We Try Toilet Paper Origami

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Today, we're trying Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1911
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Ophelia M. Niccals
Ophelia M. Niccals Månad sedan
Is nobody going to tell Link it's called "Origami" and not "Oragami" lol. I love them so much
Gabriel Camberos
Gabriel Camberos Månad sedan
I was really hoping link would say bread as the last word...
Amethyst Jean
Amethyst Jean Månad sedan
Who uses scented tp?
multiple smiles
multiple smiles Månad sedan
"Fold about 1/4 inch" Link folds a full inch. e.e
HikaruRain Månad sedan
The majority of Origami is making folds to fold so you can fold. They should look at sculpture Origami. That is amazing. I am working on a project of sculpture origami myself. Just not sure if I want it to be like an actual sculpture or a 3D image.
jessica capizzo
jessica capizzo Månad sedan
Playing with tp
Eliös Månad sedan
Watching the pain of their neurons firing and wiring together is also painful because of my own mirror neurons!
Katelyn3666 Månad sedan
Link having a sneezing fit then exclaiming, "Someone stole my quackery!" had me rolling on the floor laughing.
Nico Silverman-Lloyd
Nico Silverman-Lloyd Månad sedan
Yay subtitles are back!
Lilly M
Lilly M Månad sedan
Lmao Link sneezes like a 42 year old woman
HisAngel426 Månad sedan
Rhett says he's never done origami. But 4 years ago they made origami Christmas ornaments 🤭
Gabby Gellerman
Gabby Gellerman Månad sedan
Imagine this episode of more being in the middle of the toilet paper shortage..
Diane McIntosh
Diane McIntosh Månad sedan
So I’m guessing Rhett doesn’t replace the toilet paper roll at home.
Ben Månad sedan
The people that clean my house do this to every tissue box and toilet paper when they come. They turn the toilet paper into a rose and the tissues into a bow, feels like a sin wiping my body with a piece of art lmao
Jess Maskell
Jess Maskell Månad sedan
Watching Link be better than Rhett at something, is sooooooooo satisfying.
T.R R Månad sedan
If you really have to use a public restroom (which I try not to do) it would be funny to leave some TP oragami behind...lol...😂😂
Rebekah Duvall
Rebekah Duvall Månad sedan
When was this book a best seller? Was it when everyone had their stockpile of paper last year?
Just trying to be a decent human
Just trying to be a decent human Månad sedan
The butler steals their bread!!
neversaygoodbye Månad sedan
There’s scented toilet paper? Where have I been?!
Raymond Elsayed
Raymond Elsayed Månad sedan
TEN STORY WORD: "Ducks Are Always Angry Because The Butler Steals Their.." *BREAD*!!!!!! I WAS SHOUTING BREAD AT MY PHONE!!
andrea_20306 Månad sedan
I lost it at: Rhett saying, hold on, before you move on. Link, I answered your question as best I could. *Moves on*
Morgan Gonzalez
Morgan Gonzalez Månad sedan
The Peabody hotel is the most amazing hotel EVER
Reba RoXis
Reba RoXis Månad sedan
Rhett, where’d you get that shirt?
Keri N
Keri N Månad sedan
"Ducks are always angry because thee butler steals their "BILLS" " BILLS!!! Why didn't anyone say bills!!
Kole S
Kole S Månad sedan
the fact that link cannot think of a SINGLE word when he’s supposed to finish ten word stories
CoOl NuBz
CoOl NuBz Månad sedan
Anyone wanna talk abt Links sneeze???
Rooman Karmacharya
Rooman Karmacharya Månad sedan
Link should have said “eggs.” Smh
Becky Tobias
Becky Tobias Månad sedan
TP origami might actually work better with cheaper toilet paper, because it tends to be more stiff and paper-y.
Justin Pitonzo
Justin Pitonzo Månad sedan
Silent A
Silent A Månad sedan
Rhett is wearing his "skin wall" colors, on his sweater. The one they made in their seperate house/office.
Joe K
Joe K Månad sedan
Last word for the 10 word story “Quackers”
Yashi Stampedes
Yashi Stampedes Månad sedan
as with all art projects your results vary based on quality of the materials.
Shannon M.
Shannon M. Månad sedan
2:42 - Bless you.
Peter Trast
Peter Trast Månad sedan
"Fold points A and B to the center...." Two college educated engineers failing to grasp the origami instructions, but wildly succeed at internetainment.
DanielJoshua2000 Månad sedan
Hi KP 143
Legendary Gaming
Legendary Gaming Månad sedan
why are so little people subscribed to GMMore??????? (sometimes the eps here are BETTER!!!)
Funk Månad sedan
Yikes link, he can never be a stand up. Sorry to say
Arturo Arambula
Arturo Arambula Månad sedan
Aren't you guys engineers?!
Case Brah
Case Brah Månad sedan
For those of you who seen my comment on the last video I'm here now, and you'll see me on there latest one too
Jason Månad sedan
the ducks are always angry because people keep giving trash.
Rachel Stone
Rachel Stone Månad sedan
Ducks are always angry because the butler steals their.... BILLS 😂 I had to
Ellie Nardella
Ellie Nardella Månad sedan
Where can I get Rhett's sweater? Urgent
Olana Owen
Olana Owen Månad sedan
Was anyone else screaming "feathers" into the screen on the 10 word story?
Josh Mclaren
Josh Mclaren Månad sedan
Boomshika Party People Quan Pop 1
Kaylin Pilat
Kaylin Pilat Månad sedan
link should have aid stealing bills at the end of the story
zoë Månad sedan
Gina Garcia
Gina Garcia Månad sedan
Bless you Link 🤧
Janelle Crawford
Janelle Crawford Månad sedan
Why do I want to watch them make more? This episode ended too soon 😂
marveldinosaur Månad sedan
A good use of all that pandemic panic-bought toilet paper😂
Jamie Duncan
Jamie Duncan Månad sedan
Link missed a very opportune moment to say "quackers"
mixmaster4mo Månad sedan
"Quackery is what ducks call cutlery."🤣🤣🤣 If y'all don't put that on a shirt...💀
Catherine Kirk
Catherine Kirk Månad sedan
Aw how awesome, you were duck masters at The Peabody! We love stopping by there to watch the ducks march whenever we're in Memphis.
Catherine Kirk
Catherine Kirk Månad sedan
@Violet None Of Your Business Thank you! Definitely going to go watch.
Violet None Of Your Business
Violet None Of Your Business Månad sedan
Season 14 episode 69. We heard ducks for a day.
narutoqweavatar Månad sedan
I knew Link would be good at this
TheCassandraFisher Månad sedan
I was really hoping link would say “Steals their THUNDER”
656THOR Månad sedan
Rhett got lost with the "fold under blah blah blah and roll back" the fantastic dad explanation of blah.blah.blah. lol
Elizabeth Casimiro
Elizabeth Casimiro Månad sedan
Grapes!!! The butler always steals their grapes!!! Link could have had the perfect ending.
CL73 Månad sedan
The real question is, do you then use the origami to wipe? Or do you politely set it aside and wipe with new sheets?
jiji Månad sedan
That 10-word story was like an episode of DuckTales.
Heather Colon
Heather Colon Månad sedan
I was so hoping link would say "bills"
Kels K
Kels K Månad sedan
“ read it like you understand what it says .. like you’re having an Epiphany in the middle “ 😂😂
unlocked Månad sedan
very much cruise ship vibes.
Kelley Brown
Kelley Brown Månad sedan
It’s all about the HBO 🤣
Kaiden Hunt
Kaiden Hunt Månad sedan
I lost it when link blew his nose into the toilet paper swans origami after they finished it. “So that’s how he feels about it” 🤣
Jazzy Månad sedan
“It’s 2-ply so it’s good!” -Rhett 2021
Jazzy Månad sedan
How many people are using the bathroom trying to follow along with the toilet paper origami? No one? Just me? 🧻🦢
Mariana Gazinhato
Mariana Gazinhato Månad sedan
I love origami, it's the best anxiety reliever for me. You use your hands and have something to focus on for a while. BTW, if you guys ever want to get rid of this book, you can send it my way, okay? Okay, thanks.
Lauren Brandt
Lauren Brandt Månad sedan
Link blowing his nose into the swan!! That sent me 😭😭😭
Lisa Aliamo
Lisa Aliamo Månad sedan
What kind of monster buys scented toilet paper??
Jasmine N
Jasmine N Månad sedan
As a former house cleaner, this was hard to watch them do lol
Brendon Oliver
Brendon Oliver Månad sedan
This screams "dads helping their children" but they keep switching roles.
sarah mae ouellette
sarah mae ouellette Månad sedan
Bills Link Bills. Ducks are always angry because the butler stole their BILLS! Lol
Laura B
Laura B Månad sedan
It's official, Link makes sneeze noises like my father.
MCD evo
MCD evo Månad sedan
Hunter Hicks
Hunter Hicks Månad sedan
The dad I never had and I doing homework hahaha 😂😢
come together
come together Månad sedan
So this is why everybody hoarded all the toilet paper?
Chase Gifford
Chase Gifford Månad sedan
Just watched two grown men fold toilet paper for twenty minutes. Yeah... 😆
Jeanette Hamilton
Jeanette Hamilton Månad sedan
This is the Mythical Crew’s way of subtlety hinting that they need better TP at the office. 😂 (sorry I know that emoji isn’t cool anymore but I’ll never stop using it!)
Violet None Of Your Business
Violet None Of Your Business Månad sedan
Don't let them make you stop I'm 20 and my little sister complains that I text like an old person but I don't care.
Cooking with Pops
Cooking with Pops Månad sedan
Why not?
come together
come together Månad sedan
Knowing the toilet paper miser that Link is, this can't be fun for him.
nick_43 Månad sedan
And my family wondered why I trwe away the first 2 go around of toilet paper whenever we went somewhere where they did toilet paper origami
Hannah Mattox
Hannah Mattox Månad sedan
*Former Holiday Inn employee here* The toilet paper origami was never more complicated than folding the first sheet into a point. Don't give them too much credit 😂😂
Michael Hudspeth
Michael Hudspeth Månad sedan
Someone do a 10 word story with me. I’ll start... Forks
Chatty Otter
Chatty Otter Månad sedan
Kristen Goss
Kristen Goss Månad sedan
Kristin Månad sedan
This is abnormally funny for being two grown men folding toilet paper, I think there should be a video series of them building complicated IKEA furniture haha
Kristina Clark
Kristina Clark Månad sedan
Things I learned how to make with toilet paper. Jail edition. Dice Playing cards Roses Trees
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Månad sedan
I'm doing the wrong thing if there's a market for TP origami.
Giggles' Vids
Giggles' Vids Månad sedan
This is so me whenever I try something crafty 😄
WHY Månad sedan
Great movie! I hope that someday in the future I will get an audience like yours. Please visit my channel, maybe you can advise me something :)
Courtney Kovall
Courtney Kovall Månad sedan
I didnt scream bills for the entirety of Link thinking....
Chatty Otter
Chatty Otter Månad sedan
Me neither 😆
Kathryn Kahn
Kathryn Kahn Månad sedan
Link - I never worked so hard with toilet paper. Also Link - I never worked so hard with toilet paper except in a wiping motion.
Alexandra Utschig
Alexandra Utschig Månad sedan
Ack! The book! Folding the book back! Arrrgh!
Jessica Daugherty
Jessica Daugherty Månad sedan
“That’s right!”
Elli Sowers
Elli Sowers Månad sedan
Tiffani Lynn
Tiffani Lynn Månad sedan
I know a family who hired a professional cleaning crew. They always folded the towels and toilet paper in a fancy way.
Zachery MacKinnon
Zachery MacKinnon Månad sedan
This was a little bit dry... but the interjections made this hilarious. Keep it up!
Douglas Shelton
Douglas Shelton Månad sedan
BREAD! The duck were angry because the butler stole their bread!
merkus Månad sedan
That 10 word story got me, not gonna lie 😂
Taylor Holeczko
Taylor Holeczko Månad sedan
Catch me yelling grapes at the screen while link struggles to find a last word for the story 🤦🏼‍♀️
Rachel Schall
Rachel Schall Månad sedan
You just, here's what you do: You just fold it in.
Jaden Cutcher
Jaden Cutcher Månad sedan
"I kinda feel like we shouldn't show what this is supposed to look like" *Immediately flips book in half in front of the camera*
KaiaSaurus Månad sedan
These guys are inept.
KaiaSaurus Månad sedan
To be clear, I'm not complaining.
Ashlyn Finley
Ashlyn Finley Månad sedan
Why is Rhett looking more and more like Peder from Buddy system? 😂
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