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Peep these Peeps products. Today, we're testing out weird things Peeps has made. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1939
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ragingfiip Timme sedan
Vibranium isn't the hardest material known to man, Link. It's adamantium, you Marvel noob.
Draynim Minyard
Draynim Minyard 18 timmar sedan
Where’s the peeps Pepsi colab
Noelle V
Noelle V Dag sedan
Stale peeps are better than fresh peeps
Andrea B
Andrea B 2 dagar sedan
I was at good ole Wallyworld (aka Walmart) last weekend and saw there was a Peeps Cereal, I wanna to vomit 🤮lol has anyone seen them? Or tried it?
Good Vibes
Good Vibes 2 dagar sedan
There’s a lot more flavors then that my favorite is pancakes & syrup and the party cake
BrothersGrimm 4 dagar sedan
Can you still buy the signed ones?
Lisa 02
Lisa 02 5 dagar sedan
I preordered a GMM mug and I’m so excited about it
Abby Harlow
Abby Harlow 5 dagar sedan
You guys could play great villains I a movie!
Juan segundo Quiroga castet
Juan segundo Quiroga castet 5 dagar sedan
hola y muy buenos miticos dias🇦🇷
Saige Chatwin
Saige Chatwin 6 dagar sedan
But I love peeps 😭
Adrian-Cristian Nicolaescu
Adrian-Cristian Nicolaescu 6 dagar sedan
They are doing stuff like making loads of flavours with kitkat, and no one's complaining about that...:>
Tyler Sanford
Tyler Sanford 7 dagar sedan
Okay now it’s time to come back. I need something to look forward to in the morning.
Sarah R.
Sarah R. 8 dagar sedan
Peeps flavours available in Canada: 1. Original That's it.
Tony 8 dagar sedan
Is the flavor all the way through or just on the outside?
Holly Emerson
Holly Emerson 8 dagar sedan
The Chocolate pudding ones they nailed it
Eddwardo Chesterfield
Eddwardo Chesterfield 9 dagar sedan
*What does that look like to you?* Sir, it's too early for that 😂😂😂
BradKandyCroftFamily 10 dagar sedan
You guys should have the Mythical Kitchen make you some fresh marshmallows. Then do a taste test to compare peeps and fresh marshmallows.
Cynthia Quezada
Cynthia Quezada 10 dagar sedan
I'm surprised they didn't get the Peeps Delights! Those are my favorite.
Emily Hurricane
Emily Hurricane 10 dagar sedan
why is rhett’s tongue so small 🤣😭😭😭
Jacob Benson
Jacob Benson 11 dagar sedan
All the audiophiles losing their head when link just manhandled that record.
Holly Pierce
Holly Pierce 12 dagar sedan
The peeps brand has other holiday marshmallows too, Halloween has 🎃 &👻, thanksgiving has turkey 🦃 and Christmas has gingerbread men and ⛄️&🎄 and I think Valentine’s Day has ❤️❣️❣️❣️
emily faith
emily faith 12 dagar sedan
These peeps are brighter than my future
PinkBear57 12 dagar sedan
I haven't finished the video yet, but. THERE IS PEEPS CEREAL!
Amanda Henley
Amanda Henley 12 dagar sedan
When are they making new videos?
Riley Hilsinger
Riley Hilsinger 12 dagar sedan
The best Peeps are the fruit punch ones
Bradley 13 dagar sedan
Where you guys been miss you
Andrew G
Andrew G 13 dagar sedan
Stale peeps make great air rifle targets
Lori Ingram
Lori Ingram 13 dagar sedan
I like cake/cookie/ice cream-friendly flavors of Peeps, not so much watermelon, but the watermelon ones DO look awesome being microwaved.
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass 13 dagar sedan
I'm a bit frustrated by Link trying to find a Peep's lips to paint, and decided to go under the *beak* LOL.
Tayla Marie
Tayla Marie 13 dagar sedan
Am I the only one wanting a Rabbit Lightning vinyl? 😭
Ed Baranowski
Ed Baranowski 13 dagar sedan
Will it Peep...
Bob Lob
Bob Lob 13 dagar sedan
9:56 funniest thing I’ve see this year
Nicole 13 dagar sedan
They make peeps cereal
mutanix 13 dagar sedan
"I don't know where the lips are on a peep"
T.J. 13 dagar sedan
I LOVE marshmallows but I don’t like peeps 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
Jasmin Silence
Jasmin Silence 14 dagar sedan
Wish the uk had peeps
Desirée R
Desirée R 14 dagar sedan
I love peeps so much!
Purple Cinnamon
Purple Cinnamon 14 dagar sedan
I ain't gonna say what the bottom of that giant peep looks like but it got me laughing good❗❕😅
kendall uchiha
kendall uchiha 14 dagar sedan
3:39 we need a comilation of link saying “smella dat” lmao
Marie Jimenez
Marie Jimenez 14 dagar sedan
very obsessed with the way he cut the peeps in the last 15 seconds. so chaotic, no rhyme nor reason, i love it
Captain Planet
Captain Planet 14 dagar sedan
3:01 never knew it was so fun to say "belittle it a little bit" lololol
Lorna f
Lorna f 14 dagar sedan
Rhett mentioned he wanted to play a villain.... As soon as he said that a vision of Ron Moody as Fagin from Oliver popped into my head. OMG future past double.
Jlow 14 dagar sedan
Do people not like peeps??? This is news to me
Deb Bailey
Deb Bailey 14 dagar sedan
Mari Anna
Mari Anna 14 dagar sedan
"His peep got real hard..." - Link Neal
Timothy Reed
Timothy Reed 14 dagar sedan
Peep looks like blob fish
kin 14 dagar sedan
ngl wish they had painted their nails
vaxanth 14 dagar sedan
fruit punch peeps 🙌🙌
thatone3kidd 14 dagar sedan
In the 16 years of my life I’ve enjoyed 8 watching you guys 🙂
Honor Silverthorne
Honor Silverthorne 14 dagar sedan
Happy Easter 💐💞
Deanna Bauer
Deanna Bauer 14 dagar sedan
Don't leave Rhett and Link alone with sugar coated marshmallows 👀👀 things happen
Charlotte Brackenbury
Charlotte Brackenbury 14 dagar sedan
Wasteful channel ever always wasting food
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 14 dagar sedan
Hated ? YOUR GEN HAS NO REAL UNDERSTANDING. .you can make stores in your microwave with them. Whats so.endearing about making fun ?
Katherine Miller
Katherine Miller 14 dagar sedan
My fave flav is fruit punch
Makayla Mckenrick
Makayla Mckenrick 14 dagar sedan
When he said makayla I jumped lol
hilife 14 dagar sedan
Jambo Jambo
Maxs weirdworld
Maxs weirdworld 14 dagar sedan
I think link just doesn't like peeps because of ....the incident....
SpeediraWindira 15 dagar sedan
Peeps are yummy yummy 🤤
Erin McMillin
Erin McMillin 15 dagar sedan
Your belittement of Peeps is inexcusable, Link. The final straw. :| Lol, this video is the reason I'm not going to watch Good Mythical More anymore. Yikes.
Totally Not The One
Totally Not The One 15 dagar sedan
Daily reminder to show support to these wonderful men who give it their all every day. They're both amazing and thank you for growing up with me
Miriam M
Miriam M 15 dagar sedan
POV: You’re checking the comments after link said “What do you think it looks like?”😂
Thewarrior 21
Thewarrior 21 15 dagar sedan
porque abandonaron el canal en español? xd
Michelle PS Barbie law
Michelle PS Barbie law 15 dagar sedan
Oh and the cotton candy peeps are the most tolerable
Michelle PS Barbie law
Michelle PS Barbie law 15 dagar sedan
I found chocolate pudding peeps and I have to say they were pretty good
Arie Kanagawa
Arie Kanagawa 15 dagar sedan
I'm surprised they didn't try a Peeps cereal yet, but I can tell it's pretty good from what I've experienced.
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson 15 dagar sedan
The three strongest materials in the world Vibranium Nokium Peepium
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter 15 dagar sedan
I don't know if I can imagine smells (or hallucinate smells) but I swear I smelled froot loops after they said it smelled exactly like froot loops
Ayat 15 dagar sedan
Ohhh, so Rhett has been growing his hair for authenticity for the Lionel record 😂
Rose Maria Benny
Rose Maria Benny 15 dagar sedan
Why didn't they tried the lip gloss?
Z Carp
Z Carp 15 dagar sedan
Just peepy. Those who have seen the peep cult's leader's birth shall understand
Princessofthedrk 15 dagar sedan
You forgot about Peep Jellybeans!! They're delicious!!
Sarah Austin
Sarah Austin 15 dagar sedan
I love peeps! You can also put them in the microwave and they turn into a big peep.
Lunarsky 282
Lunarsky 282 15 dagar sedan
When did we start giving link sharp things
Lunarsky 282
Lunarsky 282 15 dagar sedan
This episode was like Asmr gone wrong
Conor Coon
Conor Coon 15 dagar sedan
Came for the water logged peep vajayjay jokes...
Keegan Da goat
Keegan Da goat 15 dagar sedan
God loves you happy Easter it is time to selebrate Gods resurrection have an amazing day everyone and know God loves you
Arlene Dior
Arlene Dior 15 dagar sedan
Just tried some of these peeps in my video as well! Man, the root beer one smells just like root beer!
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 15 dagar sedan
A Pot? REALLY?! All Herd animals gather in HERDS!
Shannon M.
Shannon M. 15 dagar sedan
9:54 - Bless you.
Chaotic Muffin
Chaotic Muffin 15 dagar sedan
Peeps even made hot chocolate, and a baking pan type of thing. Peeps got a weird grip on places like Cracker Barrel I swear.
gloryfallinggw2 15 dagar sedan
Slightly disappointed they didn't do at least one chocolate coated bottom or the filled ones. Those are just as enjoyable. But then again it's probably due to what's available this year. Which wasn't a lot in peep selection. (And no first try of Pepsi X Peep???)
Moo Moo Mae
Moo Moo Mae 15 dagar sedan
for easget I just got watermelon sour peeps
Sebastian Mayer
Sebastian Mayer 15 dagar sedan
You should do a best Watermelon Flavourd food taste test because imo Watermelon flavor only works ..... in watermelon xD (maby you already did that)
Armin Petschelt
Armin Petschelt 16 dagar sedan
i have a peep plush
AscendedDevine Oracle
AscendedDevine Oracle 16 dagar sedan
You should try the cotton candy and the birthday cake peeps they are so good.
Jamie Pryor
Jamie Pryor 16 dagar sedan
“Smella that” 💀
Leanna Colarich
Leanna Colarich 16 dagar sedan
Two of my favorite humans right here. Thanks for the laughs guys!
Camille Bennett
Camille Bennett 16 dagar sedan
And that is why you don’t give anything to link 😂😂
Tom Dee
Tom Dee 16 dagar sedan
It goes to show how you guys have no taste! The watermelon is the only flavor that is good of the peeps
Jewell Lowe
Jewell Lowe 16 dagar sedan
lol I just had the peep tower😂😂😂
Jann Auddie Amurao
Jann Auddie Amurao 16 dagar sedan
DrDarkheart 16 dagar sedan
I think Links experience being a Peep really instilled a hatred of marshmellows in him
Hampus Stenlund
Hampus Stenlund 16 dagar sedan
David Lee
David Lee 16 dagar sedan
"That's a big cat! Or is it not to scale?" 🤣🤣🤣
dakota cuccaro
dakota cuccaro 16 dagar sedan
Minds me of a clitoris js
Melise McKnight
Melise McKnight 16 dagar sedan
please do a “Will It Peep” video
Iren B
Iren B 16 dagar sedan
Please, Link😆😆😆😆😆😆
Kirsten Abel
Kirsten Abel 16 dagar sedan
We need a video of them with fake acrylic nails on lol
Jéssica Seidl
Jéssica Seidl 16 dagar sedan
The two talking absolut nonsense without giving a single F to what the other one is saying is pure gold hahaha
Incorrect Guy
Incorrect Guy 16 dagar sedan
Link: i dont say "smella" that also link: smella that
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