Let's Play: Moving Out

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Today, we're playing the game Moving Out on the Nintendo Switch. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1919
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Jasmine 19 dagar sedan
please play this again i was dying with laughter
KaterinaTalantliva 20 dagar sedan
Maddisen Applehans
Maddisen Applehans 20 dagar sedan
Hey guys, I really really enjoy everything you guys do. With the pandemic taking over many of our lives I have become heavy addicted to the game, "among us". I was wondering if you guys can get the mythical crew to play along and find the imposter? Please play among us!!
Garrett Iverson
Garrett Iverson 22 dagar sedan
I’m just happy Rhett finally addressed the turtle 🐢
charmedone1236 25 dagar sedan
I like yalls 10 word story. I feel like Rhett is usually frustrated at the fact that its a 10 word sentence most times. Maybe yall could try a couple sentences instead of 1 continuous sentence. Like the 2 sentence scary stories, ect.
offaloffadangoo Månad sedan
Ivy Brooks
Ivy Brooks Månad sedan
The first time I played this game I literally cried laughing so I’m very excited for this
Jess Maskell
Jess Maskell Månad sedan
I gotta move this week and this is making me anxious.
Brittany Paige Friesen
Brittany Paige Friesen Månad sedan
That was least stressful to watch
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley Månad sedan
Do Will It Bazooka Bubblegum taste test please.
Savvy G.
Savvy G. Månad sedan
10 word stories seem to go better when Rhett’s got the ending word 😅
AwesomeCat2012 Månad sedan
The chaos of this episode has me dying laughing. 🤣🤣 Way to not even try, guys. 😂🤣
JustAnEdgeshotFan Månad sedan
Link: still destroying everything in his path Link: "I'm good at this game"
Jamie Månad sedan
would love to see them play Overcooked 2!!!
Rosmia Alonto
Rosmia Alonto Månad sedan
That turtle just made my day 😂
Auds Marie
Auds Marie Månad sedan
The turtle 😂😂😂😂
Christina Ng
Christina Ng Månad sedan
I am shouting at both of you from my bed!!!! 😂it's painful to watch yall
Benjamin Paulus
Benjamin Paulus Månad sedan
would love to see you guys play 'GoodJob!' from Nintendo!
SummerSausage 69
SummerSausage 69 Månad sedan
i hope you play against each other. like when you get competitive always gets me😂
WickedJesterL Månad sedan
🤣🤣🤣 The struggle with the turtle had me laughing so much I was crying.
lolo rojo
lolo rojo Månad sedan
That is a good song,lmao also love the use your back not your legs.
Courtney Taylor
Courtney Taylor Månad sedan
I cannot watch them play games while I'm tipsy! I'm laughing so hard while he's trying to throw the turtle in the street 🤣 That's low key cruel but I get it...that turtle was in your way blocking you...AND ITS A GAME 😂
TheShaman Månad sedan
More gaming
Narutocoolcat Månad sedan
Most frustrating let’s play ever XD
Tepikatenroar Månad sedan
Wow link did better than rhett! proud
Rik Reichert
Rik Reichert Månad sedan
I'm crying laughing at this 🐢 and not sure why. Thanks for that🤣
Rachel Sato
Rachel Sato Månad sedan
I was just playing this game with my brother it’s awesome.
Joshua Meierhofer
Joshua Meierhofer Månad sedan
Am I the only one who wonders why link says to lift stuff with your back rather than your legs?
georgia19801 Månad sedan
That turtle really had it in for Rhett 😂
Kazza 8240
Kazza 8240 Månad sedan
I thought it was funny that I should have an advert pop up for 'Linkedin' (a job site or something) while watching a guy called Link 😂. Tenuous advert connection SEpost 👌🏻🤣
David H
David H Månad sedan
I imagine Rhett and Link do about the same job moving stuff in real life. :)
Amanda Thompson
Amanda Thompson Månad sedan
More of this please.
Madison White
Madison White Månad sedan
They should switch chairs for a whole episode
scorpio0612 Månad sedan
Link gives me anxiety 😬
Ross Hill
Ross Hill Månad sedan
you guys should play against each other in smash bros
Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice Månad sedan
I worked as a mover once this game is realistic
Jonas Boyle
Jonas Boyle Månad sedan
That turtle is a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles it has a red bandanna on and is at the pizza house!
Abby Rachel
Abby Rachel Månad sedan
You millennials are so good at video games
ichor Månad sedan
yall should play ace attorney
DeathAngel Månad sedan
why is there a turtle watching and following them? that was the funniest part. but don't hurt the turtle.
yyoung boyy
yyoung boyy Månad sedan
I really like these types of videos should do more !!
Sarah Hamblin
Sarah Hamblin Månad sedan
When Rhett finally sees the turtles!! 🤣🤣
ch air
ch air Månad sedan
never listened to billy joel til this. haha it is a good song tho thanks link
Irenee Wight
Irenee Wight Månad sedan
I saw this game at PAX!
Gravy 0
Gravy 0 Månad sedan
Petition to get them to start a gaming channel on the side.
Sian Byrne
Sian Byrne Månad sedan
Omg they finally did another let's play :D
Ty Gene
Ty Gene Månad sedan
I really enjoyed watching you all play and deal with the Turtle 😅😅 would love to see more gaming action with you 2 as well❤
Invitemothstoyourhome Månad sedan
Good content
Tina Månad sedan
🤣 that was great!! Good times
Alisha _
Alisha _ Månad sedan
This was amazing, please play more video games 😂
DJ Doom
DJ Doom Månad sedan
Link, use your legs NOT your back!
Ruth Kennedy
Ruth Kennedy Månad sedan
Link: "ooh nice we did it! let's just take a nap" 6:37 same Link. same.😂
Benoit Laforest
Benoit Laforest Månad sedan
We came back today just to see that bed fling the wrong way... twice.
Piper O'Kelley
Piper O'Kelley Månad sedan
When link tried to throw the turtle into traffic I screamed
Heather Leslie
Heather Leslie Månad sedan
“Leave me in the truck”
Anne-Marie Watson
Anne-Marie Watson Månad sedan
I will not be hired you guys for my next move.
Primal Buu
Primal Buu Månad sedan
Hey Rhett and Link, which fast food restaurant has the best ice? 👀
Nathanael R.
Nathanael R. Månad sedan
It always amazes me how bad they are at video games lol
Matty TyB
Matty TyB Månad sedan
Why were the speakers so much
Janea Castillo
Janea Castillo Månad sedan
Link: “I’m getting so good at this game, it’s scary!” Also Link: Running around doing *nothing* 😭😂🤣
Lauren McGarry
Lauren McGarry Månad sedan
hard to watch
Madina Månad sedan
Watching let’s play episodes is the most soothing thing ever.
Stephanie Collins
Stephanie Collins Månad sedan
Man I love their game playing. It's not frustrating, it's hilarious
C R Månad sedan
Tetris pack the truck... funny! Love the turtle tho, what a brat
Jason White
Jason White Månad sedan
"Can I get some help moving?" Rhett and Link: "That depends on whether or not you have a turtle."
NukaGirl Official
NukaGirl Official Månad sedan
We really need a GMM gaming Channel.
Havenfall Månad sedan
Katie Asher
Katie Asher Månad sedan
I’m on turtle duty -Link This refrigerator would be a whole lot easier to move if you’d help me -Rhett Hahahaha these guys crack me up
Don K
Don K Månad sedan
The fact that the TMNT reference went right over both of their heads is sooooo frustrating. Lol def lost some 80's cool points for that.
Nicholasryan17 Månad sedan
Link: useless 99% of the time Rhett: "stop doing this thing" Link: "stop yelling at me, also no"
Lynae Silva
Lynae Silva Månad sedan
didn’t Lando have a dream about Link peeing from his bed into the toilet? Or was THAT a dream?
San Set
San Set Månad sedan
Yeah! When he said he had always wanted to pee from his bed it made me remember Lando’s dream, which I now think was actually his own dream, or actually he fantasizes about peeing from his bed with Rhett 🤔🤣
BeardofODEN Månad sedan
More let's play's please! Next game should be GTA Online! 😂😂😂
Anna Way
Anna Way Månad sedan
Person: What do you wanna be when you grow up? Me: I want to work on the set of Good Mythical Morning. But no really this seems like the most fun, joyous, fulfilling job I’ve ever witnessed. This is the only job I’ve ever imagined having genuine happiness as an employee. What a dream!
Pam Osborn
Pam Osborn Månad sedan
I Love watching you two play videogames. :) So fun!
Mary S
Mary S Månad sedan
I now want to play this game. That turtle was so random and Link trying to slap it and throw it into traffic was hilarious.
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson Månad sedan
I could watch this all day!
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson Månad sedan
Tears rolling down my face!
Joleen Smith
Joleen Smith Månad sedan
I haven't laugh so Hard in years Thank You I needed that 😂😂
Tess Greene
Tess Greene Månad sedan
when link sang "lift with your back" i lost it
Pizza Party
Pizza Party Månad sedan
Play more games this was very entertaining
Ariel Månad sedan
Everything about that turtle had me cackling
Amanda Dutcher
Amanda Dutcher Månad sedan
my boyfriends a furniture mover and this horrified him
Lauren Månad sedan
Am I the only one screaming “pivot!” At 16:40?
Lindsay Obee
Lindsay Obee Månad sedan
“ I just threw the turtle “ made me laugh so hard
dexter morgan
dexter morgan Månad sedan
dink #2 is useless
Raven Starr
Raven Starr Månad sedan
"come inside and get some of this turtle action" shirt idea tbh
Tori Månad sedan
I would buy that shirt
Kip Nelms
Kip Nelms Månad sedan
I love when they play video games it's always hilarious 😂😂
Kirsta K
Kirsta K Månad sedan
I don't know why, but these make me hysterically laugh. This one and the octopus dad one just had me rolling.
GFEAST Månad sedan
Now this gonna be a gaming channel 😂
Giuseppe Carlo
Giuseppe Carlo Månad sedan
these episodes always feel like the mythical crew had to leave rhett and link unsupervised for a while so they just give them a game to occupy them and i love it
Sabrina H
Sabrina H Månad sedan
SEpost telling me this is #13 in trending for gaming and I find that hilarious for some reason. They're so bad at gaming, imagine finding this through the trending page and being like wtf is this?
Veto Plier
Veto Plier Månad sedan
Y'all need pro controllers for the Nintendo Switch seriously I'm surprise no one didn't even bring it up just saying it could help them maybe
Gabby Gellerman
Gabby Gellerman Månad sedan
I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to watch.. Me: actually it’s pretty entertaining!
slayer1990z ashley
slayer1990z ashley Månad sedan
The title should be are they helping people move or robbing them you decide
Treesuh Månad sedan
16:03 "I'm good at this game" *immediately jumps into the wall*
anitatheama Månad sedan
So hilarious 😂
Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Martin Månad sedan
Y'all should put the words of the 10 word stories at the bottom of the screen as you say them in post....and emphasize when R&L really screw up the word count.
Hadriane Rosalejos
Hadriane Rosalejos Månad sedan
Play Geoguessr Next Time!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Crawford
Jessica Crawford Månad sedan
"I just let a turtle in." And it was all downhill from there.
Natalie Månad sedan
i'm cryingggg LMAO the turtle
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