Making A Human Body Out Of Clay (Challenge)

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Today, we're makin' stuff out of clay. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1913
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Kristin Rose
Kristin Rose 12 dagar sedan
Anytime Link says "Yats real hahwt.." 😂😂😂idk why that makes me crack up
Ma. Samantha Louise
Ma. Samantha Louise 23 dagar sedan
that clay masterpiece of theirs looks like the jigsaw head on the little mermaid's body and maybe even luffy with those arms
Gabriella Williams
Gabriella Williams Månad sedan
Is a snake a leg. Or is it all back all neck or all tail 🤔
Ryan Posadas
Ryan Posadas Månad sedan
6:21 It just looks like Rhett has rheumatoid arthritis
Anon Kolbert
Anon Kolbert Månad sedan
I’m getting unus annus vibes from this video
Ayca Olgun
Ayca Olgun Månad sedan
“Snake is a leg” i love it
Natalie Cooper
Natalie Cooper Månad sedan
Isa gued smeyel
daria demecka
daria demecka Månad sedan
im very confused are rhett and links moms alive ? because when they do the cam from above thing it makes itseem like they're in "heaven" since their looking from "above" yaknow lmaoo
Jam Månad sedan
The paraffin is used so the cream underneath will be absorbed much more! It also will make your hands soft. But no, no peeling effect. (Beautician here)
Libby Garcia
Libby Garcia Månad sedan
They need to post those selfies to their social media.. 🤣
Fox Bear
Fox Bear Månad sedan
Doesn’t paraffin contain extra oils so that it moisturizes the skin? Ie it won’t dry very hard- it’s a soft wax.
SlipperySnake Månad sedan
as a snake, I can confirm that we are just a leg
Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell Månad sedan
Very fortunate to have visited Frida Kahlo's Casa se Azul (home and courtyard) in México City.
Captain Planet
Captain Planet Månad sedan
Michelle Brakie
Michelle Brakie Månad sedan
link always chooses the most difficult way to do something and i can't tell if it's a bit or if that's just who he is and that's why we love him
Johannes Halberstadt
Johannes Halberstadt Månad sedan
The paraffin treatment is done medicakky for pain relief and loosening the joints and cosmetically for moisturizing the skin
Lori Månad sedan
Should’ve done chocolate magic shell. I live to see you boys working with chocolate 😉😉😂🤣🤫
Angel Quintas
Angel Quintas Månad sedan
I just realized, why haven’t there been any Rhett and Link wax figures??
Daisy Paws
Daisy Paws Månad sedan
12:23 I’m gonna tell my kids that that’s jefree star
mungoloid Månad sedan
Flaccid? Noooo
Connor Hatch
Connor Hatch Månad sedan
Would do anything to have Chase cover my body in hot wax...
Arpita Månad sedan
The packaging of the gmm lotion looks exactly like the unique packaging of a very famous antiseptic cream Boroline we get in India. It is a very popular brand.
Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith Månad sedan
Every single thing Rhett and Link create on GMM/GMMore: "We could give this away!" How wholesome- make a thing, give it to the fans.
Zack Gillespie
Zack Gillespie Månad sedan
As a sculptor this episode struck a cord that I’m not sure if I like
Fortwengler Courtney
Fortwengler Courtney Månad sedan
It's a good smell.
Bill and Pepa
Bill and Pepa Månad sedan
“Is is that snakes don’t have legs or a snake is a leg” wise words of link 2021
GOOMBAHlord Månad sedan
"Yours is so flaccid" followed by "How did yours get so hard?" beautiful
Jeff Pray
Jeff Pray Månad sedan
Do not buy good mythical mornings lotion. An independent study found traces of heavy metals and other toxic substances in the lotion... A law suit against Good mythical morning has been filed.. there have been many people whose skin has been chemically burned from the lotion..
Trill Collins
Trill Collins Månad sedan
3:09 it was at precisely this moment where Link nearly flung hot wax all over Rhetts face
Elizabeth Mayer
Elizabeth Mayer Månad sedan
Well moving the warmer they Moved it to a higher temperature with the button on the front it was on 60 when they were doing the clay but then they moved 75
Kendra Mangan
Kendra Mangan Månad sedan
I wonder if Link could regrow that uni brow he mentioned, and if so, what kind of bet he would have to lose in order to make that happen. XD
Kelley Brown
Kelley Brown Månad sedan
Rhett calling dibs on the wax machine 😭 imagining where that will lead...😮
Alanna Stockley
Alanna Stockley Månad sedan
Only Link would put lotion on like that.
Sir Frederick
Sir Frederick Månad sedan
This More was very Bob Ross like today
Samantha Melton
Samantha Melton Månad sedan
If you go to gatlinburge tn they have a shop that does wax dips on hands
Carson Heinze
Carson Heinze Månad sedan
do an episode where you create silicone molds of your entire bodies so you can create plaster casts of yourselves or like cement statues. That would be cool
Kimberly M
Kimberly M Månad sedan
Nobody here is saying how that looked like a Jigsaw mermaid. “Wanna play a game..?”
Crystal Salas
Crystal Salas Månad sedan
Maybe a Lizard was a snake that grew legs??
Leah P
Leah P Månad sedan
Alternate title - two grown men forget about a task assigned to them and play with wax instead
Aish Kharbanda
Aish Kharbanda Månad sedan
so many "thats what she said" moments
faye Månad sedan
Iz a gud smail
Andrew Higgins
Andrew Higgins Månad sedan
Two Little Boys had Two Little Toys Each had a Wooden Horse
Bailey S
Bailey S Månad sedan
I put lotion on like link does but because I don’t like how greasy most lotion feels 😭😭😭
Victoria Navarro
Victoria Navarro Månad sedan
i. have a feeling that sometimes, they forget their recording :D
ThepyroMain Månad sedan
"Yours is flaccid!. How did yours get so Hard?"
SpaceW Månad sedan
“Does a snake not have legs or is a snake a leg?” Link WHAT
Neil Flack
Neil Flack Månad sedan
In athletic medicine that wax stuff is used as a heating modality for hands n fingers n such
FilthyWarumono Månad sedan
they made Ariel Mermaid
Donald Tucker
Donald Tucker Månad sedan
A Snake is a Spine and Link doesn't seem to have one ? ( or testicles )
hidrowiz1313 Månad sedan
Why not preserve things in resin?
Ijeoma Månad sedan
"yours is so flaccid!" "how did yours get so hard?" even without trying they manage to bring the conversation back to penises.
falloutboy Månad sedan
If only that made some paper dogs 😁
Callum Fraser
Callum Fraser Månad sedan
The clay person reminds me of Marilyn Manson
Ceceliann Vaughn
Ceceliann Vaughn Månad sedan
"Is a snake a pen!s? 🧐😳
Pris T
Pris T Månad sedan
What if u guys filled up the wax gloves with all wax
Jules Månad sedan
The wonder two grown ass men find in the absurd. Who knew they could be so occupied by a paraffin treatment? Mesmerizing 🥰
Grace Bauer
Grace Bauer Månad sedan
Link’s perpetual concern and attention to how viewable something he is doing or presenting is so oddly endearing
Kevin Pearson
Kevin Pearson Månad sedan
Lol I was e same way with candles when I was younger too 😆
Landon Garit
Landon Garit Månad sedan
juanita minch
juanita minch Månad sedan
Dipping hands in hot wax is good for arthritis pain and improve mobility of fingers.
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms Månad sedan
Please never stop making episodes😭 you guys are the only stable thing in my life right now
Martha Clark
Martha Clark Månad sedan
Why am I so entertained by two grown men playing with clay and melted wax? 😃
Morgan Gonzalez
Morgan Gonzalez Månad sedan
A snake is a spine
Pte paul
Pte paul Månad sedan
I thought it was to soothe arthritis or sonething
Jokes on you. The human body is already made of clay.
Alex Lambert
Alex Lambert Månad sedan
The vigorous manor that link applies lotion makes me either uncomfortable 😅
Jenn Wolf
Jenn Wolf Månad sedan
Ummm we need a whole episode of dipping things in wax!!!
Saroyan Dynamite
Saroyan Dynamite Månad sedan
I hope someone told Rhett about temperature play candles lol. Massage candles are great too cause they leave your skin feeling super smooth 😌
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal Månad sedan
Snakes evolved from ancestors that had legs.
emily mulcahy
emily mulcahy Månad sedan
Paraffin wax treatment is good for arthritis, or to aid in blood flow (without the cold bath) but it's typically used in spas to moisturize and sooth
Nicki Reed
Nicki Reed Månad sedan
Yah, that type of wax doesn’t get hard enough I think 😕🤷‍♀️
Leon Estello
Leon Estello Månad sedan
15:49 🤣✌️ Great job Link! "Your's is so flaccid" Link's on 🔥
Raptor's Treasure
Raptor's Treasure Månad sedan
*Link - STOP TALKIN ABOUT PENISES MAN! *Also Link - Yours is so FLACID... 🤔🤨 😂😂😂😂😂
Reagan Andeen
Reagan Andeen Månad sedan
I wanna see rhett dip is beard in a bunch of layers of wax
Doris Midge
Doris Midge Månad sedan
Kid you not… Today has been an odd day. Then, I come to watch some of my favorite guys on SEpost… And I see this episode and the main episode… 👁👄👁 Yes, this is my circus and those ARE my monkeys.
Isha Swamy
Isha Swamy Månad sedan
“that’s called a masochist” markiplier has entered the chat
Aryn Phillips
Aryn Phillips Månad sedan
Anyone else want Rhett to make his into "fire hands"?
Kristin Shotko-Troiano
Kristin Shotko-Troiano Månad sedan
There is a legless lizard. Why isn't it a snake?
thomassmyth65 Månad sedan
It puts the lotion on it's skin.....
Quinn Månad sedan
"Yours is so flaccid" "How did yours get so hard?" ooooooooof 😂
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Månad sedan
Paraffin therapy is helpful in disorders that cause joint pain, arthritis etc.
matt stevens
matt stevens Månad sedan
Why is link such a wimp???
D Ket
D Ket Månad sedan
Oh, they made Marilyn Manson's next album cover.
Aminath Rabaa
Aminath Rabaa Månad sedan
When link said “it’s a good smell” the second time he sounded the goofy ( from micky mouse )
Paul Meranda
Paul Meranda Månad sedan
"is it real *hau'wt?"*
Peacock Feathers
Peacock Feathers Månad sedan
Hahah link puts lotion on just like i do
Fflawed Månad sedan
It's Mer-Marilyn Manson!
Brian Griffin ASMR
Brian Griffin ASMR Månad sedan
This is the first time I’ve watched a gmmore before the actual vid
Skyes Zombie
Skyes Zombie Månad sedan
Link: yeah Rhett:yeeah Link: that’s called a masochist
Carrillo Månad sedan
13:50 links tongue lol
Andrew Willett
Andrew Willett Månad sedan
“I’m gonna let it dry.” -Rhett, auditioning for the Happy Gilmore remake.
Sierra Mathis
Sierra Mathis Månad sedan
Why does it look like a rejected adventure time character😂😂😂
Maggie McCauslin
Maggie McCauslin Månad sedan
I also do that with candles
Onyx Helena Ember-Graves
Onyx Helena Ember-Graves Månad sedan
Got it, Rhett isn't nearly as hairy as Link because of Wax Play
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha Månad sedan
They made marylin manson
Katie Spurr
Katie Spurr Månad sedan
Anyone else yell at Link as he kept drooping his "peace" sign more and more...? No..? Just me..? Ok ✌
z Månad sedan
the paraffin wax is reminding me of that jenna marbles video :')
Brittany Allen
Brittany Allen Månad sedan
I'm not sure why, but this gives me vibes from back when I was working as a daycare teacher.
Mr. Bjack
Mr. Bjack Månad sedan
Sweet tarts
TheForgotten Dinosaur
TheForgotten Dinosaur Månad sedan
you some how made a mermaid lmao
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