is another bad idea for a pickle shop tshirt lmaooo
ttloveee Månad sedan
They don’t like kool aid pickles.... my heart hurts
brittneyshaffer1999 Månad sedan
Marlynn Williams
Marlynn Williams Månad sedan
I’m having flashbacks to cool aid pickles with cotton candy Randy and Damnyell
cavailer pug man
cavailer pug man Månad sedan
More pickles
Lyric Skyes
Lyric Skyes Månad sedan
Didn't they like koolickles though? If I remember right
FakeMeat Månad sedan
Pickled rick
Kari LuLu
Kari LuLu Månad sedan
Your accents are getting stronger! What's going on? Lockdown?
Sarah R.
Sarah R. Månad sedan
Aw dang, shipping from the One Stop Pickle Shop is $42 to Canada for one pouch of pickles!
Nikninja Månad sedan
Do it
Lamora Vicious
Lamora Vicious Månad sedan
How dare you. Pickle crunch is everything.
fkwidit Månad sedan
@10:06. Don’t half .... what was you about to say
Tim Gillam
Tim Gillam Månad sedan
maryjane Månad sedan
no pickles and coolaid?
Zeeda Shadows
Zeeda Shadows Månad sedan
Glad they didn't link the place they bought these at anywhere in the description.
dirtydan Månad sedan
7-11 spicy pickles in the deli cooler are the best pickles I've had in a while
Karli Stoker
Karli Stoker Månad sedan
Pickles at night can give you nightmares, Rhett!
Clarisa Celine
Clarisa Celine Månad sedan
Will It Pickle? Pickle ice cream Pickle hot pocket Pickle taco Pickle ravioli Pickle candy Pickle milk Pickle smoothie Pickle cookie
Laura Owen
Laura Owen Månad sedan
i’m not sure about other places in the US, but here in alabama we have something called Wickles! it’s like sliced sweet pickles with peppers and they are ADDICTING. a little bit of spice and sweet!
mojo Månad sedan
woooow good gracious!
kaliekisses Månad sedan
When Rhett said “good lord that’s a thick pickle” link really missed an opportunity.
mojo Månad sedan
you can never have too much cereal link
mojo Månad sedan
The Trash Can
The Trash Can Månad sedan
Rhett looking directly at the camera after he obviously moves the wheel to Gifticality is one of my favorite things.
Chaotic Matt
Chaotic Matt Månad sedan
Praise rhett and Link and the whole gmm cast!
Angela Scheiber
Angela Scheiber Månad sedan
Who had the idea again to gave them pickles after a lot of cereal? I also could not have dealt with that...
Robert Milchis
Robert Milchis Månad sedan
That logo made me think of Pickle Rick
Ben Allen
Ben Allen Månad sedan
Verbal Pickality
jerrica kenny
jerrica kenny Månad sedan
When will the crystal wash sweats and sweatshirts be restocked!? Waiting to rock my mythical best!
Apple Jackson
Apple Jackson Månad sedan
Tang on Tang on Tang
Marbles Avenger
Marbles Avenger Månad sedan
Josh should try to make pickle cereal for link
Al V
Al V Månad sedan
What place makes those? I want some frfr please help
gottaget myjam
gottaget myjam Månad sedan
Michelle Tran
Michelle Tran Månad sedan
Does anyone know who Mindy is?
DEATH ANGELS Månad sedan
Do a summer sausage test figure which one is the best 💯
Bay 5150
Bay 5150 Månad sedan
Second this I love those
TheNoelle 28
TheNoelle 28 Månad sedan
Day 1 of asking GMM to bring Justin Sigel @sigelarts (on all sm platforms) on the show when it’s safe. OR feature him remotely. He’s an AMAZING performance artist. He LOVES the show as well. I’d love to see his take on Rhett and Link. THANK YOU❤️
LordLoquat Månad sedan
"There's a way to fork it without getting messy". Yes, Rhett, yes there is.
Maleah H.
Maleah H. Månad sedan
Link: that's a thick pickle Me: *thickle*
Cinder Man
Cinder Man Månad sedan
I've always wanted a Punchy Tang.
Bill Foster's Beans
Bill Foster's Beans Månad sedan
I like how rhett moves the wheel to gifticality
Demonic876 Månad sedan
Why are promoting a toxic community.
Ethan Baldwin
Ethan Baldwin Månad sedan
What do u guys do with all the extra?
Zetsuei Månad sedan
Link looks so disinterested and tired during this. You can tell he doesn't want to be there.
Tom Bear
Tom Bear Månad sedan
I like this show, but I don't know why the lgbt has to be endorsed on this show.
George Bagiryan
George Bagiryan Månad sedan
Milk in main episode, pickles in More. Smart
Jayant Garg
Jayant Garg Månad sedan
Rhett always make the wheel land on gifticality
RadStone Rae
RadStone Rae Månad sedan
You guys should do a “shelf that we leave things on” pickle juice addition!!!
Corey Arnold
Corey Arnold Månad sedan
Link you such a wus “I don’t won’t to taint the milk and cereal on my stomach” come on man get it done lmao 😂
Rain L
Rain L Månad sedan
Yeah, it's the sugar for me too 😂
ayeee it’s annaaa
ayeee it’s annaaa Månad sedan
i had to get a coloring book:)
Barnabus Blackoak
Barnabus Blackoak Månad sedan
Who Mindy?
aminata s
aminata s Månad sedan
That's a fiyah crakah
Brendan Hoffmann
Brendan Hoffmann Månad sedan
I bought some chipotle flavoured pickles once and they were incredible! Spicy too
Noni Park
Noni Park Månad sedan
ew Link. Just stop.
Elizabeth Mayer
Elizabeth Mayer Månad sedan
What seems to be the problem is it there pickling the cucumbers before they put it into a secondary flavor just pickle it in the 1st flavor I thought that would be the obvious thing to do
Ovenmidget Månad sedan
a pickle is not a pickle until its pickled, therefore its a cucumber. Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled. 🤣
Cindy Hatmaker
Cindy Hatmaker Månad sedan
How many was waiting for Link to say "dickle"??
Robin Everett
Robin Everett Månad sedan
I like how they're supporting lgbt.
Alan Turbocharged
Alan Turbocharged Månad sedan
Anyone else wanted Link to say “THICKEL” 😂
Alan Turbocharged
Alan Turbocharged Månad sedan
Jenn Smith
Jenn Smith Månad sedan
made me think of the dark pickle the dickel
chet karwat
chet karwat Månad sedan
Please go to the hood link I want to see if you come back your such a p
chet karwat
chet karwat Månad sedan
Wow they are fast at sensoring
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA Månad sedan
Pickle Crunch is essential you say it isn't...are you crazy!!!?
SuperSolomob422 Månad sedan
4:48 What a sentance "I licked it and I liked it, I ate it and I hated it."
Chris Warren
Chris Warren Månad sedan
Pickle Ricks cousing is the mascot
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