We Learn How To Make Music With Wine Glasses

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Today, we're makin' music with wine glasses. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1923
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Dana Brown
Dana Brown 12 dagar sedan
That laugh from Rhett at 6.38 made me spit my drink I could watch that on replay too funny!!😂😂
Nicolas Bradshaw
Nicolas Bradshaw 18 dagar sedan
Dude this is literally awesome
PypeR 20 dagar sedan
08:36 - Priceless reaction
Patrick14 25 dagar sedan
Lol 6:36 8:38
Shelly11716 Månad sedan
11:30 anyone else start singing thomas the tank engine to Link? xDDDD
Kristine Conley
Kristine Conley Månad sedan
(Yelling at the screen) - “make sure fingers have no oil residue.”
ThePat Ag
ThePat Ag Månad sedan
watching this feels like a fever dream
DAD NICK Månad sedan
there is a magic wine decanting tool, which calls LISSE. It can decant wine by amazing technology without contact with wine...
Gamer MikeoxlonG
Gamer MikeoxlonG Månad sedan
Love yous hahah an who eles went a played a glass haha
Zyanya Ruiz
Zyanya Ruiz Månad sedan
OMG Rhett's eyes!!! Are always the best part! 👀
Sybarite Sphynx
Sybarite Sphynx Månad sedan
Link thinking he is creating music with bottles and glasses when all we heard were squeaks 😭
Chris Strayed
Chris Strayed Månad sedan
You are NOT supposed to hold the base. If you hold the base it will not vibrate nearly as much. Idk what instructions you were reading but that's not right.
Sandyandi Månad sedan
I definitely think you summoned something with this episode
Brooke Bennett
Brooke Bennett Månad sedan
Miss Congenitality, anyone??
Gary Benninger
Gary Benninger Månad sedan
If you put vinegar in the water it works instantly every single time. Plain water will not always work because your hands are greasy which prevents the vibrations from happening. I was so frustrated watching this video because I want to tell you vinegar vinegar vinegar vinegar!!
Kristen Taylor
Kristen Taylor Månad sedan
Lol the eye contact with link during this is so weird lol
H P Månad sedan
the most relaxing gmmore ever :)
HortiCache Growing
HortiCache Growing Månad sedan
Don't watch this with headphones on...
Taty W
Taty W Månad sedan
Rhett's snicker because he realized he chose the biggest glass to fill and didn't have enough water has me rolling
Magdalena Forsberg
Magdalena Forsberg Månad sedan
What am I doing with my life, watching two grown men making noises for over 15 minutes? 😂😂😂
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
I have gotta see Y'all do Will It Banana Split taste Test.
Aмrita Sharma
Aмrita Sharma Månad sedan
oh god they’re kinda giving me anxiety
Charles Hardesty
Charles Hardesty Månad sedan
4:23 Rhett is right! That's cool AF, but it really shouldn't be.
EccentricM Månad sedan
Got to say, that is a very clever comb.
Dr. Ew
Dr. Ew Månad sedan
Return of the panflute king
Catrina Tulowiecki
Catrina Tulowiecki Månad sedan
The fact that Rhett had a tritone (devil’s interval) in his horror soundtrack was so genius perhaps by accident 😂
Serena M.
Serena M. Månad sedan
I'd do that at parties all the time growing up.. or at least try to:p
Hayley P.
Hayley P. Månad sedan
This might be my favorite more ever
Zara Linden
Zara Linden Månad sedan
It’s from this episode that I realized Rhett is much better at sorting mail
Amber Diane
Amber Diane Månad sedan
I’ve tried this so many times. With crystal glasses. I can’t do it. Not even close. Definitely much cooler than it should be. I’m impressed.
Gabby Gellerman
Gabby Gellerman Månad sedan
15:14 Rhetts face.. you’re welcome
Stefanya De Castaneda
Stefanya De Castaneda Månad sedan
My inner dialogue is about Rhett's and Link's inner dialogue ...which is "It's ALWAYS A Competition!" It is a lifestyle choice! :) :) :) :)
Edd Pharaoh
Edd Pharaoh Månad sedan
Link was just trolling the this episode
steev w
steev w Månad sedan
sounded a lot like the alien covenant tune in parts
John E
John E Månad sedan
Public comment added to the comment section of this video
jacob bane
jacob bane Månad sedan
Now play the halo theme
6th Wilbury
6th Wilbury Månad sedan
At 11:31, Link has a little bit of Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man" going there.
Not Rosie
Not Rosie Månad sedan
Mahdi Abarkar
Mahdi Abarkar Månad sedan
Nice one at the end boys!😁
Sir Frederick
Sir Frederick Månad sedan
Rhett got some Little Nightmares music going on
terijaye Månad sedan
my boy link playin taps over here
DiabeticJesus Månad sedan
They way those glasses are lined up...
Lilpeej D
Lilpeej D Månad sedan
Are y'all using single use plastic bottles? Please say no.
Bill McQuillan
Bill McQuillan Månad sedan
Trevor Hill
Trevor Hill Månad sedan
11:30 needs to be a gif
ANDREW C Månad sedan
I sat through commercials for that. 😒
Ariana Tolbert
Ariana Tolbert Månad sedan
so did we all collectively decide to ignore danny devito on the couch?
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
Please do a international Dip and Dots Ice cream taste test with the darts
Samuel Fotheringham
Samuel Fotheringham Månad sedan
Link allways get upset its funny But that would be a cool idea go back to all the seasons and have a running total at the bottom of the screen links wins and Rhett wins
becky kay
becky kay Månad sedan
Didn't think that would work on normal glass
becky kay
becky kay Månad sedan
Need to be crystal
Penny Månad sedan
this reminds me so much of that Paul McCartney: live at Abbey Road portion when he started recording himself playing some glasses on literal tape to then play all the recordings back as a musical base to sing one of his songs
RoseWraith Månad sedan
"I really thought it was me. I really felt good about myself for a second." - Link 😂😂😂
Steven Nelissen
Steven Nelissen Månad sedan
There was enough of a point difference that he would have won with like 10 db
Asher Lennon
Asher Lennon Månad sedan
Rhett and link try and find the clitoris
Andrue Juan
Andrue Juan Månad sedan
Link is our favorite sore loser
teako Månad sedan
8:38 :o :o lol
Josh Huitt
Josh Huitt Månad sedan
Is no one else gonna mention the perfectly placed danny devito pillow creeping over the microphone between them! What a legend
Iancu Nichita
Iancu Nichita Månad sedan
ret would have won anyway, wtf
Khurb Månad sedan
Link is pressing down so hard lol He has no chill like ever
Lee Månad sedan
14:30 hm so this was a bad episode to watch to dull my home-alone-at-night fear after watching something scary
Mr Mang0
Mr Mang0 Månad sedan
That’s how they make eerie music
Joel Wilson
Joel Wilson Månad sedan
Ben Folds?
limeandcuervo Månad sedan
Link. Stop That!
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose Månad sedan
16:07 stop staring into my soul
Emilia Farr
Emilia Farr Månad sedan
This mythical more made me think of “Miss. Congeniality”
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson Månad sedan
Maybe you need better quality glassware.
Austin Collins
Austin Collins Månad sedan
This is so frustrating 🤣😭🤦🏽‍♂️
Ela GreenCat
Ela GreenCat Månad sedan
Minecraft zombie 14:46
Jessica King
Jessica King Månad sedan
Jim Brickman is awesome and works in Cleveland OH on a radio station 😎
Eitan Romanoff
Eitan Romanoff Månad sedan
Gotta say boys, this was a weird episode to try to fall asleep to.
Kenna Johnson
Kenna Johnson Månad sedan
Mixeddrinks Månad sedan
don't google 90s pianist if you can't spell... be warned.
Austifox Månad sedan
I feel like these "shhhhh"s need to added to the DB meter, I think they might have won.
scottembler Månad sedan
How were they measuring the decibels? Because the laughter didn't happen until right after the ham was slapped, so....
Whats-My-Fandom Månad sedan
That comb is so cool! Nice job on the horror soundtrack btw
Sahira Månad sedan
It sounded like a whale song at one point.
Fershizzal Månad sedan
you just know Rhett is gonna do this the next time he's at a fancy restaurant
mrs. hudson.
mrs. hudson. Månad sedan
I love how Rhett really loved it after he got the glasses🍷 down. 🤣 "and there's a little boy, with a flute."
Heather S.
Heather S. Månad sedan
I love music and this is now one of my fave Mores! We learned using wine glasses as instruments in percussion pieces in college & grad school. They're instruments too!
Madeline Steeves
Madeline Steeves Månad sedan
Who do you look at more when you watch GMM ?
short tails
short tails Månad sedan
@Madeline Steeves yesss 😏 lol
Madeline Steeves
Madeline Steeves Månad sedan
@short tails haha clever, do your eyes split and allow you to read both their faces at once ?
short tails
short tails Månad sedan
My screen
Estrella Cruz
Estrella Cruz Månad sedan
Magic happened in this episode. Amazing. MYTHICAL
Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan Månad sedan
Rhett is 1000% correct tho. The crystal glasses work way easier. That’s why the guy in the video is able to do it so easy.
ScreamingEagle Månad sedan
They literally did a major third harmonization first try, that was pretty sick.
Jasmine Månad sedan
My expectations were so low. This is amazing.
Amanda LaPenes
Amanda LaPenes Månad sedan
Rhett and link are literally my last two brain cells 😂
Ellen 2 dagar sedan
Read this right at 5:41 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so true
Spangler@rt Månad sedan
God dammit link stop with the bottles lol he just ignores everything and anyone around him talking lol
Dakota Price
Dakota Price Månad sedan
Rhett and link may I please! Suggest a mythical bread and mustache comb I think it would be great and I would so buy it and use it all the time my twin brother even agreed with me seeing as we both have facial hair!!
Nakatsu Megami
Nakatsu Megami Månad sedan
Link is the typical kid with ADHD in this show.
Jasmine N
Jasmine N Månad sedan
This got SO REAL lol 😭 Rhett's spooky faces are EVERYTHING
Justin Eaddy
Justin Eaddy Månad sedan
Rhett won fo sho
Rachel Lopez
Rachel Lopez Månad sedan
For April Fool's Day, you should use the "Mythical Comb" version of the song as the opening theme to the video.
Tyrus 26 dagar sedan
MalinDeMunich Månad sedan
11:29 - Brain went straight to Watermelon Man
Mia Cornali
Mia Cornali Månad sedan
Sometimes i forget they’re actually really good at making music
LivinOnTheEdge Månad sedan
Rhetts face in the end lmao 🤣
Will Rannikko
Will Rannikko Månad sedan
The GM More ranking goes like this. Top Three Best 1.) Orbeez 2.)Enjoy my Finger Almond Boy 3.) Wine Glass notes
Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine
Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine Månad sedan
The Rhett is right the he doing it with crystal its easier
Valzalel Månad sedan
Shannon Stibor
Shannon Stibor Månad sedan
I would love for something like this to be an April Fool's prank lol. Something so simple that doesn't seem like it would be. Watch them try for 15 minutes xD
Tad Day
Tad Day Månad sedan
Link's face when he was the "boy playing the flute" was priceless
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