Cutting Weird Things With Sushi Knives

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Good Mythical MORE

20 dagar sedan

Today, we're testing out some sushi knives. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1937
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Tik tok Queen
Tik tok Queen 20 timmar sedan
I love how Rhett is silently cutting the whole time while Link is being a 3rd grader🤣
Myah Robles
Myah Robles Dag sedan
when he sneezed 5 times in a row, i couldn't breath! 😂
rani m
rani m 4 dagar sedan
2:39-2:45- Chef Tony Miracle blade reference. 👌🏼 then the look from Rhett. I LAUGHED SO HARD. 😅🤣😂😆💀
Anjali Ramanathan
Anjali Ramanathan 5 dagar sedan
It’s satisfying in some instances... but cutting the peanut butter jar made me feel really bad for the knife
Noelle V
Noelle V 6 dagar sedan
This was such a great episode
hannah bottes
hannah bottes 6 dagar sedan
Omg links sneez 🤣🤣 its like a mixture of a kitten and a little boy
hannah bottes
hannah bottes 6 dagar sedan
I had yo skip past the cups and the floralfoam my teeth hurt, its like nails on a chalk board.😫😫😫
Anhel Raykova
Anhel Raykova 7 dagar sedan
I'm concerned about the peanut butter jars that are sitting there. Getting flashbacks...
David MacLeod
David MacLeod 7 dagar sedan
Ok Link cutting that green thing at 8:30 was low-key making my skin crawl
Hayli Cuevas
Hayli Cuevas 8 dagar sedan
“This is how dish- dish- dish- dish” ... “sponges”
kelly b.
kelly b. 8 dagar sedan
i bet christy has to baby proof the kitchen so link doesn’t hurt himself at home 💀.
IMPanda Yolanda Parker Frazier
IMPanda Yolanda Parker Frazier 9 dagar sedan
link gets a kid cutting bord and a kid knive lol
Jameria Cheatham
Jameria Cheatham 9 dagar sedan
link sneezing had me dying laughing 😂
Tew Stronge
Tew Stronge 11 dagar sedan
This episode really shows links flanderization
A Cohen
A Cohen 11 dagar sedan
cockleships 11 dagar sedan
The way Link uses the plastic knives clearly demonstrates why he's not allowed the sharp metal kind.
DingleFramous 11 dagar sedan
watching them not "knuckle up" pains me.
g dizzy the glizzy
g dizzy the glizzy 12 dagar sedan
Can someone tell me why link can’t have knives
Hannah Wilkinson
Hannah Wilkinson 12 dagar sedan
"It's like a fun sleeve"
Chickennugget 12 dagar sedan
I love how excited Link got to cut the marshmallows lined up lol
my_key_thomas 13 dagar sedan
Film in 4k
logan gendron
logan gendron 13 dagar sedan
I like the irony in Rhett dying by being stabbed with a knife after stoping Link from using knives all this time.
The Pickle
The Pickle 13 dagar sedan
Awesome :)
zach gombosky
zach gombosky 13 dagar sedan
Knife sharpeners were needed
Pixxie 13 dagar sedan
I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone sneeze like that before 😂😂
L Fitty
L Fitty 13 dagar sedan
Link's sneezes had me cracking up🤣
Luis Dominguez-Soares
Luis Dominguez-Soares 14 dagar sedan
cross section museum when?
Fluffy 14 dagar sedan
omg the slug look so real for a sec.. i was like .. uhm.. guys..
Jackie Forshaw
Jackie Forshaw 14 dagar sedan
Link’s noises are making me uncomfortable lmao
Joe Merritt
Joe Merritt 14 dagar sedan
That knife looked pretty... not sharp
Sean Sengpiel
Sean Sengpiel 14 dagar sedan
As someone who works with knives all day link terrifies me
H H 14 dagar sedan
My teeth don't like this video 😬
Micah Calhoun
Micah Calhoun 14 dagar sedan
Im sorry but that sushi knife wasn’t very sharp compared to one that is used by a professional sushi chef
Parick Ellsworth
Parick Ellsworth 14 dagar sedan
Rhett and link show us everyday that men really never grow up. 😂
PERRY THE PLATYPUS 15 dagar sedan
Link is a masochist prove me wrong
Compnerd2525 15 dagar sedan
So, this has been a running thing about Link and knives, has he ever even actually hurt himself with a knife on the show?
aliciaberri 15 dagar sedan
Any knife that comes in plastic and cardboard packaging def isn't the sharpest or best knife in the world lmaooooo the fancy ones made in Japan come with certificates in like handcrafted wooden boxes with velvet interiors.
Mc Nuggett
Mc Nuggett 15 dagar sedan
WHY? Would MY dad tell me!! Engineer's ARE educated beyond their intelligence!! He was a welder.
KaylaVS 15 dagar sedan
Ya know, I wouldn’t complain if Link never said “OooOoohhhh yeeeaaaahhhhhhh” ever again.
kingcobra446 15 dagar sedan
Lori Brown
Lori Brown 15 dagar sedan
At first i though it was a Colgate cake lol?
Lori Brown
Lori Brown 15 dagar sedan
Is Link's 🔪 kid knife like plastech knife from the dollar tree? Lol
Musical Heart
Musical Heart 15 dagar sedan
9:47 And this is why we don’t give link real knives XD
lilmisssydnis1 15 dagar sedan
Link is SUCH A M O O D.
Sam Yeah
Sam Yeah 15 dagar sedan
I've discovered cutting floral foam is like nails on a chalk board to me. It began to physically hurt me.
AJB Gaming
AJB Gaming 15 dagar sedan
I'm dying over the improper positioning of Rhetts hands on both the knife and on the object he's cutting. Oof.
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty 15 dagar sedan
May I please have that knife when you finish cutting stuff?
Fake Bobby Hill
Fake Bobby Hill 15 dagar sedan
Why can’t Link have a knife? 9:44
Johnathon Diaz
Johnathon Diaz 15 dagar sedan
Anyone else enjoy GMMores way more than the main episodes?
Gisele Vivas
Gisele Vivas 15 dagar sedan
please dont let Link use these knives and floral foam ever again ok thank you
Weird Wombat
Weird Wombat 16 dagar sedan
Is nobody going to explain the slug and toothpaste thing?
Hud Plays
Hud Plays 16 dagar sedan
No spongebob 😥
HeyItsWOLFGANG 16 dagar sedan
a couple years ago my dad got me a sushi knife sliced my finger like butter
Flame Inc.
Flame Inc. 16 dagar sedan
i gotta know. "Why cant Link use a knife?"
Nikita McLaughlin
Nikita McLaughlin 16 dagar sedan
Rhett and link + jar of peanutbutter ....
MisterRabbiit 16 dagar sedan
The boys need to stop grunting around jars of Peanut Butter ...guess more fanfic will be coming down the pipeline.
fighterdemiter 16 dagar sedan
I wonder if there were any knife experts that got offended by this episode
David Johnston
David Johnston 16 dagar sedan
Mercer Culinary Asian Collection, for those curious what the knives are/want them.
Katelyn French
Katelyn French 16 dagar sedan
"I stuck my knife in that peanut butter!"
HeleneMB 16 dagar sedan
In Norway we have a museum where you can look at the cross-section of a cow! Like you can literally walk straight through a cow, it’s awesome!
Corey San
Corey San 16 dagar sedan
its funny that link practices proper knife technique but hes the one banned from the knife.
WaterMilk 17 dagar sedan
Helen Hunsicker
Helen Hunsicker 17 dagar sedan
Honestly I wouldn't even trust Link with those kid knives
Kaya Campbell
Kaya Campbell 17 dagar sedan
Omfg i forgot about chase with the apple
Ms. Rachael
Ms. Rachael 17 dagar sedan
8:50 oh my gosh link, I can't breathe 😂😂
jason t
jason t 17 dagar sedan
I was a bit nervous link was going to draw blood with his knife by accident.
angelstouch 17 dagar sedan
Please tell me where I can get the second knife :o
Schtarfywarf 17 dagar sedan
I’m more impressed with the plastic knife
Robert F
Robert F 17 dagar sedan
Weak topic
RagingRedHead 95
RagingRedHead 95 17 dagar sedan
You sure Rhett should be using a knife? Lol. He's not as clumsy or anything like Link but he's got a scary mind laughing at the possibility of the knife stabbing him in the throat. 🤪💀🤣
Pet Dip
Pet Dip 17 dagar sedan
Nice Futurama reference
Josefin S.
Josefin S. 17 dagar sedan
4:08 it's so funny to just look at Link here
Stephen Sage
Stephen Sage 17 dagar sedan
Well that awkwardly morbid near the end
Mralabbad 17 dagar sedan
This might be the first time Rhett was the one who made me nervous from the way he's handling that knife😂
Claire Sellers
Claire Sellers 17 dagar sedan
Best Episode Moments: 1. When Link said he prefers to call the knife his "artisnal slicer." 2. Link saying "SPEED CUT!" 3. When Link didn't even care that he got the two plastic knives that look like they could be part of a children's kitchen set.
Ansley Randolph
Ansley Randolph 17 dagar sedan
the amount of dad noises
Brennan Simkins
Brennan Simkins 17 dagar sedan
Well I guess I learned to not underestimate the power of a plastic cake knife
TheNerdVoice 17 dagar sedan
Link is just like a 6 year old who thinks they're helping while one does the actual work.
Adrdoster M
Adrdoster M 17 dagar sedan
So many dad noises
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau 17 dagar sedan
I like your cut G
Baitcaster Bois
Baitcaster Bois 17 dagar sedan
plink was wild in this video :)
Andrea Wright
Andrea Wright 17 dagar sedan
Yes, Oasis is toxic. You should be wearing gloves and a mask!
wordsinahandle 17 dagar sedan
Love the cross section museum idea
wordsinahandle 17 dagar sedan
Is there an episode I can watch where I learn when link was disallowed from using knives?
SolaceDotExe 18 dagar sedan
My first thought was 'don't let link NEAR that'
Mariana Marques
Mariana Marques 18 dagar sedan
I am with you on the museum
Casey Josephine
Casey Josephine 18 dagar sedan
If you ever cut styrofoam again I’m going to have to quit the show. Talk about opposite of ASMR.
ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ
ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ 18 dagar sedan
God, Link makes me nervous.
Luke Bossio
Luke Bossio 18 dagar sedan
As a former sushi chef This break my heart lol
Hannah Mattox
Hannah Mattox 18 dagar sedan
I got some of the green styrofoam (dried into a powder form) in my eye when I was 6 and had to wear an eye patch for 2 weeks because it was like sandpaper to my cornea 🤦‍♀️
Thr3wal 18 dagar sedan
I hope Josh get to keep one of these knife's.
Noah Pop
Noah Pop 18 dagar sedan
Link shouldn't ever have a knife.
Dimitri Lalli
Dimitri Lalli 18 dagar sedan
Nobody: Link: 4:37 8:05 10:17 11:14
mojo 18 dagar sedan
a very satisfying video indeed
mojo 18 dagar sedan
'more like link knifes so he can't cut himself' 🤣🤣🤣🤣
50GreyKitties 18 dagar sedan
The scariest link has been
Boy Maoy
Boy Maoy 18 dagar sedan
Cyanide and Happiness be like: "I cut in half!"
foxyb0nes 18 dagar sedan
I just love how wholesome these dads of the Internet are
TalynCo 18 dagar sedan
To be fair I feel like the kid's knife got the job done pretty damn well.
Vampress 18 dagar sedan
I'm with them on the cross-section museum idea.
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