Trying Homemade Mouthwashes

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Today, we're using some homemade mouthwash. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1925
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Hyper spazz
Hyper spazz 11 dagar sedan
LOL at 10:54 Link sounded just like Jim Carrey's Grinch.
Adrian vaughn
Adrian vaughn 14 dagar sedan
Who’s going to tell them ancient romans used urine as mouthwash
knots nchains
knots nchains 15 dagar sedan
Love your shirt Rhett
Caiten S
Caiten S 17 dagar sedan
I feel like this is the second time in recent videos that they've gone on their impassioned peroxide rant..and the second time I've quickly gone and gargled peroxide.
DarkXues 18 dagar sedan
Bad breaths gives me my personal space
Eric Cremins
Eric Cremins 21 dag sedan
I honestly am starting to prefer more to the actual show. The environment is more relaxed and i feel that rhett&link are more honest, kinda like how the show was years back
DeathAngel 21 dag sedan
is using hydrogen peroxide like that safe?
Ariel 27 dagar sedan
When he called his uvula a punching bag I lost it😂
Livvy Lee
Livvy Lee Månad sedan
AHHH A NEW VIDEO!! I’ve been recently getting back in to good mythical morning and it’s been just what I need to help with stress of exams haha
Jeff Robbins
Jeff Robbins Månad sedan
"Shrink the stink!"~Link "in a bathtub! with orbies!"~Rhett
Jeff Werner
Jeff Werner Månad sedan
During the pandemic I'm the only one who smells my breath lol
Tom Avisar
Tom Avisar Månad sedan
Isn't hydrogen peroxide extremely toxic even in small amounts?
Nico Silverman-Lloyd
Nico Silverman-Lloyd Månad sedan
i think they've found their calling in dentistry
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Månad sedan
The smell of fennel seed will also help get rid of a migraine, or so ive heard
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo Månad sedan
Smell your breath
THE PURE ONE Månad sedan
But what if you have strong gag reflexes how do you clean your tongue
Ben Duke
Ben Duke Månad sedan
I've came away from this episode with a complex 🤭
Chantal Meade
Chantal Meade Månad sedan
How can foraging be illegal? Says a lot about the US that he automatically thinks it's illegal cos its free.
Faith Burke
Faith Burke Månad sedan
“Andddddd welcome to the stage... guava juice” -trixie And katya
Jan_iswatching Månad sedan
I love you guys. I have this issue with someone in my life, now I can just watch this video with them, as if I've never seen it before. Hopefully they will get the message
Jan_iswatching 20 dagar sedan
@KaiaSaurus Hahaha sure! But I have to wait till this pandemic is over first
KaiaSaurus 21 dag sedan
Let us all know if it works!
bob bib
bob bib Månad sedan
i never was interested in any merch from any youtuber till i seen these color changing shirts and hoodies very nive to me
Aliya Brown
Aliya Brown Månad sedan
Hydrogen peroxide also lightens your teeth! So, double benefits
Not Rosie
Not Rosie Månad sedan
I've done the 1/2 poroxide 1/2 water thing since finding R&L in 2013 🤣
Kevin Leach
Kevin Leach Månad sedan
You should try CloSys. Tastes and feels like water, but as effective as Listerine.
Benjamin Baker AKA Dingus ChuB
Benjamin Baker AKA Dingus ChuB Månad sedan
Y’all forgot cardamon seed pods.
Dawn Shipley
Dawn Shipley Månad sedan
I can't do the H2O2, I have an extreme sensitivity to it. Even the weakest of H2O2 will leave burns.
crichards037 Månad sedan
Lmao. My first introduction to fennel seeds was my older sister convincing me that fennel seeds were used as ancient Egyptian Tic-Tacs 😂
Yana Loo
Yana Loo Månad sedan
bring back mail day
It's Peaceful
It's Peaceful Månad sedan
Rhetts face when he said when were gonna bathe him in orbees had me dying😂😂
Emily Fogerty
Emily Fogerty Månad sedan
Rhett you gotta get your brother on the show sometime
Carl Trainor
Carl Trainor Månad sedan
I was sitting in my friends garden and enjoying raw garlic and tomatoes then remembered I had a dentist appointment, I apologized to the dental hygienist. She said it is a nice change from rotting teeth and gums!
Carl Trainor
Carl Trainor Månad sedan
Ah, the uvula, the scrodum of the throat!!
HikaruRain Månad sedan
Since when did the grudge visit link to read the ingredients on a potato package?
morhiahable Månad sedan
Couldn’t you just swish with some pickle juice
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana Månad sedan
Love links sweatshirt on him
Leslie's ASMR
Leslie's ASMR Månad sedan
Link, the punching bag Part of the back of your throat is called with a uvula.
alicia ruplinger
alicia ruplinger Månad sedan
Apparently wild fennel is a highly invasive species in California. So harvest to your heart's content.
jacqui bourdeau
jacqui bourdeau Månad sedan
Who else just gargled hydrogen peroxide?
Matt Engel Photo
Matt Engel Photo Månad sedan
Love the hydrogen pyroxide tip! So funny though how Rhett went into "Dad mode" on us!
Laura Barry
Laura Barry Månad sedan
Preacher dad mode
Linn Månad sedan
Rhett and Link being supportive dads with the bad breath advice
Beth O'Donnell
Beth O'Donnell Månad sedan
Hydrogen peroxide can erode the enamel on your teeth.
Magnolia Stacey
Magnolia Stacey Månad sedan
We use to play in a field of fennel, making tunnels and nests haha
Owen Berger
Owen Berger Månad sedan
Fun fact: vinegar is bad because the acidity erodes enamel over time
havoc1zero Månad sedan
Sassafras smells like licorice as well. And I know it grows in NC. Not so sure about CA.
m g
m g Månad sedan
My ex had tonsil stones at one point and it smelled like sulfur. I wish he were around just so I could tell him to do this to help him!
Celestina Anderson
Celestina Anderson Månad sedan
Rhett please don't ever stop tapping the wheel triangle on the table. That is your signature move!
Broexist Månad sedan
When you're sitting in your car at 1:30 in the morning practicing vocal fry going "potatoes... Vegetable oil" you know you're in good hands
J Ponduforus
J Ponduforus Månad sedan
My daughter absolutely hates fennel seeds. They're in a surprising number of dishes. Can make things challenging.
Stefani Faith
Stefani Faith Månad sedan
Corpse is that you?
Shanaiah Joyce
Shanaiah Joyce Månad sedan
“Preach!!!” -Link
Derpy Pugs
Derpy Pugs Månad sedan
listen guys im gonna need a sweatshirt that says boobaloobaloobaoobies
Hannah Kelley
Hannah Kelley Månad sedan
I felt like Rhett and Link were my dads when they were telling us about the peroxide stuff.
crazy lavend
crazy lavend Månad sedan
the psa about the hydrogen peroxide is what I have to do when I go to the orthodontist
Neil Kushner
Neil Kushner Månad sedan
you guys are funny and entertaining for sure, thanks
shrinking the stink
Operation MegMar
Operation MegMar Månad sedan
Thank you, Rhett and Link, for the important information!!! I learned a lot!
Zoe's Zoo
Zoe's Zoo Månad sedan
Before I play the video, I'm going to predict that Rhett is going to bring up the fact that hydrogen peroxide is more effective than alcohol.
Zoe's Zoo
Zoe's Zoo Månad sedan
HA! There it is, I knew it 👏🏼👏🏼 Except it was Link who mentioned it first
Clark A
Clark A Månad sedan
Today's gmmore topic is brought to you by the mythical crew so they don't have to deal with the guys fried breath all day. 🤣
Julie G.
Julie G. Månad sedan
I enjoyed this episode
Kaylyn Seleman
Kaylyn Seleman Månad sedan
Lemons will destroy your enamel
Tyler Beaulieu
Tyler Beaulieu Månad sedan
i'd rather have my breath smell like pizza hut sausage than papa johns sausage!
DeAnn Owens
DeAnn Owens Månad sedan
Once or twice a week I use hydrogen peroxide in place of water to wet my toothbrush before brushing. It helps keep my breath fresh and my gums healthy. 👍🏽
Devin 4 dagar sedan
That’s a great idea! I’ll have to try that.
Detective Bat
Detective Bat Månad sedan
Fennel is edible guys lol. In Nepal we consume it roasted
Ayca Olgun
Ayca Olgun Månad sedan
Pls keep Guava Juice away from GMM. He doesn’t belong with us.
Ben Warren
Ben Warren Månad sedan
Unpopular opinion. Rhett carries gmm 🤷🏼‍♂️
Kayla Woodbury
Kayla Woodbury Månad sedan
... uvula?
IRV Dawg
IRV Dawg Månad sedan
3:20 very aromatic lmao
Sallie Brittain
Sallie Brittain Månad sedan
🥰the hoodies you guys are so funny😉
Dustin Fox
Dustin Fox Månad sedan
I would like to see Rhett and Link do a the Goldbergs type show I think it would be awesome
Quinn McLendon
Quinn McLendon Månad sedan
Link talking about his Uvula reminded me of WAP
PitterBug07 Månad sedan
The Ole butt-swish.
chet karwat
chet karwat Månad sedan
Only if she gets f
mojo Månad sedan
ive never heard of hydrogen peroxide for bad breathe
Brian Heidemann
Brian Heidemann Månad sedan
The grudge reading ingredients that's link ;(
saifmanman Månad sedan
The thing Rhett is smelling is probably Eucalyptus right??
Savahanna Linch
Savahanna Linch Månad sedan
My home bar consists of vodka and whatever juice I have available 😭
Dec Veitch
Dec Veitch Månad sedan
Sooner or later they're gonna have a episode just dedicated on how to brush teeth and keep bad breath at bay
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Månad sedan
Rhett and Link, supporting the possibility of aspiration pneumonia since 2021. Don't try what they recommend. See a dentist or physician.
Kathryn Libbey
Kathryn Libbey Månad sedan
When I was a kid, my dad tried to get me to gargle peroxide, and I just couldn't. ug.
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Månad sedan
It's funny that Rhett doesn't like the fennel, it tastes like licorice and he loves that.
iKON RETURN ♥️ Eileen
iKON RETURN ♥️ Eileen Månad sedan
Rhett there’s also a ton of eucalyptus trees around here so you may be smelling that too :)
Billy Woods
Billy Woods Månad sedan
I loved today’s episode!!
J Bab
J Bab Månad sedan
Did Rhett and Link reject @CORPSEHUSBAND ‘s entry?????? 😱 😠😂
Anna Schrock
Anna Schrock Månad sedan
am i crazy or have they already said close to the exact same things about having bad breath before in a previous video??? 😂🤔
Olivia Lang
Olivia Lang Månad sedan
This reminds me of the episode with 5SOS lol
Cori Cooper
Cori Cooper Månad sedan
The deafening silence after ‘the ole butt swish’ 😂😂😂
Alicyn Senior
Alicyn Senior Månad sedan
Hydrogen peroxide makes me gag. It taste disgusting
David Edge
David Edge Månad sedan
So... It hit that little dangly thing that hangs in the back of your throat?
Jaime L
Jaime L Månad sedan
Guys, I need a third opinion - is the hydrogen peroxide thing safe?
Logan Striker
Logan Striker Månad sedan
evidently if you lick the inside of your wrist and smell, youre actually able to smell what your breath smells like
Brandon Månad sedan
Homemade alcohol next
Sandyandi Månad sedan
"I appreciate what you tried to do, but you did it wrong." ME when anyone in my house tries to do a chore around the house.
Mikayla Sarro
Mikayla Sarro Månad sedan
Did the tea tree oil touch that little dangly thing that swing in the back of your throat, link?? 🤗
Dakota Riley
Dakota Riley Månad sedan
I live in NC wth 😊
Penguinssss Månad sedan
I have hydrogen peroxide toothpaste. You think I should still gargle it straight up?
LittleRedHaired Girl
LittleRedHaired Girl Månad sedan
Citrus Månad sedan
9:40 Rhett was trying to set up Link to talk about the Ear Biscuits SEpost Channel SO hard but Link just wasn't getting it
BroncFan Channel
BroncFan Channel Månad sedan
Rhett just invented Gargle Music, the latest music genre trend.
CoffeyhouseART Månad sedan
guys do i have bad breath?
kat Månad sedan
link says yes 🥲
The Doh Bros
The Doh Bros Månad sedan
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The Doh Bros
The Doh Bros Månad sedan
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