Can We Guess Which Candies Were Combined? (Game)

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Good Mythical MORE

27 dagar sedan

In today's game, we're tasting a mix of candies and guessing what was combined together. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1932
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sofia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
sofia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 dagar sedan
nobody’s talking about links “hershey kYeES?” at 5:14
baby jay
baby jay 10 dagar sedan
Or he was probably playing idk
baby jay
baby jay 10 dagar sedan
I don’t like link how he be following the employees handbook rules his weirdasd
Reapery 13 dagar sedan
That corn at the circus tried to nut on my candy
Josefin S.
Josefin S. 15 dagar sedan
Crymson Nite
Crymson Nite 17 dagar sedan
candy corn and circus peanuts are 2 of my favorite candies
JVCKPOT 17 dagar sedan
Color of change has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen
Bogdan-Cristian Olaru
Bogdan-Cristian Olaru 20 dagar sedan
Good day for Link!
Dike Hercules
Dike Hercules 20 dagar sedan
i googled it...
Jenna Jones
Jenna Jones 21 dag sedan
"oh, drugs" sent me into a wheezing fit 😭😭😭🤚🏻
Brian Swackhamer
Brian Swackhamer 21 dag sedan
This was definitely filmed on a Friday. Everyone was so relaxed
Fartsss_Kingzzz 21 dag sedan
this video is one of the simple videos they ever done and it's one of the funniest, who agrees?
MagicTurtle643 22 dagar sedan
I think they got confused about which ones Rolos are. I actually like them BECAUSE the caramel is one of the only kinds that isn't chewy. It just disintegrates immediately. It's almost like a thick syrup.
Thomas Jason
Thomas Jason 22 dagar sedan
The circus peanuts I sed it before they sed it
Abelslayer 1222
Abelslayer 1222 22 dagar sedan
That "Dashes" joke got me good suddle Mr. Neil 😎
FaZe Goober
FaZe Goober 22 dagar sedan
11:20 “mm-kay”🤣🤣
Nevaeh Tindle
Nevaeh Tindle 22 dagar sedan
8:08 I looked it up and I regretted it
Leah Lasher
Leah Lasher 22 dagar sedan
I love when link says he will see us tomorrow🖤
Alex Palomo
Alex Palomo 22 dagar sedan
“Candy my corn at the circus nuts”😂
SteelGear Enraged
SteelGear Enraged 23 dagar sedan
Sour kids punch straws
Descript O
Descript O 23 dagar sedan
👎 for virtue signal
elephant chessboard
elephant chessboard 23 dagar sedan
Link strugling with the next candy while Rhett clarifies he does not support punching kids had me laughing so hard
Emerald Eyes Esoteric
Emerald Eyes Esoteric 23 dagar sedan
Mike and Ike hard lemonade...
Basic Tech Girl
Basic Tech Girl 23 dagar sedan
It's a candy no one gets... "Mike&Ikes" Me: Super offended... 🤬
ThisIsTori 24 dagar sedan
Link is so good at these episodes lol
Becca D
Becca D 24 dagar sedan
Pepto and talcum powder= PepTalc
Mandy Kidwell
Mandy Kidwell 24 dagar sedan
LOVE this game
patdsmrf10 24 dagar sedan
This episode made me laughed the hardest an episode has made me laugh in a minute!
come together
come together 24 dagar sedan
I wanted to try the fishnets.
Julia Dean
Julia Dean 25 dagar sedan
oh drugs!
Juan Hunnit
Juan Hunnit 25 dagar sedan
Rhett: “don’t Google that... trust me” Me: “Hey Siri 🤣”
PermieWriter 25 dagar sedan
Not “Ike and Fire”? I guess GoT burned us all
Teresita Davis
Teresita Davis 25 dagar sedan
link was on a roll this day!
Jan 25 dagar sedan
I guessed the first one just by looking at it 😂
Jonas Müller
Jonas Müller 25 dagar sedan
Sour punch kids was so obvious
Ernesto Gonzalez
Ernesto Gonzalez 25 dagar sedan
Hey guys, i wonder if you're bringing back the mugs because my order is waiting for those to be back so it can be shipped haha Thank you
set the Tonee.
set the Tonee. 25 dagar sedan
Link: That Was a Good Guess Rhett: Thank You Me Seein Them Have a “Moment” : Awww 🥰 Such Bestfriends 🤞🏽
BTKx Dracula
BTKx Dracula 25 dagar sedan
You were offended by rollos but you like rasinnets... weird world
Leonard Greenpaw
Leonard Greenpaw 25 dagar sedan
"whats a movie theater?"
Treena __
Treena __ 25 dagar sedan
Why’s everyone ignoring the “don’t google that...... trust me” 😂 like I can’t 💀
ADDButterfly 25 dagar sedan
Aww I miss Mike and Molly. This gave me a few spit takes, so thank you for the laughter today. Punch Sour Kids, hmm... good thing I'm never having kids. LOL
Juan Felipe Sánchez
Juan Felipe Sánchez 25 dagar sedan
Why do they want to punch kids?
Alice Jackson
Alice Jackson 25 dagar sedan
The cousin of dots...dashes!!!
Mr.Dr.Antihero 25 dagar sedan
Stormy Effects
Stormy Effects 25 dagar sedan
Agree or Disagree: Gummy bears are best stale
Dodyssey Turner
Dodyssey Turner 25 dagar sedan
RastAGameS1 25 dagar sedan
im so glad i was not watching this with family curcis po*n lol
Ryan Keese
Ryan Keese 25 dagar sedan
Rhett just rolling the wheel back several spaces to Gifticality and looking at the camera like "Yeah, what?" is wholesome af.
I'mmortalAtHome 26 dagar sedan
This was almost a Wayne's world episode at the end...
Farkleberry 26 dagar sedan
I am stunned to learn that neither Rhett nor Link understand what "square" means
Games EEN
Games EEN 26 dagar sedan
I love Mike and Ikes
Ashley J
Ashley J 26 dagar sedan
Rhett: “hiiiii mike” 😂
Brittney Goulding
Brittney Goulding 26 dagar sedan
Link was in rare form today! I laughed a lot!
annalise mishler
annalise mishler 26 dagar sedan
annalise mishler
annalise mishler 26 dagar sedan
gum GUM
Hayley P.
Hayley P. 26 dagar sedan
I will never be over the extreme southern accent Rhett adopts when making fun of link 😂
Mossfaerie 26 dagar sedan
lmfao I watched this thinking it was a regular GMM episode and was wondering WHY EVERYTHING WAS SO CASUAL AND IT SEEMED LIKE THINGS WERE WEIRD... now it makes sense lmao
Dickie Oi Red_07
Dickie Oi Red_07 26 dagar sedan
13:12 Is that a fart?
lou 26 dagar sedan
“thanks... thank you :)” 🥺
lou 26 dagar sedan
i was so frustratingly screaming “STARBURSTSSSSS” at the screen 😭
Piss Craisley
Piss Craisley 26 dagar sedan
Clown nuts
Scaggly 26 dagar sedan
Me: Trying to resist googling "Circus P***".
Scaggly 26 dagar sedan
Punchkin Patch Kids!!!!!!
Matthew Banwart
Matthew Banwart 26 dagar sedan
...low key flashing a gang sign at 11:07
Zoe's Zoo
Zoe's Zoo 26 dagar sedan
Omg I love Mike & Ike's 😍
jsjazz12 26 dagar sedan
Raisinettes over rolos? No way.
Donovan Simms
Donovan Simms 26 dagar sedan
Link's "dashes" joke went underfrigginappreciated and I don't appreciate that.
Sean McNaughton
Sean McNaughton 26 dagar sedan
Why is chase the idea guy and the escape goat?
Sahira 26 dagar sedan
Pepto and talcum powder: PepTalc. ( Pep Talk) : D haha
Angie Vara
Angie Vara 26 dagar sedan
Just what I need on a Thursday morning at 5.30 am, very funny.
Clavis Autem Lux
Clavis Autem Lux 26 dagar sedan
Head burst war stars lol
Sneaky Rabbit
Sneaky Rabbit 26 dagar sedan
Why is Rhett advocating the punching of children?
Josh Becktold
Josh Becktold 26 dagar sedan
You guys have become a part of my daily routine. Thank you so much for all your hard work over the years, and of course, the great content that you produce EVERY DAY! ❤️
E 26 dagar sedan
Link said, "I'm a deep person"! He's confirmed it! Finally, the proof I need to show to the world that he is actually a sleeper agent of the underground lizard people who will take our bodies for their flesh suits to rule the surface world at last.
Swiggity Potato
Swiggity Potato 26 dagar sedan
I love how rhett spins the wheel back to gifticality every time
Zach Biggs
Zach Biggs 26 dagar sedan
First combo should have been called "children of the straw"
Emily DeGruise
Emily DeGruise 26 dagar sedan
it’s so much funnier when they can’t see the words
Kayla Rose
Kayla Rose 26 dagar sedan
Link’s description of Chase’s job during the show is probably actually accurate. I see that happening often 😂
Bonnie B
Bonnie B 26 dagar sedan
Omg the candy corn peanuts part was hilarious 😂
Luke 26 dagar sedan
Hot Mike and Tamale Ike
buzzy boodog
buzzy boodog 26 dagar sedan
Pepto bismol and talcum powder = pep talk
PeanutButter Honey
PeanutButter Honey 26 dagar sedan
Right to google I went to search
Hallie Anders
Hallie Anders 26 dagar sedan
Link is so wholesome in some parts....
Nico Vilches
Nico Vilches 26 dagar sedan
Anyone else like low key curious about that circus thing 😂
Xenon Productions
Xenon Productions 26 dagar sedan
pepto and talcum powder= peptalk
ellashows13 26 dagar sedan
This episode is so sexually charged my god
andrew harper
andrew harper 26 dagar sedan
NAIA is a conference
Caleb Chandler
Caleb Chandler 26 dagar sedan
They should do an episode where link shows us how he does laundry ( day 55 of trying )
Kelly 26 dagar sedan
I'm very close to getting that lunchbox and thermos. I already have a lunchbox but I don't have a thermos.
Febzer !
Febzer ! 26 dagar sedan
“never say never” 👀
Sarah Cupp
Sarah Cupp 26 dagar sedan
Who got the dad-eye at 9:17? lol
Guilty Butler
Guilty Butler 26 dagar sedan
It was nice of Link to try and get Rhett distracted by offering him food.
Paul Carrisoza
Paul Carrisoza 26 dagar sedan
More Nicole?
Lucia Durand
Lucia Durand 26 dagar sedan
Stivie: “It comes in a little frustrating wrapper, it’s square” Me screaming at the screen: STARBURST ITS A FRICKEN STARBURST
Zardif 26 dagar sedan
Punch our kids*
Nardo Polo
Nardo Polo 26 dagar sedan
9:06 Rhett guesses Jolly Rancher 9:10 Rhett thinks Nicole is talking to him 9:15 Rhett thinks no one heard him
Not Me
Not Me 26 dagar sedan
Oh my geez, Rhett's forehead is
Tabbi Bolen
Tabbi Bolen 26 dagar sedan
Keiffs S
Keiffs S 26 dagar sedan
Seth Ritenour
Seth Ritenour 26 dagar sedan
Punchkid patch straws
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