We Try Optical Illusion Makeup

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Today, we're trying our best to put on illusion makeup. The operative word here is 'trying'. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1929
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Raegean vermette
Raegean vermette 7 dagar sedan
Rhetts hair is beautiful ommmmgggg
Rosa Brown
Rosa Brown 9 dagar sedan
Omg link did so good 😂
Jacqui is weird
Jacqui is weird 13 dagar sedan
Link as Frank Force was hilarious. I need a lot more of that. 😂😭
Charlie Bennett
Charlie Bennett 18 dagar sedan
Some of the dumbest things happen on gmmore
Charlie Bennett
Charlie Bennett 18 dagar sedan
Some of the dumbest things happen on gmmore
Grant Svedin
Grant Svedin 21 dag sedan
Ngl that actually worked what were the talking about that it didn't
Hunter 23 dagar sedan
Btw yalls remember a more where link,Rhett and Josh guess celebrities ages and get it right almost every time? I've been tring to find it for ages
Melody Canada
Melody Canada 27 dagar sedan
Should have got some face paint/sfx makeup. it would have worked better, and created more shadow than liquid eyeliner
I.C. Turner
I.C. Turner 27 dagar sedan
Slightly camp Rhett enjoying his make-up and flirting with absent Frank Force, whoever that is, is just completely delicious.
Ava Fix
Ava Fix 28 dagar sedan
I actually kind of got the effect lol
Eyeless Potato
Eyeless Potato 29 dagar sedan
Link went full Buddy the Elf there with that sponge
Random Phyco
Random Phyco 29 dagar sedan
From this point on frank force will forever be there moto
Letícia Suzuki
Letícia Suzuki 29 dagar sedan
Isn't every makeup an optical illusion?
Laura Mcdermott
Laura Mcdermott 29 dagar sedan
We need an episode of Rhett and link recreating a Bob Ross painting
Colie Marie
Colie Marie 29 dagar sedan
“Okayyyy...word choices” 😂😂😂
Joe Banks
Joe Banks 29 dagar sedan
I fell asleep on the toilet at work one time and my leg was so asleep I fell into the stall door when I got up.
BubbleGum46 29 dagar sedan
Sybarite Sphynx
Sybarite Sphynx Månad sedan
The fact that the face illusion lowkey worked but it gave ya'll the illusion that it did not 🤯🤯🤯😳😳
Miss Williams
Miss Williams Månad sedan
Omg this morning my arm was limp so hearing y'all talk about it was super cool cause I wasn't expecting that
shadeth90 Månad sedan
I actually think rhett did a decent job
Cecilia Gallup
Cecilia Gallup Månad sedan
Calorie free marshmallow!
Des L
Des L Månad sedan
Link is serving Pavi from Repo! vibes. 😂
Miss B
Miss B Månad sedan
The real world application is illusion ...same as the real world application of the illusion tricks you did in GMM.
teddycuthbert Månad sedan
5:20 that’s interesting
WoahMissGrace Månad sedan
4:36 I want to see Rhett in full Adam Ant geish
Emily Cervera
Emily Cervera Månad sedan
Link did really good
grace gurnett
grace gurnett Månad sedan
rhett is a dilf
Abba Marquez
Abba Marquez Månad sedan
I just keep thinking of @mimles on Instagram.
Caitlin Purple
Caitlin Purple Månad sedan
One time my foot feel asleep and I developed neuropathy for 3 months but then it magically got better.
Energy Chics
Energy Chics Månad sedan
good job!!! both look cool!
Tori Månad sedan
lmao I love the post crew
🐋🐋🐋 Månad sedan
1:22 If I ever have kids I’m going to make sure they don’t say wh- words like Link does
Giles S
Giles S Månad sedan
"Force me to do whatever you want, and I'll come like this." R-Rhett, this is a family program.
Justin Lawlor
Justin Lawlor Månad sedan
I slept on my arm and it fell 100% asleep for a month, and I'm not joking, it happened 2 times (I almost losty job because I could only use 1 arm) and I only sleep on my back now
Croissant Månad sedan
Me and my cousins went to the make up store one time and I remember steeling a bunch of sponges and eye shadow appliers and I still use them to this day 😏
A. blackwater
A. blackwater Månad sedan
Rehtt is asking about the real life application of the illusion. What is the real life application of a musical comb. Nothing rehtt people just enjoy these things. The application is joy.
Alexis Peters
Alexis Peters Månad sedan
I’ve fallen asleep with my arms above my head. When I woke up I couldn’t move them and was stuck with my arms above my head for a bit
medadem Månad sedan
It actually worked better than i expected!
Georgie Smith
Georgie Smith Månad sedan
They actually did well
Jordan Yeager
Jordan Yeager Månad sedan
Why are they trying to smudge liquid eyeliner??? They have enough makeup wearers on their staff to know that a pencil would smudge 100% better 😂
Ireland O'Reilly
Ireland O'Reilly Månad sedan
Totally works -you're just too close to it!!
Lyrics Massiah
Lyrics Massiah Månad sedan
Props to the post production team at GMM. You’re doing great guys 🤗
Jessi Ruberti
Jessi Ruberti Månad sedan
you guys did such a good job wow
Courtney Lk
Courtney Lk Månad sedan
I like how they refer to blending as “smudging”
L. Wolfe
L. Wolfe Månad sedan
man, link is just straight up pretty
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson Månad sedan
Luca Luce is an amazing makeup artist
Britta Albert
Britta Albert Månad sedan
Rhett’s actually worked really well
Brianna Rines
Brianna Rines Månad sedan
Rhett is so stuck on Frank Force. It's so funny
Brianna Rines
Brianna Rines Månad sedan
"You silly boy"
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson Månad sedan
I feel as though I just watched an absurdist play.
Tanner Schow
Tanner Schow Månad sedan
“Looks like you’re touching something you painted on your face”
Chris Brinkley
Chris Brinkley Månad sedan
11:32 best part of this video
Frankie Morrill
Frankie Morrill Månad sedan
Links double chin makes it look more like a mask
slayer1990z ashley
slayer1990z ashley Månad sedan
I sleep on my stomach so I always feel like my arms are goners when I wake up
LilHeatha Smith
LilHeatha Smith Månad sedan
The dark shadow around the “mask” would be way easier with an eyeshadow.
Tammy Ruggles
Tammy Ruggles Månad sedan
Irrelevant to the theme of this episode, unless you could somehow combine beans with an optical illusion, but what would Mythical Beans be like if they grew? What would they taste like? How would you cook them? Is there an episode whatsoever about Mythical Beans?
Jordan Barker
Jordan Barker Månad sedan
As a special effects makeup artist it was rlly exciting to see this hahaha
Heyimravenous Månad sedan
ok, Link needs to see a neurologist if he isn't already. The arm numbness mixed with his shaky hands, very similar to what's happening to me, at least how it started. Now my left arm has been asleep for 3 months straight. I have cervical stenosis, and demyelinating myeloneuropathy, and double crush syndrome. Nerve issues need to be addressed as soon as they are prevalent because there can be permanent damage. Sometimes things seem like no big deal, but can e so much bigger. Hope he gets looked at.
Kimberly Neuville
Kimberly Neuville Månad sedan
You should do a time lapse competition video with @madeyewlook
QueenZiare Hadley
QueenZiare Hadley Månad sedan
Retro Crypt
Retro Crypt Månad sedan
fake and gay
aj groome
aj groome Månad sedan
Should it be liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner? Pencil blends better
Tyrant Watch
Tyrant Watch Månad sedan
What is going on with that mirror?!?!?!
Plippy :p
Plippy :p Månad sedan
links good in doing the makeup
Waffles for Breakfast YT
Waffles for Breakfast YT Månad sedan
Here before 300 comments lol
Estrella Cruz
Estrella Cruz Månad sedan
Epic episode
Ballconei Månad sedan
I don't really know what I just watched.
D.L.R. Månad sedan
Rhett barks his elbows on things too frequently.
Gnomelotte Whatsername
Gnomelotte Whatsername Månad sedan
Hm, no, I never had it happen that I woke up and couldn't feel a limb, I only know that tingling feeling which gives me a vague hint of nausea.
kozmik WZRD
kozmik WZRD Månad sedan
I wonder if Frank Force is related to John Force.
Diana King
Diana King Månad sedan
Link shaking like a air balloon man at a car lot , when he re-creates his arm being numb. hilarious 😂
Claire Bear
Claire Bear Månad sedan
Hwhite eyeliner
hellagood67 Månad sedan
Is Link channeling John Force? 😂😂.
Kazza 8240
Kazza 8240 Månad sedan
Somehow it always surprises me when Rhett does stuff more carefully than Link, what with Link having ocd, but Rhett's lines really impressed me, very straight with no smudging 😂
Ben Grieve
Ben Grieve Månad sedan
That "handle" is supposed to be a string. As in, this is a mask.
Rob Umphrey
Rob Umphrey Månad sedan
I slept on my arm. It was so bad it got me worried. I had a muppet arm for like 5 minutes.
Suga Wife
Suga Wife Månad sedan
Guys, maybe checkout James Charles... he’s good at make up stuff! He might give you a few tips
Justine Grossberg
Justine Grossberg Månad sedan
I’m so impressed with Rhetts Crisp lines
Not just another guy
Not just another guy Månad sedan
I actually think they did a pretty good job, especially Link.
Z0mb1es Månad sedan
Geezuz 😂 You guys are such goofballs. Just one after the other...my gawd❤️
pvic Månad sedan
rhetts looks pretty good actually!
SuperQuest1234 Månad sedan
Me telling my mom I want to meet Khal Drogo My mom: we have Khal Drogo at home 4:43
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
Do Will It Marshmallow Peeps Taste Test please For easter this year I totally understand why peeps are so good
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
Y'all should play the Nasty Food Jenga Game again That was fun I want to see that again.
Cassibly Månad sedan
Good mythical dads, at it again. 😂❤️
ClassifiedM96 Månad sedan
If you blur your vision, they kinda did a convincing job
Sofia Germano
Sofia Germano Månad sedan
Jazzed x Jazz
Jazzed x Jazz Månad sedan
Ok but link chewed the sponge.
Valci Månad sedan
Whenever they do something like this it makes me wanna grab the tools and do it myself 😂 btw how frustrating it was to watch rhett do the ponytail
h7opolo Månad sedan
2:18 to thwart facial recognition algorithms
Vampress Månad sedan
somebody please write rhett x frank force fanfic!!!
Violet L
Violet L Månad sedan
I thought i was alone with my arms falling asleep at night. I thought I was having a heart attack
Lucia Arbogast
Lucia Arbogast Månad sedan
Lol if frank was watching😂
hi Månad sedan
rhett should've left the frank force joke in the draftsssss
Hannah Mattox
Hannah Mattox Månad sedan
Frank Force is all of us. We are all Frank Force.
Tiffany Garrett
Tiffany Garrett Månad sedan
I saw it looked amazing 🥰
VanVardo Ventures
VanVardo Ventures Månad sedan
Hey Link... I got the same thing going on with arms... it's radial nerve damage, in case you needed a rando non-medical diagnosis via the internet.
Kenneth Smotherman
Kenneth Smotherman Månad sedan
Now everything in the office has to be disinfected😂.
ArinInQuotes Månad sedan
Why is Rhett's so good
Samirah Stanford
Samirah Stanford Månad sedan
Rhett as usual does a great job.
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