Are These Inventions From Canada Or Mexico?

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Good Mythical MORE

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Today, we're trying our best to guess where the invention was invented! Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1934
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Anthony Duran
Anthony Duran 19 timmar sedan
Hal from Malcom in the Middle Lol
P. S.
P. S. 2 dagar sedan
This top looks really good on Rhett. His arms look really good.
Daniel Bubalo
Daniel Bubalo 4 dagar sedan
1 lady can bring you a whole lot more than 12 eggs
TheMrBond1 9 dagar sedan
I am a longtime fan and love watching good mythical morning and good mythical more. But PLEASE make it easier to get to the main channel video by having a direct link to it in the description of good mythical more because I struggle with finding it. I'm going to keep commenting this on every single good mythical more episode I watch until it gets noticed or possibly changed. Please upvote if anyone else agrees with me! Thank you mythical beasts!
Christina Gliedt
Christina Gliedt 11 dagar sedan
If you got a paper cut on your wiener, you’re sorting the mail wrong.
for watching
for watching 11 dagar sedan
i havent laughted like this in months
Notmy Name
Notmy Name 12 dagar sedan
Rhett said “I thought about...a lot of things today” and I felt that.
Crystal Ellul
Crystal Ellul 13 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does link look like Dana carvy today or ...
Crystal Ellul
Crystal Ellul 13 dagar sedan
As a Canadian link you can say whatever you want we love you ❤😘😍🥰❤
L Fitty
L Fitty 13 dagar sedan
My 6yr old daughter asked to watch a Rhett and Link episode before bed, why did this have to be the one I clicked on🤣🤦‍♀️
Blair 14 dagar sedan
Rhett’s logic 😂😂😂😂 almost everyone handles paper at some time in their life, only specific geographic areas have scorpions and the scorpion pet trade is small, so... 🤪
Blair 14 dagar sedan
Yes Link, call him on his toxic masculinity 👍👍👍
andy buds
andy buds 14 dagar sedan
I’m pretty sure those are my comments on tiktok 😅
Andrés Chili Giles Padilla
Andrés Chili Giles Padilla 14 dagar sedan
Every one go listen to Combo Musical Los Caquis
Jenna Deagle
Jenna Deagle 15 dagar sedan
The dislikes on this video are people who've cut their wiener
Blair 14 dagar sedan
Kelsey Kitchens
Kelsey Kitchens 15 dagar sedan
Looking at nudy mags
Marshall Hoben
Marshall Hoben 16 dagar sedan
Wop book👅🧑‍🦰
Blair 14 dagar sedan
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty 16 dagar sedan
Inventor of the bra: Robert Titsling.
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty 16 dagar sedan
scottishrob13 17 dagar sedan
Link associates pagers with doctors and drugs, and he used to have two...? Makes you think.
Charlie Durnford
Charlie Durnford 17 dagar sedan
Stop being terrified of offending people, loosen up.
Savvas 18 dagar sedan
I love how uncensored gmmore has become
Aj Barbaria
Aj Barbaria 19 dagar sedan
“Wow, I thought about a lot of things today” lolololol
Jaime L
Jaime L 19 dagar sedan
Can confirm that I've actually seen pagers still in use in Canada (and worn on belts) as recently as 2019. Must still be used in some places without reliable mobile/data connectivity, since that was on an island without a permanent population.
jake Auckram
jake Auckram 19 dagar sedan
12 lady's to bring 12 eggs hmmm 12 baby's
Zowi and Luigi
Zowi and Luigi 19 dagar sedan
my little brother ran upstairs screaming 'THERES A LOBSTER IN THE SIINK' so i ran downstairs thinking there is some random lobster in the sink and it was a tiny scorpion by the drain lmao
Andro'5 World
Andro'5 World 19 dagar sedan
dang, y’all didn’t mention color tv was invented in méxico 🥴
Stephen Harrison
Stephen Harrison 19 dagar sedan
Definitely among my favorite gmmore episodes 😂
Abby Olson
Abby Olson 19 dagar sedan
"Ka-haki" I felt that.
Kiana Vondra
Kiana Vondra 20 dagar sedan
As a hockey person, I actually prefer NHL games on TV but I like college/junior games in person.
Kjell Maake
Kjell Maake 20 dagar sedan
Several people have been bitten in the pp by snakes
Okie NDN
Okie NDN 20 dagar sedan
With that hat and a few tattoos Link would look a lot like (Yella Wolf)
Okie NDN
Okie NDN 20 dagar sedan
I did the ole zip tip when I was young. After my mom told me numerous times to put underwear so I didn't zip the tip! Me being me (hard headed) didn't listen. Needto say "point well taken!" Always wear draws!
Victor Jones
Victor Jones 20 dagar sedan
No one ever scores in hockey either
Felix Fournier
Felix Fournier 20 dagar sedan
Is it me or, you have to be Canadian to see the Puck? Like we used to go to local hockey games for fun and let me tell you that, there's no one that couldn't see the Puck. Everyone totally knew where it was totally aware of the full game, beginning to finish. Like we were watching quidditch in Harry Potter
Emily Sheffield
Emily Sheffield 20 dagar sedan
any other texans know about the gum thing from that alamo story?
Sarah S
Sarah S 20 dagar sedan
I love how you can tell when Rhett and link have had enough of each other for the day lol
That's Super!
That's Super! 20 dagar sedan
Reading the instructions that come with condoms
Jasmine N
Jasmine N 20 dagar sedan
The top of this convo for sure needed to be an ear biscuits convo lol
ATimelessLove 21 dag sedan
I live in Arizona. Scorpions have been found in our beds and showers. I currently have two phones. New phone & old.
KriegMarshal94 21 dag sedan
Mythical is on a watchlist somewhere xD
MissD 21 dag sedan
I'm mexican and have been watching this show for YEARS, since I was 12. This Mexican/Canadian invention More was amazing. Thanks!!!💜
nate 21 dag sedan
5 maids a milking and 12 ladies egg cradling?
John Campton
John Campton 21 dag sedan
How did this video go from a video about invention to a video about cutting you shmeckle
Brad Kirkwood
Brad Kirkwood 21 dag sedan
There are definitely scorpions in Canada
Kaath Kilo
Kaath Kilo 21 dag sedan
Of course the Americans are circumcised
Richard Pickford
Richard Pickford 21 dag sedan
In Canada women are allowed to go topless
Janea Castillo
Janea Castillo 21 dag sedan
“Alright... see ya tomorrow” 😂 what was all that!? GOLD!
Punk Rock Cheeseburger
Punk Rock Cheeseburger 21 dag sedan
John Wayne Bobbitt is wincing while watching this episode.
Olivia Clare
Olivia Clare 21 dag sedan
3:45 youre reading a newspaper on the toilet in an airplane and there's turbulence
Marci Sunshine
Marci Sunshine 21 dag sedan
He says..that would be a serious power move😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jase Chaban
Jase Chaban 21 dag sedan
As a Canadian this is entertaining
Elite Vortex 123
Elite Vortex 123 21 dag sedan
“And in soccer, no one ever scores, so if it happens you’re gonna wanna see it a bunch” Rhett 2021
thebadpoet 21 dag sedan
Wonderbra very famously lifts and SEPARATES, the opposite of squishing them together.
Krystal Mendez
Krystal Mendez 22 dagar sedan
Rhett- "I thought about a lot of things today". Me at the end of every day
Krystal Mendez
Krystal Mendez 22 dagar sedan
Link- **mentions he had two pagers, says it three more times** Rhett- **15 seconds later** "you had two pagers?"
Amber Greymorning
Amber Greymorning 22 dagar sedan
Not surprising that Rhett knows all about the Wonderbra
Trae Watkins
Trae Watkins 22 dagar sedan
Back in the day I had 2 pagers. Work and Personal.
Steven Regan
Steven Regan 22 dagar sedan
I gained a good understanding of the rules in hockey (AND American football), from VIDEO GAMES, and then after that, I was able to follow real games much better.
acegeek 22 dagar sedan
"I organized my pants." - Rhett McLaughlin, 2021
Juvi 22 dagar sedan
This more episode is pretty much GMM in a snapshot! 😂😂😂
Heyo Zup
Heyo Zup 22 dagar sedan
I can't believe I haven't watched this episode... it's only a few seconds and I'm already laughing crying
The Gif
The Gif 22 dagar sedan
I'm angry at Rhett for talking at the Hurricanes. As a CT native, watching the Hartford Whalers leave still stings.
GamingHQ 22 dagar sedan
Who cares about JOKES. Cant say something with it being misogyny. Stffuu
Adam C
Adam C 22 dagar sedan
I was kinda expecting Rhett to say “if you have had a paper cut on your wiener leave a comment below” haha
Rebecca Mcadams
Rebecca Mcadams 22 dagar sedan
Emily Kent
Emily Kent 22 dagar sedan
Fun fact! We do indeed have scorpions in Canada!
Frock 22 dagar sedan
What is with the first 4 minutes of this vid
Silvoid 22 dagar sedan
Live in Canada, and can certify that gangs are a serious problem here
Invitemothstoyourhome 22 dagar sedan
Lol this episode is a beautiful mess
Tess Livengood
Tess Livengood 22 dagar sedan
That moment when you’re filing your taxes naked 😂
Joyce L
Joyce L 22 dagar sedan
Learning more about my country. XD We created some pretty useful features we still are grateful for today. :D
Anarchronia 22 dagar sedan
im curious how many guys have cut their member now. i know i havent but link talks about it like it should be a normal thing
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo 22 dagar sedan
They just talk about wiener for the first 4 mins
Lauralanthalasa 22 dagar sedan
I haven't heard them talk so much about wieners since they got vasectomies together.
Z Wil
Z Wil 23 dagar sedan
This More was incredible
Hyper spazz
Hyper spazz 23 dagar sedan
How can you tell who the most popular guy is at a Nudist camp? He will be the one carrying 6 doughnuts and 2 cups of coffee.
Emma Rodenburg
Emma Rodenburg 23 dagar sedan
instead of circumcised or not do the dating or siblings trend by looking at pics in More
k1773ns 23 dagar sedan
TIL Rhett is cut... wow okay lol
Gavin Beaty
Gavin Beaty 23 dagar sedan
I love wearing khakis
Tomm J
Tomm J 23 dagar sedan
Rhett: Dear Diary, I thought about... a lot of things today.
Callie Flow
Callie Flow 23 dagar sedan
Hmm I would have said a guy reading the newspaper on the toilet and someone accidentally opens the door. They guy tosses the newspaper and tries to cover his junk at the same time and gets cut XD I feel like that has a higher probability.
Jason Knowlton sr
Jason Knowlton sr 23 dagar sedan
EMILLIE 23 dagar sedan
I will never load the printer naked the same way again.
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall 23 dagar sedan
I wanted to believe Link was right when he said, "BOOBALOOBALOOBIES!"
silvanna123 23 dagar sedan
Are we just going to ignore that they have an Italian flag for the Mexican side of the paddle?
Athan 23 dagar sedan
I watched is gmmore last night before bed That night i woke up in a pool of sweat from haveing the most horrific, realistic nightmare about me accidentally cut my ween and sack in the bathroom
Hunter 23 dagar sedan
Btw yalls remember a more where link,Rhett and Josh guess celebrities ages and get it right almost every time? I've been tring to find it for ages
AboveAndBeyond Movement
AboveAndBeyond Movement 23 dagar sedan
Link seems moody today
Meg Fallon
Meg Fallon 23 dagar sedan
Jessica Lockerby
Jessica Lockerby 23 dagar sedan
I’m so proud that Rhett AND link said they wouldn’t circumcise their kids if they had to go back and do it again. I think that’s really inspiring and hopefully people will see that and think twice before doing that to their sons.
Eva O
Eva O 23 dagar sedan
Rhett's casual-Friday-jean-wearing-day story screamed vibes of Michael Scott's casual Friday jeans 😂
MangoLost 23 dagar sedan
Start using buzzwords and get weird with it. Lmao I love it.
Ashley Jota
Ashley Jota 23 dagar sedan
Circumcision is bad. In general, regardless of jokes, a bad procedure. STOP doing it.
Ashley Jota
Ashley Jota 23 dagar sedan
I love that they both said if they could go back, they wouldn’t circumsice their boys. Why is this primitive practice still allowed?
Eva O
Eva O 23 dagar sedan
😆This More was like listening to Ear Bicuits if it were on Ritalin or something. Loooved it!
Eva O
Eva O 23 dagar sedan
I loved this episode so much, I'm watching it again 😆
Philip MAROCCHINI 23 dagar sedan
GMMore is underrated
Cescafied 23 dagar sedan
Rhett does not have a daughter and it shows. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Herzblatt 23 dagar sedan
pls we need cotton candy Randy
Nick Moran
Nick Moran 23 dagar sedan
Link alright see u tomorrow 😂😂
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