Making Jewelry With Chicken Wing Bones

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Today, we're gettin crafty and making jewelry... with chicken wing bones. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1922
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Tate 17 dagar sedan
Link with the necklace is giving me serious Prue vibes from GBBO. 😂
Captain Planet
Captain Planet 17 dagar sedan
My Ram is more self drivin than you thought it was ☠🤣🤣🤣
G R 17 dagar sedan
I love how Rhett just continued talking about the short leg cows lol
VarietyPax Månad sedan
I like how Rhett is shocked by fertilizers being a use for bones and then a few seconds later literally says the words "bone meal," which is exactly what fertilizer made from bones is.. That boy clearly doesn't know what bone meal actually is lol
Natalie Cooper
Natalie Cooper Månad sedan
Ma'am do you like my tiara
Auston Gines
Auston Gines Månad sedan
Call them ear wings
Cheryl Berg
Cheryl Berg Månad sedan
they should of had the mythical moms do this, damn i miss those ladies 😁
AwesomeCat2012 Månad sedan
I laughed way too hard at Rhett's explanation of why the cows would have short legs. 🤣
Barbedwire beats
Barbedwire beats Månad sedan
What can you do with *B O N E S*
Virginia Formel
Virginia Formel Månad sedan
An RN has a college degree in nursing. LPNs (licensed practical nurse) have a technical college certification and pass state boards to obtain a license. they then can get IV certified and such. ❤️virginia hospice lpn
Lindseyszn Månad sedan
i feel like rhett is king julian and link is mort.
Charles Hardesty
Charles Hardesty Månad sedan
I was gonna say grind them up for fertilizer, but they Googled it
CisforCock Månad sedan
I know what Jeremy Clarkson can do with bones...
Paul Del Campo
Paul Del Campo Månad sedan
“Wait, the wiener cow does this?” lol
Charmy Q
Charmy Q Månad sedan
This is the content that the aliens will use as a smear campaign to invade our planet. I love it. 😂
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
Do will it Hostess Ding Dong Cupcakes please I absolutely have to see this.
Elizabeth Gundrum
Elizabeth Gundrum Månad sedan
Btw, modern cattle descend from the aurochs, which went extinct in the 1600s. Imagine a seven foot tall, hairy, longhorn.
stecky87 Månad sedan
Link is rocking those earring!
Gabriel Lefebvre
Gabriel Lefebvre Månad sedan
Just FYI the guys that take your x-rays, we are not technicians, those are the folks that repair the machines, our full title is radiologic technologist, but a better term to use so you dont get confused is rad tech.
Lisa Månad sedan
It baffles me that there are GMM viewers who don't watch Good Mythical More.
brillo obrill
brillo obrill Månad sedan
This has got to rock-bottom for the channel. Where did the staff go? I watch 'GM-More' for their contributions...
Jay Lingo
Jay Lingo Månad sedan
I would watch an entire 10 minute video of Rhett talking like Sam Elliot and saying "My (x) is (y)er than (z)" xD xD xD
Rebekah Calcote
Rebekah Calcote Månad sedan
CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant LPN: Licensed Practical Nurse RN: Registered Nurse
Rebekah Calcote
Rebekah Calcote Månad sedan
My mom is a retired LPN. She was able to run circles around many RNs she worked with. 😺
Virginia Formel
Virginia Formel Månad sedan
came here to say this. i'm an LPN and very much a nurse
William Su
William Su Månad sedan
I still dont get how daddy do and dont like works
Nora Jones
Nora Jones Månad sedan
Is that Meetagain?
Charlotte Brackenbury
Charlotte Brackenbury Månad sedan
Still wasteful channel most of time
Joji Roth
Joji Roth Månad sedan
The entire time Rhett was talking about his book I couldn’t help but think this is something Shepard would come up with
urbex_with_kris Månad sedan
I'm just imagining Sam Elliott watching this
Merry Merrymead
Merry Merrymead Månad sedan
This More was pure class!!
Palomita Månad sedan
I'm always impressed by how someone who "doesn't prefer" so many things can have such a hard time coming up with things that "daddy don't like"
Shelby Huff
Shelby Huff Månad sedan
Can you believe there are some people that don't watch GMMore?! Its better than GMM a lot of the time
Karma Squabbit
Karma Squabbit Månad sedan
chicken bone jewelry is used in witchcraft & voodoo. if you make a cross necklace with chicken bones and wear it, it supposedly takes away negative energy. it will get heavy as it soaks up bad vibes. so it's interesting you would make jewelry from it. jewelry around forehead isn't a tiara, it's a circlet.
falloutboy Månad sedan
I say finish the story. It's told from the perspective of Sam Elliott, who is the one who gets them across the chasm. Animate it and put it on the R&L channel 🐂💥
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson Månad sedan
That makes me wonder do your short leg cows produce something close to chicken wings can we now have chicken and beef wings lol
Will Castillo
Will Castillo Månad sedan
Rhett does an awesome Sam Elliott impression!
Makana B.
Makana B. Månad sedan
Link is rocking those earrings XD
Joseph Flores Benitez
Joseph Flores Benitez Månad sedan
Arriving at the ER dying: Excuse me, can I see your registration? LMAO 1:33
RaginGaminDemon Månad sedan
It’s the randomness for me....I love y’all 😂😂😂
Best Ever Island Music
Best Ever Island Music Månad sedan
Those bones looked edible 😋
Cody K. Brown
Cody K. Brown Månad sedan
These jewelry making videos are a drag, and not the kind RuPaul herself would enjoy. Time to find something else for GMMore?
Shannon B
Shannon B Månad sedan
Not gonna lie, I was really hoping for a “Go all the way down” moment when Link kept saying “Lower” hahaha
Victor Creed
Victor Creed Månad sedan
Really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't we guys?
Linda Danner
Linda Danner Månad sedan
RN, LPN, and licensed Nursing Assistant s all go to school and are state certified. Total depends on degree on education and degrees
jongup guppie
jongup guppie Månad sedan
I was all smiles with this more i loved the end!
Brendon Hester
Brendon Hester Månad sedan
I think it would be an LPN, but they did away with them and now they have to be a RN
Virginia Formel
Virginia Formel Månad sedan
there are still LPNs and you can still go to school to one
Cooking with Pops
Cooking with Pops Månad sedan
Lowline angus
good4sule Månad sedan
Talking praise about nurses was the sugar my soul required. Thanks boys. - Registered Nurse
J Hard
J Hard Månad sedan
If they had a trash can just for the chicken bones it would smell awful.
Kuinshii Månad sedan
This Look Like "Will It Voodoo!!" Lmao
Michael B
Michael B Månad sedan
The wing jewelry reminds me of the *Lost Boys* from *HOOK*
April Curtis
April Curtis Månad sedan
If Rhett finishes his novel the cows can cross the chasm if they bred chickens the size of of pterodactyls to carry the wiener cows across. You can make it a kids book and call it why did the chicken cross the chasm. Ur welcome 😉
Şσlάrώάνέ Månad sedan
Wait, why does link look kinda good with earrings?
Anna Claire Wynn
Anna Claire Wynn Månad sedan
Ummm the RN shoutout made my life -huge GMM fan and RN
Lainie Addison
Lainie Addison Månad sedan
the ghosts of all those chickens watching this video like 👁🛕👁
Blippity Blop
Blippity Blop Månad sedan
If someone had never watched them before and only tuned into the five minutes😆
Vukirin Månad sedan
Karen O
Karen O Månad sedan
What about the udders 😳
Jaclyn Månad sedan
I think you guys are thinking of medical assistants they do a big bulk of the work :)
Maggie Dahms
Maggie Dahms Månad sedan
Fellow registered nurse (RN) and love you guys ❤
gracel0l Månad sedan
Rhett does the perfect impression of Sam Elliott lol
NeAmber Marquez
NeAmber Marquez Månad sedan
Rhett's impressions were so good!
Karma Amore-McGibbon
Karma Amore-McGibbon Månad sedan
Just a comment on the nurse thing, there are RNs and RPNs. RN are trained to do minor procedures, such as take blood, insert IVs, and administer medications, while RPNs are nurses with a practice degree, they do things like feed patients, clean up after them, ect...
Lafiel17 Månad sedan
Rhett's story about the story that he never finished is far more interesting than the chicken bone jewelry.
haileppgz Månad sedan
Rhett over here describing the opening to every Legend of Zelda game ever. 😂😂💀
Koziol1 Månad sedan
Do an improv humor show soon, please.
David Claborn
David Claborn Månad sedan
Bone Marrow soup
Sandy Bennett
Sandy Bennett Månad sedan
Love a good Animaniacs reference
Crowley29 Månad sedan
Rhett has a good sam elliott impression.
francesca /
francesca / Månad sedan
link the lesbian protector
reliquancy Månad sedan
These guys are low key really into arts and crafts
Luisa Martina
Luisa Martina Månad sedan
Please don’t send squirrel bones
PaigeAntheaxo Månad sedan
Pooch1953 Månad sedan
Hahahahaha, Link; "an U R N is something that doesn't exist", actually it does exist, an URN is a container you place ashes from a cremation in.
Galactic Rice
Galactic Rice Månad sedan
Link reminds me of Garth from Wayne's world lol
yuka Månad sedan
lolll this had me dyin
Daisy Rose
Daisy Rose Månad sedan
Hey Rhett, Domestic Cattle(not oxen, not buffalo, not yaks, but cows), are all originally bred from a wild bovine species now extinct, called the Aurochs
Chas Price
Chas Price Månad sedan
Lol this was the best More I've ever watched.
Eli Wong
Eli Wong Månad sedan
I know that here down under that registered nurse are ones that graduate university, Assistant in nursing(ain) is a nurse who has finished their university course and an employed nurse(EN) is a nurse that graduated from tafe.
Nicholas Martz
Nicholas Martz Månad sedan
The Irish took your idea and ran with it, apparently they're called "Dexter cattle"
BroncFan Channel
BroncFan Channel Månad sedan
Rhett, there are miniature cattle, mini Angus, Dexters, mini Brahmans, etc. Cattle are NOT related to buffalo.
Mari Eddy
Mari Eddy Månad sedan
Hi from Nurse Mari!!!!
BroncFan Channel
BroncFan Channel Månad sedan
Rhett, you are thinking of LPN and nursing assistants.
Faith Simpson
Faith Simpson Månad sedan
Hey Rhett and Link! I am a Registered Nurse and thought I would clear some things up. First of all, you two played a huge role in getting me through nursing school. When I needed a break from studying I would watch GMM, you guys kept sane. When someone graduates from a nursing program they are called a nurse graduate or graduate nurse. To become a Registered Nurse, you then have to take the NCLEX or National Counsel Licensure Examination. This is a huge beast of a test and after passing you are issued a license to practice nursing and may then proceed to live happily ever after ♡♡♡
Faith Simpson
Faith Simpson Månad sedan
OH! P.S. I wish you guys made a Mythical badge reel so I can rep that GMM merch at the hospital!!!
Eli Kline
Eli Kline Månad sedan
i dont understand daddy like daddy don't like. why? who thought of this? was it josh??
mylife 23
mylife 23 Månad sedan
" what do you do with bones " Me, an artistic pagan witch: oh I can do 1,000 things with bones.
Stewie Pup
Stewie Pup Månad sedan
rhett’s book is an episode on doctor who plus cows
Michelle Perry
Michelle Perry Månad sedan
Jade and Barbara are going to love the new fashion
Daphne Loose
Daphne Loose Månad sedan
fun fact: Sam Elliott lives in Oregon!! I haven't seen him, but my brother used to see him shop at Fred Meyers all the time when he used to work there. that was a pretty good Sam Elliott impersonation Rhett.
Addy Hoffman
Addy Hoffman Månad sedan
He woke up and he was in a bed ... great start huh
Vesper Holly
Vesper Holly Månad sedan
Well, we’d also have to genetically engineer the utters to grow along the back or the sides so they wouldn’t be dragging them on the ground!!
Emily Wood
Emily Wood Månad sedan
Rhett turned into southern Kronk
Niklaus CoeurdelaVie
Niklaus CoeurdelaVie Månad sedan
Rhett should look up the Dexter Cow. With their comparatively short legs, they tend to be only 1/3 or 1/2 the size of other popular cow breeds. It also seems some of them carry the gene for chondrodysplasia which causes them to have even shorter legs lowering them another 6 or 8 inches.
Vee Månad sedan
I want Rhett to do VA and Link to do jewelry modeling
GalaxseaTurtle Månad sedan
Rhett wrote an isekai 👀
Laurie Singh
Laurie Singh Månad sedan
Dexter cattle have short legs. I googled it.
Aimee-Jo Price
Aimee-Jo Price Månad sedan
Anyone else getting George Michael vibes with Link in those earrings?
Megan Gillam
Megan Gillam Månad sedan
Tbh Rhett should just always talk like that, Daddy like lmao
Laurie Singh
Laurie Singh Månad sedan
I try to get the person that does a test on me,to give me a hint about what is wrong with me.
Leah Norberg
Leah Norberg Månad sedan
I’m a Registered Nurse and I absolutely loved the shoutout to nurses! Thank you! (Ps. An unregistered nurse isn’t a thing but I like to think that an unregistered nurse is someone pretending to be a nurse. Like all of those nurse halloween costumes. Unregistered.)
Doris Midge
Doris Midge Månad sedan
I think the word Rhett is searching for is diadem... it’s a type of crown or a headband worn by royalty…maybe?
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