Are These Real Alien Abduction Stories?

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Good Mythical MORE

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In today's game, we're guessing whether these are real or fake alien abduction stories. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1935
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Justin-David Springstun
Justin-David Springstun Dag sedan
The real Russel Crow can disrupt cameras from functioning properly in most cases that involve warm alien bodies. The real truth is most aliens are actually from the earth. And strategically, ignorance is the best for mankind to the "Aliens". I'm sure a few can bridge the gap into our realm from another.
MoreAverageThanMost 3 dagar sedan
I hope I meet a alien someday so I can ask them about their spaceship's extended warranty coverage
TheMrBond1 9 dagar sedan
I am a longtime fan and love watching good mythical morning and good mythical more. But PLEASE make it easier to get to the main channel video by having a direct link to it in the description of good mythical more because I struggle with finding it. I'm going to keep commenting this on every single good mythical more episode I watch until it gets noticed or possibly changed. Please upvote if anyone else agrees with me! Thank you mythical beasts!
J Clark
J Clark 10 dagar sedan
ya ya ya.... but that Tig though!!!
SaraLizBiz : }
SaraLizBiz : } 10 dagar sedan
Don’t y’all remember!? In 2020 it was officially released that UFO’s have existed! That brings me to believe (among others) that aliens are in the flying objects!!!!!
Benji Crow
Benji Crow 12 dagar sedan
anyone else getting a weird little box under the video from wikipedia explaining what alien abductions are?
graveside_glitz 12 dagar sedan
I love those moments when I am reminded that yall are southern boys with a ray Steven's reference. Love from west tn💜
kickerbass101 15 dagar sedan
I started singing the chorus of Mississippi Squirrel Revival by Ray Stevens after Link talked about it. My dad had a VHS of Ray Stevens videos and the squirrel one was one of my favorites.
Trey Taylor
Trey Taylor 15 dagar sedan
X files I wanna believe
Slim Nagirac
Slim Nagirac 16 dagar sedan
Link knows Ray Stevens? Was not expecting that!
Gypsywolf 9807
Gypsywolf 9807 17 dagar sedan
Come visit me in Roswell NM.👽👽
Lance Carlisle
Lance Carlisle 18 dagar sedan
only takes like 35 years to leave our solar system but i agree, very unlikely to have been contacted intentionally
Sinner 18 dagar sedan
The rock got bitten by a radioactive ☢️ rock and that’s what gave him his powers
sim mac
sim mac 19 dagar sedan
Why is wikipedia explaining to me what alien abduction is?
The Bed Doctor
The Bed Doctor 19 dagar sedan
Yes there are UFO's because that just something we see that's unidentified. But no there are not aliens. God only created humans on earth
eimajunknown 19 dagar sedan
“I thought you were being southern!” 🤣
Lisa Tiberi
Lisa Tiberi 19 dagar sedan
Tig Notaro really is great. No BS there.
Ronald Franklin
Ronald Franklin 19 dagar sedan
Why has gmm never been on Joe rogan :(
Chatty Otter
Chatty Otter 19 dagar sedan
I love Rhett's shirt!
ringosis 19 dagar sedan
9:30 What Rhett is talking about here is called Fermi's Paradox. It's the apparent contradiction between how likely life in the universe is vs the fact that we haven't been contacted. Given the scale of the universe and the number planets that could support life, it is very likely we aren't alone, but the fact we see no evidence of other civilisations communicating this suggests either that there are no civilisations within observable space more advanced than us (with is very unlikely) or that there is some fundamental nature of the universe that we aren't aware of that makes interstellar communication either impossible, or possibly that as Rhett is suggesting, life inevitably destroys itself before it gets to that stage.
꧁Spice Princess Art꧂
꧁Spice Princess Art꧂ 19 dagar sedan
Rhett should read about Starseeds :P
Danielle DeFrank
Danielle DeFrank 20 dagar sedan
Watch ThirdPhaseOfMoon
Sjlasse 20 dagar sedan
next gmm episode trying the meditation to contact aliens pleas
X8137694318X 20 dagar sedan
I love how they throw 1k at random charity's in need. I wish I could do that but that would be half my bank account
Ayca Olgun
Ayca Olgun 20 dagar sedan
Raver here 🙌🏼 the company’s called Insomniac :)
Payden Crouse
Payden Crouse 20 dagar sedan
I’m just here for the ray stevens references 💕
Notsopro 20 dagar sedan
What if life was a simulation, and all these alien encounter/abduction stories are real, and its just people from the actual reality comin in, and messin around with random people just for fun?
Sydney Fontaine
Sydney Fontaine 20 dagar sedan
*"i thought you were just being southern"* 😂
C.E.C OUTDOORS 20 dagar sedan
Huge story from my area in Mississippi!
B3n Erin
B3n Erin 20 dagar sedan
M.. I.. Crooked letter... Crooked letter.. I.. Crooked letter... Crooked letter.. I... Hump back.. Hump back.. I..
Dmitry Bahrt
Dmitry Bahrt 20 dagar sedan
I love anything syfy
Magnooh 21 dag sedan
Considering an infinite universe, i don't believe it is possible that there aren't aliens
Tomas Green
Tomas Green 21 dag sedan
Meghan DiVito
Meghan DiVito 21 dag sedan
Link’s father definitely seems like the sort of fella who would live in Pascagoula for a minute.
Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor 21 dag sedan
I was at a party. Mike Smith (Bubbles) from the Trailer Park Boys was talking about how he believes it is statistically impossible for there to not be aliens. I concur.
Rob Haas
Rob Haas 19 dagar sedan
Actually it as statistically possible as it is impossible. Fermi paradox.
Rory Duran
Rory Duran 21 dag sedan
tig notaro is a god among us
Cameron Dixon
Cameron Dixon 21 dag sedan
link loves a blonde huh
Squeedles _
Squeedles _ 21 dag sedan
Xfiles is goated
LivingNightmares 21 dag sedan
Anyone know what air force video their referring to
Emily Willson
Emily Willson 21 dag sedan
Tig is my favorite comedian ❤️❤️❤️
Andrew Montoya
Andrew Montoya 21 dag sedan
I’m from San Bernardino! Don’t come here!
Joey Nunez
Joey Nunez 21 dag sedan
This would make a good Ear Biscuits episode! Talk about the videos released, their thoughts, existential questions, etc.
The Art Brush Up
The Art Brush Up 21 dag sedan
Umm... Lol. Maybe someone should checked the paddle's UF-Heck No design from a distance. 🤭 (Looks like legs and girly parts on a tiny phone screen)
Cole Moyers
Cole Moyers 21 dag sedan
Tig Nataro isn’t even funny.
Bradley Christensen
Bradley Christensen 21 dag sedan
you should fire the person that came up with Uf heck no rather than just UFNO... like really?
Thea Draghici
Thea Draghici 21 dag sedan
If we don’t get this camping trip, I’m going to be so sad
Felina *
Felina * 21 dag sedan
I had to laugh when Link mentioned the song about the squirrel that went berserk. 🤣 My dad likes to talk about that song. It's one of his favorites songs. "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival" by Ray Stevens. Link mentioning the song takes me back to my childhood with my dad showing me all the crazy songs he liked to listen to while he was in his teen years growing up in Texas. This was a nice memory for me and it made me smile and laugh just thinking about it. 🥰
Marlynn Williams
Marlynn Williams 21 dag sedan
I like the inclusion of the Wikipedia definition of alien abductions
FlightOfTheHunniebee 21 dag sedan
Lol it's just a lense flare, probably from passing car
Dustin Huiting
Dustin Huiting 21 dag sedan
Also is the rave comment a ghb reference?
Dustin Huiting
Dustin Huiting 21 dag sedan
Had to look up the song and gotta say thanks link for the introduction to another comedian musician
Tristin Reynolds
Tristin Reynolds 21 dag sedan
I love how Rhett just describes the Fermi paradox without knowing what it is
Yvonne Jones
Yvonne Jones 21 dag sedan
💌you do cam shows?💋👌☎ CATCH ME ONLINE!
Naomi 21 dag sedan
I love Tig Notaro
voidremoved 21 dag sedan
The funniest and saddest thing in human history is that they confirm that UFO are real, and literally nobody cares.
Abriel Solis
Abriel Solis 21 dag sedan
“He’s not the one I want to meet” 🤦🏽‍♂️☠️☠️
Katie Jamison
Katie Jamison 21 dag sedan
Yay you guys finally showed us the video you're looking at. It always make me so curious, and we never normally get to see whatever it is you're watching. It makes a difference. Thanks.
Sarah Gertz
Sarah Gertz 21 dag sedan
They missed an opportunity to call the paddle sides “UFOH YEAH!” and “UFOH NO!”
colieconiglietta 21 dag sedan
Watching Links facial expressions as he gets more and more into it from 19:40 on is a magical thing. 😌
JB 21 dag sedan
I think the more was more entertaining then the main show today. Thank you
Brenton Pugh
Brenton Pugh 21 dag sedan
Pascagoula gang where ya at??
רפאל כהן
רפאל כהן 21 dag sedan
When you think about it, ordinary airplanes are UFOs for people who don't know what an airplane is. As a kid you don't Know what an airplane is until they tell you, so technically everyone of us saw a UFO
Olana Owen
Olana Owen 21 dag sedan
"Would they pile into the saucer find Orlando's rat and hug it? Go screaming through the universe just to get mcnuggets?"
Marie-Claire Romano
Marie-Claire Romano 21 dag sedan
Perfect idea but not sure if you can but listen to steel panther- girl from Oklahoma , your reaction would be great
Coltuneac Armand
Coltuneac Armand 21 dag sedan
Dude, that’s just a car passing by
Moe Gardner
Moe Gardner 21 dag sedan
Pascagoula Ms. , home of "Fishbait" Miller, Doorkeeper of the United States House of Representatives.
Susie Q
Susie Q 21 dag sedan
Maybe the ancient gods were actually aliens and enslaved humans. Like in Egypt. Think about it.
Ryn Taylor
Ryn Taylor 21 dag sedan
The paddle designs are so funny lol
Madison Bruns
Madison Bruns 21 dag sedan
please can someone tell me where links sweater is from i need it
Jjito 1
Jjito 1 21 dag sedan
Rhett should watch Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind on Prime Video
Sam 21 dag sedan
Oh Rhett, we actually do have the technology the government just doesn't wanna tell us because it'll cause "mass panic"
AbFab DeArte
AbFab DeArte 21 dag sedan
Hey Rhett and Link! I would BUY a UF-HECK NO! T-shirt! make one! NOW!
Mote 21 dag sedan
I love when they talk about stories and stuff like this
Candice Pacaud
Candice Pacaud 21 dag sedan
The Ray Stevens song is exactly where my mind too haha
Lazarus65 21 dag sedan
Trick question. They are all made up stories cause alien abductions aren't real.
Cecilia Collins
Cecilia Collins 21 dag sedan
Hearing them talk about Pascagoula makes my heart happy. Also heard of that story being from coastal ms
Eden Hernandez
Eden Hernandez 21 dag sedan
Nomomnom YAY HERE BEFORE 400-500 comments hehe :333
saberwielder3000 21 dag sedan
lmao the wikipedia context youtube needs to get outta here w that
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 21 dag sedan
Who else had a "Context" message that was a link from Wikipedia? I'm pretty sure I don't need that to understand the context of alien abduction and I don't know any fully functional (that is to say not 'otherly abled" in leftist jargon) adults who do.
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan 21 dag sedan
@Nathan Platt Maybe SEpost thought we might confuse Alien Abduction with kidnapping by undocumented voters...
Nathan Platt
Nathan Platt 21 dag sedan
I have one.....I really thought Alien abduction was pretty self explanatory with the Context lol
urbanshadow777 21 dag sedan
You guys should talk about the probability of alien life of the nex ear biscuits.
d0ct0rplants 21 dag sedan
Tig Nataro should better do a collab with them
kozmik WZRD
kozmik WZRD 21 dag sedan
Rhett definitely ate some shrooms on his camping trip and tried to contact the alien Astral plane. And I respect that.
pringlespan 20 dagar sedan
He’s onto something with the astral plane part.
jongup guppie
jongup guppie 21 dag sedan
So Link wants to believe and Rhett does not interestinggg
Robert F
Robert F 21 dag sedan
Links hair is very golden girls
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott 21 dag sedan
I am both amused and apalled that SEpost thinks that it needs to give me context on what constitutes a "real" alien abduction.
tony redekopp
tony redekopp 21 dag sedan
I’ve seen a few ufos over the years living in the north and surrounded by more bush then builds.. the sky can get fairly clear at night . The one that was the scariest and made me actually question my own mortality tho was not 👽‘s it’s was Tesla sending satellites in too the outer atmosphere
Augusta Isley
Augusta Isley 21 dag sedan
Tig is 79% funnier. And cuter. Sorry guys. Solid #2 though for Earbiscuits.
MCol 21 dag sedan
So why is it that 98% of "UFO" sightings are in the US?
come together
come together 21 dag sedan
Ah so that's what happens after the other side effects of viagra, you know, the four hour variety.
Doc 21 dag sedan
The missed the very obvious pun: UFOh yea
Nerf Herder
Nerf Herder 21 dag sedan
You’d think because their Net worth is over $30,000,000 they could give a tad more than that now and then
bob reno
bob reno 22 dagar sedan
someone lie to me and tell me Link isn't a trumplican. He has to be.
Morrigan KASA
Morrigan KASA 22 dagar sedan
I genuinely believe in UFOs and Extra Terrestrials. But they never interact with me:(
Newby Ginnings
Newby Ginnings 22 dagar sedan
Can we do one over how well they know each other...?
Rob Haas
Rob Haas 19 dagar sedan
Ear biscuits
Kawehi Mahuiki
Kawehi Mahuiki 22 dagar sedan
I’m still confused about the pinchers thing
Bob Lob
Bob Lob 22 dagar sedan
lost empire
lost empire 22 dagar sedan
If aliens are like the last one, count me in, I believe
Toka Melculo
Toka Melculo 22 dagar sedan
0:57 nobody talking bout that sync
This is Strange
This is Strange 22 dagar sedan
It is preposterous to think our planet is the only one in the galaxy able to sustain life, let alone in the entire universe! As for aliens coming here and abducting ppl to put probes up their rectum and what have you, that I don't believe.
Nicktendo360 22 dagar sedan
Where do all of these ping pong paddles come from??
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