Can We Solve These 3D Puzzles?

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Good Mythical MORE

26 dagar sedan

Today, we're seeing if we can solve these complicated 3D puzzles. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1933
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Ebbe Noyes
Ebbe Noyes 12 timmar sedan
It's dopamine, Link. When you solve it you get an increase in dopamine.
Aldon Harden
Aldon Harden 3 dagar sedan
They look impossible
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf 5 dagar sedan
Play that back... nothing is played back
Hannah Kwasnick
Hannah Kwasnick 5 dagar sedan
i also brush my teeth too hard!!!!
Harry Mothowl
Harry Mothowl 5 dagar sedan
Rhett looks like a prisoner that teaches yoga classes to help with anger
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma 6 dagar sedan
lol Rhett kinda lookin like a Prisoner
K B 6 dagar sedan
Me at age 10 2:00
Mr12Relic 9 dagar sedan
5:19 slam poetry
TheMrBond1 9 dagar sedan
I am a longtime fan and love watching good mythical morning and good mythical more. But PLEASE make it easier to get to the main channel video by having a direct link to it in the description of good mythical more because I struggle with finding it. I'm going to keep commenting this on every single good mythical more episode I watch until it gets noticed or possibly changed. Please upvote if anyone else agrees with me! Thank you mythical beasts!
Ean Elmer
Ean Elmer 13 dagar sedan
I just kept thinking of that episode of Bob’s Burgers 😂
Carlos Tabanico
Carlos Tabanico 13 dagar sedan
Yo Rhett where’d you get the orange shirt, need me one
DeathAngel 14 dagar sedan
switch to an extra soft toothbrush.
Diamond Boy Vvs
Diamond Boy Vvs 14 dagar sedan
Lynda Stiefvater
Lynda Stiefvater 16 dagar sedan
Chris Ramsay would be so disappointed in Rhett and Link
JOY G 17 dagar sedan
Link,it's dopamine.Dopamine is released when you are happy
Derek Paasch
Derek Paasch 17 dagar sedan
for real I haven't seen Morgan on camera in what feels like a couple years, he's awesome :)
Krista 18 dagar sedan
It's very comforting knowing that they have as much luck with these kind of puzzles as I do
Peter Trast
Peter Trast 18 dagar sedan
This video kind of makes me feel like choosing SEpost over engineering jobs may have saved someone's life... ;) Love you guys!!
Joshua Bynum
Joshua Bynum 19 dagar sedan
LMFAO Link was brushing his teeth away.
millennium fox
millennium fox 19 dagar sedan
Me and my dad have all of these 😁👍
Reagan Lara
Reagan Lara 19 dagar sedan
I have genuinely nothing to say other than I wanted to be the 500th comment:)
Crazy Bridget
Crazy Bridget 19 dagar sedan
congrats 🎉
Spellbinder 20 dagar sedan
Chris Ramsay has entered the chat
MiSti 20 dagar sedan
Link gave the exact same reaction as Louise from bobs burgers with that puzzle "whoa whoa I solved it! Now my life has no purpose.." But with Ink it was expressive.. Louise just said what we all feel after solving a puzzle😂
Chelsea Rodriguez
Chelsea Rodriguez 20 dagar sedan
When did they stop singing the Thursday mail song? Been a while since I've watched More
Danny Boi
Danny Boi 20 dagar sedan
2 masks? Lmfao what a tool
TexRobNC 20 dagar sedan
Link frustrates me to no end, and I don't feel good about it
Alexis Marciniak
Alexis Marciniak 21 dag sedan
Definitely a personality trait! My dad can sit and do these for HOURS
Final D. Sam
Final D. Sam 21 dag sedan
Rhett and Link reenact episode 8 of nisemonogatari
Powerful state of mind
Powerful state of mind 21 dag sedan
I have an idea for one of the puzzles!!! I just wanna know if I am right!! :( :))) Show the answers!!! :))
Keith Knechg
Keith Knechg 21 dag sedan
The 2 horseshoes chained together is a classic.problem with these type of puzzles is one and done ,unless you have kids.i prefer the puzzle cube from there,s a reward😨
International girl
International girl 21 dag sedan
How I start each conversation with my therapist: 5:15
denilson sebo
denilson sebo 21 dag sedan
You guys should link up with Chris Ramsey
Gravey_train 21 dag sedan
I love puzzles like this! I just think it's a fun mental exercise.
John Green
John Green 21 dag sedan
Morgan MoonScar.
CalypsoRaz 21 dag sedan
The beard products are great!
AllanC Collins
AllanC Collins 21 dag sedan
I accomplished chili cheese fries from wienershintzel, and for that I'm proud.
Sarah Sleamanová
Sarah Sleamanová 22 dagar sedan
Ježek v kleci 😍
Jessika Cosenza
Jessika Cosenza 22 dagar sedan
There's a guy on SEpost that solves these puzzles ! He's channel is cool .
Elijah Roden
Elijah Roden 22 dagar sedan
Get Chris Ramsay on the show
Cam McLain
Cam McLain 22 dagar sedan
“Forcing it and hope I get lucky” 😅 hope CNN doesn’t catch whiff 😭🤣
Juvi 22 dagar sedan
This one looks like a BABY can do it 😂
Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell 22 dagar sedan
3D Puzzles always make me think of the classic horror film Hellraiser.
Sevilay Kel
Sevilay Kel 22 dagar sedan
Great to see Morgan it’s been a huge while 😅
BallPeens 22 dagar sedan
I love these types of puzzles
Cda Steez
Cda Steez 22 dagar sedan
maria luz jatip
maria luz jatip 22 dagar sedan
where can i get all of these
j_sgerman man
j_sgerman man 22 dagar sedan
7:43 “wow” 😂
Ouphe 22 dagar sedan
"Dentist told me I was brushing my teeth too hard." Oh yeah, that seems common. It messes with the gums. "I have striations on my teeth." Wait what
Destiny Lee
Destiny Lee 22 dagar sedan
Ladies, imagine if they made Mythical Make up brushes 😳 i would buy those so quick 😂😂😂
Rithyn 22 dagar sedan
you guys should get chris ramsey on the show he is a puzzle solver on youtube and i think his videos are great 😁😁 when covid restrictions let up anyways or over video
Corey Arnold
Corey Arnold 22 dagar sedan
Expectations of**
Corey Arnold
Corey Arnold 22 dagar sedan
Link has a complex about his father in law excepting him for some reason or another live ya life bro and don’t worry about what he thinks 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
ケイリーたん 21 dag sedan
you know it's a bit, right?? lol,,
paraw xdr
paraw xdr 23 dagar sedan
Good Mythical Morgan
Meg Wallace
Meg Wallace 23 dagar sedan
I know I couldn’t do any better, but this is still aggressively frustrating.
Andro'5 World
Andro'5 World 23 dagar sedan
my OCD kicked in at the end, and i needed to see them solved and y’all just left me like this? come on now dont play with my mental health
Aaron Delgado
Aaron Delgado 23 dagar sedan
Patience is a virtue! More people need to admit they need to work on becoming more patient in certain areas in their life!
c m
c m 23 dagar sedan
Rhett’s shirt is amazing.
Jens Martin Graunke
Jens Martin Graunke 23 dagar sedan
Next time you should talk to Chris Ramsay @MrTricksforfun
geauxtanner 23 dagar sedan
why did morgan look like hannibal lecter with his two masks on
Chris Moon
Chris Moon 23 dagar sedan
I love those kinds of puzzles lol
Hunter 23 dagar sedan
Btw yalls remember a more where link,Rhett and Josh guess celebrities ages and get it right almost every time? I've been tring to find it for ages
gravityboot 23 dagar sedan
have not watched the video yet but i am going to assume the answer is no
McKenna Bowers
McKenna Bowers 23 dagar sedan
I also brush my teeth too hard to the point I have exposed the nerve on my molars 🥴
Ryan Posadas
Ryan Posadas 23 dagar sedan
I would call “the hedgehog in the cage” either “quarantine” or “the naval mine”
Mr. Miss
Mr. Miss 23 dagar sedan
Title: _''Can we solve these 3D puzzles?''_ Content: _''Two grown men moaning and complaining about 3D puzzles while only trying to solve one''_
Mr. Miss
Mr. Miss 16 dagar sedan
@ケイリーたん You really call that trying? *picks up a puzzle, and throws it away after 3 seconds*
ケイリーたん 21 dag sedan
they tried to solve a bunch lol??
Sky m
Sky m 23 dagar sedan
My boyfriend looooovvves these puzzles. Thought it was because he's an engineer. Rhett and Link proved that theory wrong.
Nick 23 dagar sedan
is Morgan seriously wearing 2 masks...?
moon kitten
moon kitten 24 dagar sedan
"Rhett and Link feeling unmotivated to solve puzzles for 15 minutes"
Nardalis 24 dagar sedan
Puzzles ain't there only for the joy. You teach yourself how to think more logically as well by solving issues that while just a puzzle - might come in handy in real situations too xD
The Animation Station
The Animation Station 24 dagar sedan
This made me remember the Rhett and Link puzzle sketch. That episode was a good few years ago
Stephanie 24 dagar sedan
They should invite Chris Ramsey! He's a puzzle king!!
Hello There
Hello There 24 dagar sedan
You should learn to solve a Rubik’s cube on a more
William Spain
William Spain 24 dagar sedan
There is a famous scene from one of the monogatari series that has some rather sensual toothbrushing lol
ケイリーたん 21 dag sedan
gross arent they children??
Bambino’s Balaclava
Bambino’s Balaclava 24 dagar sedan
Alternative title, link gives up and becomes a sales rep 😂💕
James Scott
James Scott 24 dagar sedan
Rhett looks like he's in a prison jumpsuit
ケイリーたん 21 dag sedan
a sexy, fuzzy prison jumpsuit
lolo rojo
lolo rojo 24 dagar sedan
Best genuine gmm eye roll lol "I didnt shake it"
Prince of Light
Prince of Light 24 dagar sedan
Idk who sent that dm but i am now a Morgan fanboy as well
Moe Johnson
Moe Johnson 24 dagar sedan
i’d do anything for serotonin
rossco686 24 dagar sedan
You'd think that as engineers, you would've been at least a bit more interested in these puzzles lol
N K 24 dagar sedan
It's dopamine, not serotonin.
Ricanvera99 24 dagar sedan
Rhett looks like the human version of Claus, the fish from American Dad! ROFL!!
Crystal Gaines
Crystal Gaines 24 dagar sedan
My cat loves Reht she licks youre face
Nate Koyle
Nate Koyle 24 dagar sedan
I watch this show all the time. This was actually one of the least entertaining episodes ever. Please return my 16:00 minutes of life back. Thank you.
Hunter Gaskell
Hunter Gaskell 24 dagar sedan
@Rhet&Link you guys are the funniest, I love your shows. I love your “Where in the world do these International foods come from” episodes. You guys put a smile on my face every time I watch! Thank you!
James Dearham
James Dearham 24 dagar sedan
the enjoyment of a puzzle is not the solving. Its the focus and thinking. its meditative.
Brandon 24 dagar sedan
It would be more satisfying to watch if I could watch in better than 144p. I literally have no idea what they're fidgeting with.
Sian Connock
Sian Connock 24 dagar sedan
Masked Morgan Morgan
Chris Nash
Chris Nash 24 dagar sedan
At a quick glimpse Morgan kinda looks like Bucky Barnes.
V Souza
V Souza 24 dagar sedan
Link, it’s dopamine
mieuxdisante 24 dagar sedan
but really every second of this was brilliant entertainment. watched twice in a row, and in repeat
mieuxdisante 24 dagar sedan
I hardly ever got so excited about an episode!! like literally, my heart started beating :D especially about one of the puzzles, and then how Link went to solve it o m g
destiny bryan
destiny bryan 25 dagar sedan
Morgan & Morgan- For the people.👨‍⚖
Victoria Wilder
Victoria Wilder 25 dagar sedan
I solved it NO LOOK.
Jake Evans
Jake Evans 25 dagar sedan
When did Rhett go to prison?
peg sus
peg sus 25 dagar sedan
i will never watch rhett & link play a game again
burdenedwithgloriouspurpose 25 dagar sedan
Fun fact: "hedgehog in the cage" is a very popular mechanical puzzle here in the Czech Republic. It got popular through series of children's book by Jaroslav Foglar in 1940s, though it was invented in USA. It's a main device in one of the books, which is centred around it's mystery. It's pretty cool.
Zaynah Gatling
Zaynah Gatling 25 dagar sedan
I need to see the completion of these
Wanmohan 25 dagar sedan
can we have a crew episode of gmm?
Wanmohan 25 dagar sedan
i am so elated that this is not food related, these guys who don't like puzzles just doing puzzles and talking about random stuff, this is perfect.
tsujidospride 25 dagar sedan
chris ramsey solved those puzzles
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