Tasting $2 Million Worth Of Flamin' Hot Cheetos

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Good Mythical MORE

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Today, we're pushing our taste testing limits and eating 2 million dollars worth of Flamin' Hot Cheetos! Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1938
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Andreas Kuoppa
Andreas Kuoppa 16 dagar sedan
Harold thinks his left nut is broken, but he hopes that he doesn’t need a left nut, because he has a right nut. So sometimes Harold visits Cindy and tells her all about his left nut, then reveals that he has not worried about it much. So Cindy says: “Gee! I kinda like nutless men and women. So why don’t we just make snow pies with the financial people, because they certainly are terribly serious about finances when they are awake and drowsy, since they tabulate figures best when they’re hydrated and well fed.” But let’s continue to tell honest stories to them, that mean that we love them and want love from Harold and Cindy! So; nuts don’t come from tabulations or financial trees, they come from the deepest parts of our loins and shallow skins, found beneath heavy situations and slippery blankets, if and only if Cindy dunks Harold’s donut right in his saucy pouch; because Harold knows that saucy pouch pieces are damaged, but conflict is inevitable when saucy pouches break. But Cindy thinks it’s cool, so she is going to break ranks and celebrate all the pouches, even when they’re damp and wet and moist and saturated and slippery and a bit dry. Therefore, people who know or think they know, but don’t - still like nuts, because who does not like nuts? Except when “The Harold’s Nuts” burn and go itchy and moist and slippery and saturated and a little bit dry. Then, why does anyone need to hold on to this idea at all, when you and me - plus all people - can simply just be free and moist? So, let’s just grab everything by the horns and ride! Because we know that all things are good, but some things are meaningless. But when you crack the cracks of smoothness, you exacerbate your incredulity - and that does NOT mean that you or your friends are stupid. In time, you will come back to forward-thinking, after moving backwards like hyenas - and more Paula “Hyenas” Abdul - because her videos and her middle name is Hyenas. So, Harold, don’t forget to call your mother, yesterday and day before tomorrow! Because all calls are equal and moist when pouches are slippery. So, Cindy and her boy Daryl achieve love, even when they see no Harolds or mothers in sight. Therefore, philosophy and science hold the keys to knowledge and moist power, because they never cease to commit to left-of-center nuts and right-of-center nuts, because both nuts are too squarely to really be grabbed in the center and pulled hard when moist and slippery, because they don’t have existence, or at least one does like nuts. But Harold’s nuts are Cindy’s, minus the one on Harold’s nutsack. [455 words]
Yung G
Yung G 14 timmar sedan
Sheesh this guy needs a life or some friends or go outside SOMETHING
Mathieu Lacroix
Mathieu Lacroix 8 dagar sedan
you are amazing for transcribing this
Purple Girl
Purple Girl 10 dagar sedan
Thank you
Aarti Chawla
Aarti Chawla 11 dagar sedan
I knew there has to at least one such crackhead😆😆😁genuinely appreciate your mythicality😁😁☺
Nathan Tiller
Nathan Tiller 12 dagar sedan
I read it all
BuffaloBen 19 timmar sedan
Okay but the face jackets should be real
CULT of TRAGEDY 5 dagar sedan
The title of this reminds me of Mrs beasts channel and all his fake videos
TheIronAntelope 8 dagar sedan
I wonder if the 1K dislikes are from people who thought this video uploaded on April 1st was gonna be legit
djdd503 djdd djdd
djdd503 djdd djdd 8 dagar sedan
Butterflies World
Butterflies World 9 dagar sedan
Can you give me some of the chips
Grant 10 dagar sedan
this story is like when you use the suggestions google recommends when you are typing a sentence.
Chris Nasd
Chris Nasd 12 dagar sedan
Better than last year's. Your best more episode to date.
Sabeth Drake
Sabeth Drake 12 dagar sedan
Where is "The Rock"?
Jordan Newsom
Jordan Newsom 12 dagar sedan
i want to know who's brainchild the face jackets were.
Leah Lasher
Leah Lasher 13 dagar sedan
Rhett’s excitement at them successfully saying “if and only if” together was PUREEEEE.
Rik Reichert
Rik Reichert 13 dagar sedan
yeeeyeee13 13 dagar sedan
This is what happens when I hit the predictive text button for 10 minutes
Torin S
Torin S 13 dagar sedan
had me smiling the whole way through
Nick Minadeo
Nick Minadeo 14 dagar sedan
I like to think this is how they wrote their novel
Shy 14 dagar sedan
My favorite part was when they finally ate the cheetos
Tara kopecki
Tara kopecki 14 dagar sedan
I love the 10,000 word story more, you can see their deep friendship connections and its so silly its hilarious. Anyone else think Link is a freaky freak on the DL?
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley 14 dagar sedan
I think 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 y'all should do Will It Bratwurst taste test please I freaking love Bratwurst they are the best Whitish Wieners on planet Earth 🌎🌎🌎🌎
Jennalyn Kelly
Jennalyn Kelly 14 dagar sedan
Okay, but why are the lines "So, let's just grab everything by the horns and ride! Because we know that all things are good, but some things are meaningless" actually hitting me really hard?
samantha arnold
samantha arnold 15 dagar sedan
gimme that face jacket
JOHN BOBE 15 dagar sedan
Some one please tell me they transcriped this story please 🥺
Albert Dunisch
Albert Dunisch 15 dagar sedan
I love you guys. Not in a gay way, but the best way.
szimhardt05 15 dagar sedan
Both say hyena * hyena laugh*
Jumbo Willis
Jumbo Willis 15 dagar sedan
thats not even funny
Jumbo Willis
Jumbo Willis 15 dagar sedan
and wheres the vid from dwayne?
dominic gugliotti
dominic gugliotti 15 dagar sedan
I watched this on Easter and completely forgot about April fools This is gold 😂😂😂
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 16 dagar sedan
10 word story or 10 min story? 😴 Man that's a lot of time I wont get back...
Krystal Mendez
Krystal Mendez 16 dagar sedan
Is no one going to acknowledge those terrifying face jackets??
RaspX Aseron
RaspX Aseron 16 dagar sedan
I normally think April fools isn't all that and every year these guys prove how to crush it.
Ticky Dollie
Ticky Dollie 16 dagar sedan
Legend says they're still telling the story to this day
Jakub Krejčí
Jakub Krejčí 16 dagar sedan
This has a cadence of Obama's speech.
suraya 16 dagar sedan
i want to know exactly how many words they said, i’m sure someone counted
Julie G.
Julie G. 16 dagar sedan
Lol face jackets
Simon Tracer
Simon Tracer 16 dagar sedan
No Cheetos are harmed in the making of these moist
Artificial Love
Artificial Love 17 dagar sedan
So this is the best GMMore of all time
acegeek 17 dagar sedan
I not even following the story anymore, at this point, but I'm still listening.
Mitch Reaser
Mitch Reaser 17 dagar sedan
play at 1.75-2x speed, you're welcome
PolkaDotHuman W Herenow
PolkaDotHuman W Herenow 17 dagar sedan
Bad joke.
KingPickaxe124 17 dagar sedan
Please note that today's video was recorded in advance
ZackAshM 17 dagar sedan
there are hot cheetos all over the place... and i can't tell if they're actually there or pngs lol
Wehilani 17 dagar sedan
This is like pressing the middle suggestion on your keyboard to make a story lol
Tough Guy
Tough Guy 17 dagar sedan
why so many dislikes? this is a dream come true for me!
Irish Man
Irish Man 17 dagar sedan
Come ON!!!!!
Scrofar 17 dagar sedan
Imagine when they have grandkids
Eric Heideman
Eric Heideman 17 dagar sedan
best more ever
MadHatterMelanie123 17 dagar sedan
.....3 minutes and 58 seconds in before I realized
Kaela R
Kaela R 17 dagar sedan
Legend has it, they’re still going
Stephanie 17 dagar sedan
Haven’t laughed this much in a while, thanks guys.
Areny Ohanes
Areny Ohanes 17 dagar sedan
Love theeemmmm
Naomi McIlvaine
Naomi McIlvaine 17 dagar sedan
I'm literally crying.
wordsinahandle 17 dagar sedan
Someone should type the story. They'll deserve a cookie
Cherie B.
Cherie B. 17 dagar sedan
Please don't ever do that again🤔😆
Robby Kunkel
Robby Kunkel 17 dagar sedan
I wonder how many times they said slippery nuts in this episode
Sir Frederick
Sir Frederick 17 dagar sedan
Is this Story narrated by William Shatner?
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 18 dagar sedan
Man these videos get me each year. I love it :D
&y 18 dagar sedan
Ya know what,, I never watch gmmore. But when I do, it's on april fool's and it's by fkn accident.
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson 18 dagar sedan
I absolutely LOVE this!
Cyndil Smith
Cyndil Smith 18 dagar sedan
whoa, really threw me when Daryl showed up.
Megan Marie
Megan Marie 18 dagar sedan
this had to be so fun 😂😂😂
William Lemoine
William Lemoine 18 dagar sedan
Harold calling his mother right now
Avalee T
Avalee T 18 dagar sedan
No, day after tomorrow
mohammed92 18 dagar sedan
can we get those face jackets for real
Sammy W
Sammy W 18 dagar sedan
Good ol Harold and his left nut. A moist and saturated and a little bit dry tale.
Ryan Keese
Ryan Keese 18 dagar sedan
I think that was at least 11 words.
Avalee T
Avalee T 18 dagar sedan
Jo 18 dagar sedan
Who B'stank
Who B'stank 18 dagar sedan
Anyone else come to the comments to see if some brave soul transcribed this entire episode?
Olivia Shelton
Olivia Shelton 18 dagar sedan
Why is no one talking about the 100% silicone face jackets?!??
Avalee T
Avalee T 18 dagar sedan
A lot of people are
Savy Flores
Savy Flores 18 dagar sedan
Okay the face jackets TERRIFIED ME
Zechary Chua
Zechary Chua 18 dagar sedan
they just wrote a novel yall
Simulating -
Simulating - 18 dagar sedan
For some reason, I thought it said 100 word story, so even though I knew it was a joke, I was waiting for it to stop and then continue with the hot Cheetos
Sickest Compilations
Sickest Compilations 18 dagar sedan
This video is awesome !!!
parzival 95
parzival 95 18 dagar sedan
"If and only If" made me squeak, they are so precious❤️❤️❤️❤️
Claudia Kerssemakers
Claudia Kerssemakers 18 dagar sedan
They get me every year 😄🤣
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia 18 dagar sedan
you know what i am very upset i forgot april fools was even a thing and i’ve been tricked a good 4 times today.
Josh PaperDragon
Josh PaperDragon 18 dagar sedan
I fell for it but didn't count because it was past midnight.
SpaceW 18 dagar sedan
The inner workings of their mind is an enigma
Jamie Abel
Jamie Abel 18 dagar sedan
Did they take a grammar class?
al3owlOfPetunias Of
al3owlOfPetunias Of 18 dagar sedan
Did u really just sit here for 12 minutes 😂😅
Who's Ready For Monster Jam
Who's Ready For Monster Jam 18 dagar sedan
Story took a major turn when Harold’s nuts turned into Cindy’s
Farah Abu awad
Farah Abu awad 18 dagar sedan
This really worked on me
Lunarangelsakurano 18 dagar sedan
GDI their april fools gets me every time OTL
PIGSTY 673 18 dagar sedan
Dizz is bonkers i dink people gonna freak aowt wen Dey see dis.
Mr Mang0
Mr Mang0 18 dagar sedan
I watch it completely
Will Castillo
Will Castillo 18 dagar sedan
I completely forgot what today was...
Jess Gonzalez
Jess Gonzalez 18 dagar sedan
Me realizing in More that it’s an April Fools Prank.....LOL I’ve been watching them for years and I fall for it every year 😂😂
noby 18 dagar sedan
This is exactly where i wanted 10 word story to go to.
Emaan Tariq
Emaan Tariq 18 dagar sedan
i was literally wondering why they didnt prank us this time before I clicked on this video and it still took me forever to realize that I was being fooled
Avery Hansford
Avery Hansford 18 dagar sedan
i think this is my favorite gmmore even though it’s an april fools
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA 18 dagar sedan
Flamin' Hot Cheetos are delicious and fantastic. Great April's Fools Prank the amount though:)
Erika Rowley
Erika Rowley 18 dagar sedan
I have honestly thought to myself "I wish this 10 word story would go on forever" 😊😊
Amber Stroud
Amber Stroud 18 dagar sedan
I totally forgot it was April 1st until I started watching this lol 😂😂 I love the way they do silly stuff like this every year. 😅❤️
Yamo chan
Yamo chan 18 dagar sedan
“Philosophy and science hold the keys to knowledge and moist power”
bettyreads 18 dagar sedan
so freaking funny!
Dustin Huiting
Dustin Huiting 18 dagar sedan
I wonder who wrote the story on the crew
Yasmine Beyaz
Yasmine Beyaz 18 dagar sedan
"Why does anyone need to hold on to this idea at all, when you and me, plus ALL people can simply just be free... and moist" get that on a t-shirt
Mackenzie Rayne
Mackenzie Rayne 18 dagar sedan
Anyone wanna mention that this was only 463 words?
Devin Flowers
Devin Flowers 18 dagar sedan
I honestly hated this
Miranda Victoria
Miranda Victoria 18 dagar sedan
Rhett and Link for president where everyone can be moist and free 🤣🤣
Cameron Rivenbark
Cameron Rivenbark 18 dagar sedan
Y’all won April fools this year
Lea Bostwick
Lea Bostwick 18 dagar sedan
This has got to be one of the funniest GMMores to date. I was crying laughing 😂
Jamie Adam
Jamie Adam 18 dagar sedan
Incredible. I rewatched this again and again so I count count every word in the story. It was EXACTLY 10,000 words. Mythical magic.
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