Let's Play: Let's Be Safe

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Today, we're playing the board game Let's Be Safe. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1928
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TheMrBond1 9 dagar sedan
I am a longtime fan and love watching good mythical morning and good mythical more. But PLEASE make it easier to get to the main channel video by having a direct link to it in the description of good mythical more because I struggle with finding it. I'm going to keep commenting this on every single good mythical more episode I watch until it gets noticed or possibly changed. Please upvote if anyone else agrees with me! Thank you mythical beasts!
Hey It’s Charlie
Hey It’s Charlie 13 dagar sedan
This was actually super entertaining to watch!
Jess K
Jess K 15 dagar sedan
Link: didn’t we have someone damage our school? Me: my school was burnt down! Twice! What does that tell you?
dog breath
dog breath 17 dagar sedan
Rhett admitted to befriending a cat.
Cheyenne Winterholler
Cheyenne Winterholler 21 dag sedan
I don’t remember this game and I know my family hasn’t played it but my mom gave me a bunch of cards and some of them are from this game. I got those cards when I was 10 and it has taken 14 years to learn what they were from
thebeet21 21 dag sedan
Rhett: It's not like there's a bunch of rabid dogs in the park. Aspins (Common Dogs in PH): Hold my leash.
SixRaven Eight
SixRaven Eight 21 dag sedan
The 80's were too safe?? No.
theVHSvlog 24 dagar sedan
Big fan of the amount of games the boys are playing in More recently
randoff32 25 dagar sedan
I have a few jokes about unemployed people... but none of them work.
Ruben Aguirre
Ruben Aguirre 25 dagar sedan
Link caught what he was setting himself up for when he said “do you wanna be the blonde lady or.. well I like that tank top” 😂😂💀💀
Hannah Gauthier
Hannah Gauthier 26 dagar sedan
Chase is a total studddd :)
Ariel 26 dagar sedan
“Clearly they both drowned”
Abigail Loughran
Abigail Loughran 28 dagar sedan
This game looks awesome I was hoping to find one for sale, no luck! 😕
Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine
Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine 28 dagar sedan
U have to be 21 to get cigs Rhett
I Once Ate A Taco
I Once Ate A Taco 29 dagar sedan
I never knew that 16 year old lifeguards could score cigs. Thanks Rhett!
Jeffrey Guinn
Jeffrey Guinn 29 dagar sedan
The tobacco age is 21 now.
Jessica Vetter
Jessica Vetter 29 dagar sedan
Alternative Title: Cards Against Humanity: 80's Safety Version
canderia 29 dagar sedan
I definitely don't disagree with that person's opinion of Chase.
no no
no no 29 dagar sedan
Just from the title LINK WRITE THAT DOWN
Kiana Shula
Kiana Shula Månad sedan
It's not Cards Against Humanity, it's Cards For Safety
elmadicine Månad sedan
nope, still best to assume all unknown dogs are dangerous
Simple Simply
Simple Simply Månad sedan
They need to play Cards against Humanity
Anhel Raykova
Anhel Raykova Månad sedan
Everyone says they played incorrectly but nobody says how you're supposed to play
SimplySarah Månad sedan
"Friend offers you beer or wine" Me: says thank you
Chris Chen
Chris Chen Månad sedan
Cards for humanity before we were wanted to be against humanity
Diana Auston
Diana Auston Månad sedan
Some dogs that wag their tail might still be aggressive and you should ask their owners if it is safe to pet it. That is good advice. Some dogs wag their tail because they are nervous. Better safe than sorry.
Diana Auston
Diana Auston Månad sedan
I really want the lunch box, but I can not afford it. It is fine though. Maybe I will find it somewhere someday. This was a really good board game to teach kids smart ways of thinking back in the day :).
Jinkus Pinkus
Jinkus Pinkus Månad sedan
i like these episodes tbh yall could play videogames id watch
Afro Thunda
Afro Thunda Månad sedan
GMM board game where you spin a wheel of mythicality could be interesting...
Kimani Willis
Kimani Willis Månad sedan
Brett's hoody is soo cool
Shadra Månad sedan
Oh my gosh, I played this board game growing up! I vaguely rember how though. Haha
Leelior Månad sedan
Ooh good answer to "Your mom wants you to watch your sister, but you want to play" but it honestly should've been what I told my dad when he tried to ask me to babysit: "No, they're your kids, if you didn't want them you should've used a condom".
Janessa Fehr
Janessa Fehr Månad sedan
It’s like a super wholesome version of Cards Against Humanity 😆
acegeek Månad sedan
The game is a good idea, but doesn't really work. The responses are too specific to match to random scenarios.
Savannah Slays
Savannah Slays Månad sedan
This would be a good cards against humanity game
Jimmy M
Jimmy M Månad sedan
How can you send in a voicemail?
Joel Lammers
Joel Lammers Månad sedan
That voicemail for Chase was adorable 😊
Rando Plants
Rando Plants Månad sedan
I hope they will play more old board games,
Rowan Wild
Rowan Wild Månad sedan
Chase IS a stud though
Toadalinakong Månad sedan
no idea how this game is meant to be played but...I imagine not like this
Elizabeth Heileman
Elizabeth Heileman Månad sedan
I remember playing this 😂
Colorado Hunter
Colorado Hunter Månad sedan
I'm pretty sure that counts as a "ponytail"....makeup!.... Someone help Rett
Amanda Månad sedan
Lol I'm 30 and I still get worried when I lose my mom at the store...... Of course now we normally have our phones with us ;)
Lisa Månad sedan
Can y'all invent a family board game please?
Lisa Månad sedan
The original Apples to Apples.
MHz Månad sedan
Never realized how soothing it is to watch OTHER people play board games
Indy Umans
Indy Umans Månad sedan
and to think, I thought my homemade game was unique
Shawn Wenrich
Shawn Wenrich Månad sedan
Same board and scenarios. But with cards against humanity answers. Would be a great game night
Cody Månad sedan
How's that spinner so smooth?
sam francis
sam francis Månad sedan
I think we need these situations but with cards against humanity answers
Christy Heart
Christy Heart Månad sedan
i had this game when i was little lmao
Ryan Rios
Ryan Rios Månad sedan
This is like if a kid asked their parents for Cards Against Humanity and the mom is like, "we have cards against humanity at home"
Winged Warrior
Winged Warrior 28 dagar sedan
MiDocWho Gaming
MiDocWho Gaming Månad sedan
Most of these scenarios never happen. Most kidnapped kids are taken by family or friends. Someone they know.
Aaackermann Månad sedan
This is the stupidest game ever. Boy oh boy!
Kyle Ken
Kyle Ken Månad sedan
Rhett has a 17 year old kid??? He barely looks 30.
Stephanie Smolensky
Stephanie Smolensky Månad sedan
They should update this with internet safety for kids.
Lyrics Massiah
Lyrics Massiah Månad sedan
Let’s be safe + Good Mythical More = Cards Against Humanity for Toddlers
Matthew Blackenship
Matthew Blackenship Månad sedan
8:36 Or is he
water myplants
water myplants Månad sedan
Lmfao do you wanna be the blonde lady or the.. oh.. uh...
GroovyShrimp Månad sedan
I'm 17 and I knew not to put foil or cutlery in the microwave since I was 6
minmelethuireb2 (Rebekah)
minmelethuireb2 (Rebekah) Månad sedan
I learned by accidentally putting a fork in the microwave when I was like six heating up some Chef Boyardee. 🤣
Kris Essler
Kris Essler Månad sedan
If Link lost one more tik tok games we would all would have looked at his "Situation"
The Ganns
The Ganns Månad sedan
Let the staff make up current scenarios and solution cards and play again!
Michael Nagle
Michael Nagle Månad sedan
"This must be a bad board game if you can beat it in 15mins" ***sees how they actually played it*** "Oh..."
Laurie Singh
Laurie Singh Månad sedan
I also got separated from my parents at a mall,like Link. That was many years ago.
Zoe Kane
Zoe Kane Månad sedan
Idk why but this is one of my favorite episodes of GMMore now😂
FritzHotZone Fritz
FritzHotZone Fritz Månad sedan
You inspired me to purchase a game I would have never thought about purchasing.
Sam McMahon
Sam McMahon Månad sedan
Someone in my class put foil in our classroom microwave. It caught fire, and they grabbed it (the sandwich with foil) and ran down the school hallway trying to find the teacher with it on fire it was crazy
Wolfthepig Månad sedan
This. Could be a drinking game if you have a dark sense of humor
Sidnea Kadin
Sidnea Kadin Månad sedan
this was unreasonably funny
Tanin Hurley
Tanin Hurley Månad sedan
The next thing they should play is the game of life. I think that would be very funny and there is more to the game.
Alan Calvillo
Alan Calvillo Månad sedan
I'm safe
snuterella Månad sedan
Emily💜Elliott candle co.
Emily💜Elliott candle co. Månad sedan
So it's like apples to apples with safe decision making haha
Kristie Amaya
Kristie Amaya Månad sedan
2:10 THREE "situations" y'all really need to find a new word. You're so much more creative than this repetitive laziness...
FritzHotZone Fritz
FritzHotZone Fritz Månad sedan
Using that word in multiple episodes could be a running gag that we don't know about. However, I do agree with your assessment that they should explore using other synonyms.
King Månad sedan
Suggestion: play uno
Jeff Månad sedan
lol, too safe 80s is a phrase I have never heard.
William Smith
William Smith Månad sedan
This was really great! Play more board games
vampiregoddess1964 Månad sedan
They need to send this game to Beer and Board Games.
Tinichia Roarke
Tinichia Roarke Månad sedan
I think you guys are great. Thank you for all you do. I watch you every day.
gemini Månad sedan
genuinely can’t believe locke is 17 and i’m about to turn 18. i started watching gmm when i was 11. time flies
AleahhNicolee : P
AleahhNicolee : P Månad sedan
“16 year old life guards can score cigs”
KL Månad sedan
This would be better as a card game, like apples to apples
thebestoftehbest Månad sedan
Can you do this with more old board games?!
esperanza •
esperanza • Månad sedan
can they please play cards against humanity 😭 it would be one of the funniest episodes
anko85 Månad sedan
I was waiting for the sneeze #2 at the start of this video! Usually they come in pairs :D
hunk 24
hunk 24 Månad sedan
I got lost at the store once so I just walk home and found them there.
Rabbit's Fun World
Rabbit's Fun World Månad sedan
Lmao! I think that really was Chase on the voicemail. How do we get access to that, anyway? Mythical Society, I assume?
Daphne Loose
Daphne Loose Månad sedan
we want to see the mythical moms play this game!! it would be hilarious.
Dawn Dix
Dawn Dix Månad sedan
I kinda want to see what would happen if they created their own game.
FritzHotZone Fritz
FritzHotZone Fritz Månad sedan
I would certainly buy a Mythical Morning board game that featured various scenarios and game pieces that resembled the crew.
Ashleigh *
Ashleigh * Månad sedan
So the children's Apples to Apples
Mark Dollard
Mark Dollard Månad sedan
Mix in some of these cards in your CAH deck for extra fun
Nothing Månad sedan
yeahhh I learned about the microwave and metal thing a month ago....I had no idea.
Salma Abou El-Nasr
Salma Abou El-Nasr Månad sedan
Link's fear to ask Rhett about the other avatar :"D
bellaa Månad sedan
Today we learned Locke is just a handsome dummy
Rebecca Boudreau
Rebecca Boudreau Månad sedan
Why is this game so fascinating to me?! 🤣😂🤣
spinster Månad sedan
damn the ebay prices are about to be inflated af
Alyssa M
Alyssa M Månad sedan
Co-sign that voicemail
Chris Baltz
Chris Baltz Månad sedan
Definitely a great game, building common sense skills based on instinct. In the back of your mind you know what the "right" answer would be but you have to use the cards that you have been dealt... teaches a lot subconsciously.
B Gmail
B Gmail 14 dagar sedan
As a nanny I was just thinking I should make a more modern version of this game for the kids.
Flik Månad sedan
Wait Locke is 17 now?
Flik Månad sedan
Rhett's lying, he hates cats.
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