We Try Every Sunflower Seed Flavor

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Today, we're eating a lot of sunflower seeds. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1921
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J Wes
J Wes Dag sedan
Rhett be like, “Ell-ah-menTORy school”🤦🏼‍♂️
Clip Dag sedan
Jumbo doesn't refer to the size of the bag. It's the size of the seed. As a person who enjoys sunflower seeds, pretty much daily, I prefer them to the regular size seeds. The regular seeds are in the same size bag as the jumbo seeds.
Brayden Banister
Brayden Banister 4 dagar sedan
Seeds for car rides and fishing. Like bro na it’s for baseball
Nick Sulyan
Nick Sulyan 7 dagar sedan
Taylor Jordan
Taylor Jordan 8 dagar sedan
bro the ranch flavor is my favorite and i can go through a whole bag at one time
ashlee koehn
ashlee koehn 8 dagar sedan
I miss LTAT so much
Kathryn Brooks
Kathryn Brooks 10 dagar sedan
Is link's shirt for sale??
Michael Haburay
Michael Haburay 11 dagar sedan
Ranch is one of the most popular flavors, weird they don't like it
Bonkey12 11 dagar sedan
how do you not like bbq sunflower seeds? bbq and ranch are my favorite
Bonkey12 11 dagar sedan
i would rather just have the powder at the bottom of the bag lol. couldnt wait to get to the bottom just for the flavor powder.
Dayna Jade
Dayna Jade 14 dagar sedan
Nacho cheese seeds are still the best😂
Isaac Christensen
Isaac Christensen 14 dagar sedan
I feel like if have to partake in this comment section. Sunflower Seeds are my favorite snack, everytime I enter a gas station I leave with a pack of seeds and they are gone by the end of the day. My favorite flavors are David’s BBQ and Spitz salted caramel. Love em!
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 14 dagar sedan
I just use an empty water bottle for the seed shells when on road trips
Taco Bell
Taco Bell 16 dagar sedan
Links cry for help
innocentsweetiepie 18 dagar sedan
oh I prefer pumpkin seeds....wish they made more flavors in those
Moe Johnson
Moe Johnson 18 dagar sedan
softball girls are screaming right now
Manuel Guerrero III
Manuel Guerrero III 18 dagar sedan
Scrap all of those. Try Chinook sunflower seeds. You'll never go back.
Maya Laboy
Maya Laboy 19 dagar sedan
Me and my friends ate sunflower seeds when we played softball
Cat N’Hat
Cat N’Hat 19 dagar sedan
Sweet & Spicy are the BEST
Rori Gillmore
Rori Gillmore 21 dag sedan
Sunflower Seeds qre big in Poland, it's un our dna
fuckedfromabove1969 21 dag sedan
Dream analysis for Link here is great honestly
fuckedfromabove1969 22 dagar sedan
Sunflowers are good for mucking on boy howdy
Rebekah Newsom
Rebekah Newsom 23 dagar sedan
Omg they gave Link a pair of scissors I know it’s not a knife but pretty close!!
Jessica Head
Jessica Head 25 dagar sedan
I'm sorry ZO-ologist? I've never heard someone pronounce it like that before
iam robynn
iam robynn 26 dagar sedan
Why does like have to cut the bags twice
Neil Hess
Neil Hess 26 dagar sedan
Dill Pickle Is The GOAT
Snow Kagamine
Snow Kagamine 27 dagar sedan
Yall say trying every sunflower seeds but yall missed Taco Bell seasoning, and Bay seasoning. I am offended because yall always do Taco Bell mashups and yall did not even try the Taco Bell sunflower seeds. They are life changing . I am very upset and honestly should not be lol
BeardedGumby 27 dagar sedan
Bring LTAT back please.
Kate-Lynn Walsh
Kate-Lynn Walsh 27 dagar sedan
The perfection in the Law & Order read
Mary Anne Brule-Salahari
Mary Anne Brule-Salahari 27 dagar sedan
barbecue are amazing come on
Jessica Nicholson
Jessica Nicholson 27 dagar sedan
Is there no way to start feeling in the new aspect ratio so we can have the full screen 😂😂😂
Jordan Christian
Jordan Christian 28 dagar sedan
Frito lay sunflower seeds ARE BETTER. Try Frito Lay BBQ!!!!!!!!!!
miquerto 28 dagar sedan
The seeds themselves are jumbo.
Corey j
Corey j Månad sedan
Ranch is one of the best flavors they make. You guys are crazy
R Bonns
R Bonns Månad sedan
Link’s dream about Cassie had me laughing so hard! 😂
Dale Enders
Dale Enders Månad sedan
sweet and spicy david's are my favorite
Michael Damiani
Michael Damiani Månad sedan
Maybe an unpopular opinion but I LOVE cracked pepper tasted like steak to me like a seasoning 💀🤣 it was a MUST for baseball games with a glacier freeze Gatorade to wash em down
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker Månad sedan
i havent had sunflower seeds since i plated softball as a kid!! i used to walk to the gas station by my friends house and we'd buy these... i only remember them having the dill pickle and ranch tho (maybe one other, barbeque?) and i used to LOVE the ranch. its been more than 10 years since then, i gotta get some of these again
James Sivils
James Sivils Månad sedan
I have a bag that's cheeseburger flavor thats pretty good
Joseph P. Abate
Joseph P. Abate Månad sedan
DILL ALL THE WAY! fun fact: sunflower seeds helped me stop dipping for awhile!
Celeste Elabiad
Celeste Elabiad Månad sedan
My favorite sunflower seeds are Ranch and BBQ.
Joshua 2832
Joshua 2832 Månad sedan
Listen to Rhett when Link starts telling his story!🤣🤣😒🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Clay Thompson
Clay Thompson Månad sedan
I always liked old bay seasoning sun flower seeds for baseball
Xander Gray
Xander Gray Månad sedan
Pith Possum, Super Dynamic Possum of Tomorrow!
sadslumber Månad sedan
I really wanna meet you guys
matt tim
matt tim Månad sedan
One of the best seeds I've ever tried are taco bell flavored seeds. A must try!
Pablo Castillo
Pablo Castillo Månad sedan
Does anyone else really want some sunflower seeds now? Like I’m not going to sleep until I consume
H Collins
H Collins Månad sedan
SQWERTY fingers Lmao
H Collins
H Collins Månad sedan
Is Link having dreams about lesbians again?
Albin Alm
Albin Alm Månad sedan
Fun possum fact! In Swedish the word possum is called Ballsack-rat
Sawyer Davis
Sawyer Davis Månad sedan
Y’all should do Bigs seeds next
Brice Phillips
Brice Phillips Månad sedan
Am I the only person who thinks the sweet and spicy tastes like kettle corn with a bite?
Devin Swag
Devin Swag Månad sedan
They forgot Taco Bell seeds:(
Jessiy Månad sedan
I am very angry about the lack of nacho cheese. HANDS DOWN THE BEST!
Mr4Step4 Månad sedan
Sunflower seeds are very popular in russia/ukraine/belarus. Especially I like peeled seeds with salt
Mr4Step4 Månad sedan
Прикольно, что у них какие-то другие семечки
Noah jannett _
Noah jannett _ Månad sedan
One word... BASEBALL
Sherri Harrelson
Sherri Harrelson Månad sedan
Because of this video I ordered the sour cream and onion ones from Amazon. The best!
Paige Toye
Paige Toye Månad sedan
What is LTAT?
Anthony Ferretti
Anthony Ferretti Månad sedan
Judy learned about that. It’s the order and family. The Virginia possum is the most common
OnlyRealFan Månad sedan
Sweet & Spicy for me.
StarlitSunset Månad sedan
You didn’t try the best ones: bacon flavor!!
Pamela Warren
Pamela Warren Månad sedan
I'm not sure we have David here but barbecue Spitz are my jam
Stefan Lopuszanski
Stefan Lopuszanski Månad sedan
Not much of an actual consensus on what flavors are the best.
G59soldier76 Månad sedan
Rhett”you don’t go through a whole pack” me cry’s in fatness
413xxx86 Månad sedan
Finally a decent video!!!! Love me some seeds!!!! Bigs Dill are dope af though!!!
99defnub Månad sedan
"that's just like me innit?" I'd love to be Links friend. I bet his whole family are just sweethearts. I love you too tho Rhett :)
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson Månad sedan
yall didnt try the salt n vinegar, great taste
Megan Geditz
Megan Geditz Månad sedan
You should try them all mixed...it will change you!!!
Did they expect us to treat them with any respect
Did they expect us to treat them with any respect Månad sedan
Lydia Morris
Lydia Morris Månad sedan
They need to try the Taco Bell sunflower seeds. They are the BEST!!
Jack Straw
Jack Straw Månad sedan
I'm just here for my birds. They are curious.
not available
not available Månad sedan
the way they say “zoologist” (pronounced zoo-ologist) as “zologist” is making me want to cry lol
LolliGiggles Månad sedan
Virginia is COUNTRY... not southern
David Henley
David Henley Månad sedan
Sweet & Spicy is sooo good
Nola Derheimer
Nola Derheimer Månad sedan
The best flavor is salt and vinegar
superredpanda12 Månad sedan
I go through a pack for every baseball game
Nate Mehl
Nate Mehl Månad sedan
BIGS has a Taco Supreme flavor that's a crossover with Taco Bell and it's DELICIOUS
JessicaB. Månad sedan
It bothers me that they aren’t trying the same ones at the same time and Link skipped one.
Artistic Visionary Overflow
Artistic Visionary Overflow Månad sedan
I didnt know that David's had that many flavors 🤯
Eli Worthley
Eli Worthley Månad sedan
They are eaten a lot during baseball
Mimi Foxx
Mimi Foxx Månad sedan
Ranch is the only flavor of sunflower seeds I like lol
Dominique Webster
Dominique Webster Månad sedan
You guys should have tried Nacho Cheese. Those are my childhood favorite only can find them on Amazon now!!
Mew2is 2good4u2YT
Mew2is 2good4u2YT Månad sedan
Original best
CarrytheG Gilbert
CarrytheG Gilbert Månad sedan
Who hasn't had Ranch Sunflower seeds
AwesomeCat2012 Månad sedan
Link with the big medical terms. 💛
James Månad sedan
Cracked Pepper is where it's at
Marquita R
Marquita R Månad sedan
When I had teeth I use to put a handfuls in and move 1 over at a time .... good times
Deege Dunford
Deege Dunford Månad sedan
The most famous possum is the country singer George Jones lmao
CapTrainT Månad sedan
The pickle flavor is the absolute best followed by the taco.
tohru honda
tohru honda Månad sedan
I've woken up crying from a dream. I regretted trusting someone.
Oregonvaultgirl Brandy
Oregonvaultgirl Brandy Månad sedan
Seeds are the snack of surveillance professionals 😆 when you have to watch tv all day as a job it keeps your brain busy.
Jared Nugent
Jared Nugent Månad sedan
Spitz are the best sunflower seed brand and have the best flavors.
Madison Månad sedan
Now I really want sunflower seeds at 2 am
GiDD Månad sedan
Sweet chili seeds are the best!
Carrie580 Månad sedan
You should also try flavored almonds
Combo Collectibles
Combo Collectibles Månad sedan
PLEASE do the possum episode!!! 🤣
Thomas Donegan
Thomas Donegan Månad sedan
bro this is f'd
Ellie Walton
Ellie Walton Månad sedan
Who’s Cassie ?
R T Månad sedan
They know each others’ neuroses. Friendship goals.
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