The Worst TV Shows Of The 2000's

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In today's game, we're guessing if these TV shows were real or fake. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1931
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Weird Wombat
Weird Wombat 5 dagar sedan
I am so happy they mentioned Twin Peaks.
Marchanarch 6 dagar sedan
i had to climb a rope in 5th grade. like alltheway to the top of the gym it was scary
agstah 6 dagar sedan
I LOVED Reaper and Bret Harrison. It was a really good show!
Sara Purdy
Sara Purdy 7 dagar sedan
If your hair is growing inside? ... does my hair grow inside? How Did you know? I was hiding it so wellllllll 🎻🎻🎻 💧😢💧 🎻🎻🎻
Steven Kingan
Steven Kingan 7 dagar sedan
My Gym Partners a Monkey was a good show. I don't care what anyone says
Kathryn Hand
Kathryn Hand 7 dagar sedan
They look like they saw something they shouldnt have before they started this. Lol
Rymez Tha Wun Nd Only
Rymez Tha Wun Nd Only 8 dagar sedan
My Gym partners a monkey was a classic!!!
TheMrBond1 8 dagar sedan
I am a longtime fan and love watching good mythical morning and good mythical more. But PLEASE make it easier to get to the main channel video by having a direct link to it in the description of good mythical more because I struggle with finding it. I'm going to keep commenting this on every single good mythical more episode I watch until it gets noticed or possibly changed. Please upvote if anyone else agrees with me! Thank you mythical beasts!
jv_141 10 dagar sedan
i loved . my gym partner is a monkey
Toasty Boi
Toasty Boi 10 dagar sedan
That’s so crazy, one of my cat’s toys has a bell and I moved it at the same time one of their bells rang and I thought Rhett had heard it
2380knight 11 dagar sedan
:D... “good old mad tv” LMFAO
2380knight 11 dagar sedan
I used to think gmm was set near the woods in a cabin and still gives me cabin fever.
Courtney Erickson
Courtney Erickson 13 dagar sedan
Rhett and Link had a show on the CW?!?
RIP USSR 13 dagar sedan
Reaper, reefer? Reaper, reefer? Reaper. Lol
Amanda Austin
Amanda Austin 13 dagar sedan
In Omnia Paratus!!
Jess K
Jess K 15 dagar sedan
I love Supernatural!!!
TriSpeds Official
TriSpeds Official 16 dagar sedan
Damn nostalgia trip
Raymond Elsayed
Raymond Elsayed 17 dagar sedan
Are you guys going to make GMM playing cards of GMM?
Matthew Wennerberg
Matthew Wennerberg 17 dagar sedan
Riverdale happened but this didn't
Angela Sharp
Angela Sharp 17 dagar sedan
It should have been “tv tried” and “tv lied” instead of tv guideb
Jet Girl
Jet Girl 18 dagar sedan
Supernatural ended last year.
jedi knight2124
jedi knight2124 18 dagar sedan
I freaking love Gilmore Girls. I’m watching through it for the first time!
Grace Finfrock
Grace Finfrock 19 dagar sedan
Rise up for the Gilmore girls! And the gossip girls!
Dominic Red
Dominic Red 19 dagar sedan
Just noticed you were wearing similar outfits to your tv show
MynxAlexandria 19 dagar sedan
my gym partner is a monkey was not that bad I kinda liked it
DeathAngel 20 dagar sedan
i also saw reaper. my dad liked it.
DeathAngel 20 dagar sedan
i actually saw my gym partner's a monkey. it was ok.
DeathAngel 20 dagar sedan
i actually knew the definition of that word for once.
Abby Miller
Abby Miller 21 dag sedan
I absolutely loved Reaper 🤣🤣🤣
Simple Simply
Simple Simply 21 dag sedan
The three Gs shows is the best: Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, and Golden Girls.
IsawU 21 dag sedan
Ah yes, the borborygmi, the art of unrolling paper.
Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher 21 dag sedan
Veronica mars...... Ah good times... Also sad times..
TheRevan1337 22 dagar sedan
prios8 22 dagar sedan
I watched Witchblade and I enjoyed it.
Joseph Indorato
Joseph Indorato 22 dagar sedan
Why....did I watch most of these shows
Hunter Dilly
Hunter Dilly 22 dagar sedan
Yall talkin bout degrassi?
Poly steve
Poly steve 23 dagar sedan
I think this is the first time I've been glad that Farscape was Not mentioned in anything I've watched. Now y'all should do great shows from the 2000s, and you can talk about Farscape. :)
The Lonely Vagabond
The Lonely Vagabond 23 dagar sedan
Reaper was hilarious, so sad it got cancelled
Kas b
Kas b 23 dagar sedan
LOL now this is an episode where I'll 100% know everything. I remember My Gym Partners a Monkey haha Also remember Reaper. Watched it on netflix
Aliyah Lingo
Aliyah Lingo 23 dagar sedan
My Gym Partner's A Monkey was a good show lol
Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott 23 dagar sedan
5:15 “Reefer?” “Reaper.”
Gabby B
Gabby B 23 dagar sedan
I wonder if the CW show they thought about in round three was Smallville
Darrell Mackinnon
Darrell Mackinnon 23 dagar sedan
*We get it, you like the show. I still do too. You guys are like sheep's. 50 of the same comment. Crazy how intellectually lacking, this comment section is.*
Tain Tool Review
Tain Tool Review 24 dagar sedan of the greatest TV shows.
Lauren Brawner
Lauren Brawner 24 dagar sedan
Reaper isn't actually that bad tho. I liked that show.
Careless Dreamer
Careless Dreamer 24 dagar sedan
i never watched either, but i remember my gym partner's a monkey and stacked both exisiting
WillUTeachMe 24 dagar sedan
You know they're old when they dont know my gym partner is a monkey
EbtsOby 25 dagar sedan
5:10 Rhett "Reefer" McLaughlin
jordan999fire 25 dagar sedan
Witchblade is also a comic book series. And a pretty popular one. Matter-a-fact, if you’ve ever heard of the video games The Darkness, those are based on the comic book series The Darkness which originated in the Witchblade series. The Witchblade is actually a cosmic god weapon that chooses a powerful female host and it was born from The Darkness and Angelus.
Liam Gamble
Liam Gamble 25 dagar sedan
Reaper was great, was gutted when it got cancelled.
Farkleberry 25 dagar sedan
I was hoping they would bring up Life with Derek. I'd definitely think it was fake.
Terra_the _Nightingale
Terra_the _Nightingale 25 dagar sedan
Don’t you DARE rag on My Gym Partner’s A Monkey
Jaliahhh 25 dagar sedan
holdup my gym partner is a monkey was good af
Chasity Kristine
Chasity Kristine 25 dagar sedan
Okay but my gym parters a monkey was one of my favorites !! Mad tbh
sstwwmpne 25 dagar sedan
Literally as soon as you described the word, my stomach growled.
R M 25 dagar sedan
Bruh my gym partner's a monkey was actually pretty great. I loved that show.
Zara Zen
Zara Zen 25 dagar sedan
*So... Just me who noticed the part at **6:35** where they rang a little bell indicating that Rhett repeats what he said and how he said it?* No? Okay lol. *And **9:17** with Link having to repeat something 3x lol* AND Rhett at 10:18..
Clint Stoots
Clint Stoots 25 dagar sedan
I loved reaper!
Hannah Wheeler
Hannah Wheeler 25 dagar sedan
Is the show he is talking about, Gossip Girl?
BunnyKitKat 25 dagar sedan
Y'all should make Mythical Scrunchies
Zander Burt
Zander Burt 25 dagar sedan
azcomicgeek 25 dagar sedan
I remember Witchblade, it was a good show based on a comic book.
Samantha Flanagan
Samantha Flanagan 25 dagar sedan
Omg my stomach does that and everyone that knows me doesn’t like know and they think it’s odd
Shin Igami
Shin Igami 25 dagar sedan
Not much energy in this one all around. Just sayin. I hope all is well with you all. :)
austin shieler
austin shieler 25 dagar sedan
Which blade is a anime and it is pretty good
Chuck Bartowski
Chuck Bartowski 26 dagar sedan
Reaper was a good show.
Emily Koreen
Emily Koreen 26 dagar sedan
They chose my SMORE suggestion!! Yayyy
Colin Rowley
Colin Rowley 26 dagar sedan
I used to watch reaper 😂😂😂😂
Rubenaza nauta
Rubenaza nauta 26 dagar sedan
Gm=jm seems about right borborygmi
Amber Praust
Amber Praust 26 dagar sedan
You think Link realizes he usually wins more games in MORE than the main episode? 😂
Ashley J
Ashley J 26 dagar sedan
Not me, watching this sleep deprived while up for midnight feeding my 2 month old and then hearing sentences twice because of the s’more. 😂🙃😴
Mr Bahama
Mr Bahama 26 dagar sedan
loved the throwbackk
Essie Cardoza
Essie Cardoza 26 dagar sedan
Wtf are they wearing ?!
David MacNeil
David MacNeil 26 dagar sedan
How dare they say My Gym Partner's a Monkey was a...wait, I don't care. 😂
Shannon Stibor
Shannon Stibor 26 dagar sedan
I actually liked Reaper lol
jongup guppie
jongup guppie 26 dagar sedan
10 yr old me loved my gym partners a monkey & reaper, i had forgotten about reaper tbh! I watched very little gossip girl cause if i missed something i was confused lol
Spam Account
Spam Account 26 dagar sedan
This is the best smore you guys have done!!🥲
Evadooker 26 dagar sedan
Gym Partners a monkey was better than that one with the squirrel boy brother
Alchimage 26 dagar sedan
I loved reaper it was good
Hailey 26 dagar sedan
I forgot about My Gym Partner’s a Monkey hahahahaha holy cow! This ep made me so nostalgic
Lyra531 26 dagar sedan
XD lol I knew what the word was thanks to DocSchmidt on TicToc!
aliciaberri 26 dagar sedan
MY GYM PARTNER IS A MONKEY WAS GREAT. Their online videogame was the best I played it all the time.
Chris Justice
Chris Justice 26 dagar sedan
Rhett getting excited by reefer would explain a lot
Skeptic Grandma
Skeptic Grandma 26 dagar sedan
You haven’t heard Carlin’s but on weird words. Yeah. Borborygmi.
Sonic XV
Sonic XV 27 dagar sedan
Has anyone played my gym partner is a monkey game on Cartoon Network
Nick Akey
Nick Akey 27 dagar sedan
Reaper was a very underrated show!
jace j
jace j 27 dagar sedan
I love reaper
Brooke // KEROBO
Brooke // KEROBO 27 dagar sedan
Christopher Lloyd was also on Stacked
Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis 27 dagar sedan
Im glad to see Link rocking the infamous "Dickie"
AlexTheKestrel 27 dagar sedan
WHAT did you say about My Gym Partner’s a Monkey?
L4dy P4rtr1dg3
L4dy P4rtr1dg3 27 dagar sedan
So excited for the Witch blade reboot! Witchblade is based on the American comic, I think there was a manga too
The Tomlette
The Tomlette 27 dagar sedan
Supernatural ended last year. 😭
Kelsey Dalton
Kelsey Dalton 27 dagar sedan
Of all theses i remember Stacked..... i was in fifth grade.
T BG 27 dagar sedan
Reaper is one of my favourite old shows
ravensong711 27 dagar sedan
The only one of those shows I knew was Witchblade it was so good.
Better Electrically
Better Electrically 27 dagar sedan
My Gym partner was a monkey was awesome Didn't know the rest of them
MyPoochyena 27 dagar sedan
It seems like most of us have actually seen these shows, even if they weren't necessarily good
Donna Marriott
Donna Marriott 27 dagar sedan
Reaper was a great show. So was Witchblade. I’ve been looking for both on DVD.
Keith Mossey
Keith Mossey 27 dagar sedan
Love this concept hahahah
OutOfNowhere 82
OutOfNowhere 82 27 dagar sedan
"A partnership starts in the gym"
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