Are Lofthouse Cookies Actually Good?

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Good Mythical MORE

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Today, we're discussing a very controversial topic: are Lofthouse Cookies even good? Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 1930
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Kimberly Ross
Kimberly Ross Dag sedan
Thought that hoodie said “Mythicalis Happiness” lol
Brittani Wardle
Brittani Wardle Dag sedan
These cookies are always my go to for a luncheon or picnic when I have to take a dessert.
NotToo Straight
NotToo Straight Dag sedan
I dislike cake and these cookies, I do like cookies though so the theory holds for me
Elliot Warren
Elliot Warren 2 dagar sedan
I will either have ice cream cake or cookie cake for my birthday.
xyzHero 6 dagar sedan
I love sugar cookies.
Moar Of WoW
Moar Of WoW 6 dagar sedan
You probably farted in your dream and smelt it but it registered it as taste in your dream XD
Moar Of WoW
Moar Of WoW 6 dagar sedan
They are trash...they are a cake more than a cookie
GroenFan 7 dagar sedan
Ahoyhoy There, Fellow SEpostrinos! Heres a snippet of a factoid: Rhett is actually wearing what is called a Toque Blanche Cap in this episode.
GroenFan 7 dagar sedan
Ahoyhoy There, Fellow SEpostrinos! Lofthouse! Everybody loves Lofthouse! I love Lofthouse.
Alyssa Foreman
Alyssa Foreman 7 dagar sedan
Those cookies are my ish
Cadence Plinsky
Cadence Plinsky 8 dagar sedan
My dad likes cookies much more than cake and loft house cookies are his favorite
Señor Tequila Purr
Señor Tequila Purr 11 dagar sedan
You're not discerning, Link, your favourite foods are cereal and peanut butter. And why is he trying to justify his point so hard? He's almost angry at Chase, lol.
Kayleigh Slaybaugh
Kayleigh Slaybaugh 11 dagar sedan
I love those cookies!
Cheryl Draper
Cheryl Draper 12 dagar sedan
Love those cookies
Sawyer Johnson
Sawyer Johnson 12 dagar sedan
These cookies are dank
Nalanzazu 13 dagar sedan
the texture that they were looking for is p l a y d o u g h
EzratheRift 13 dagar sedan
I have never heard of people not liking these. Every school party or anything like that, they where always the first to be eaten. They are a staple of that kinda stuff.
PinkStrawberryy 13 dagar sedan
Link's story lmao
Kennedy Dotson
Kennedy Dotson 14 dagar sedan
I like most cookies more than most cake but I love these shameful cookies
Hannah Cliffton
Hannah Cliffton 14 dagar sedan
I like cookies and brownies more than cake, but I love these! The consistency and texture I really enjoy.
BusyTeacher/Mom 14 dagar sedan
I don't like cake. But I like those cookies.
Captain Planet
Captain Planet 14 dagar sedan
Has no one else ever heard of shortbread? That's what these cookies are, shortbread cookies. They're a bit dry and do crumble but there's no way I'd ever call them nasty or not enjoy a few that're sitting on my table.
Brittany 15 dagar sedan
I'm going to buy some of these today after work. Thanks guys
Brittany 15 dagar sedan
I love loft house cookies.
Holland Kerr
Holland Kerr 15 dagar sedan
👈 Hehee!!
David Sempere
David Sempere 15 dagar sedan
I love these cookies so much
AidentSnyder 15 dagar sedan
I agree with Chase on this one.
The Thought Machine
The Thought Machine 16 dagar sedan
I love cookies over cake, yet I still love this sugar cookie
crawl3r 16 dagar sedan
Love those cookies , disrespectful that link will critique about how he feels more then the cookie itself 💀
Brittany Patterson
Brittany Patterson 16 dagar sedan
The best lofthouse cookie is the red velvet baby 😀
Brennan Simkins
Brennan Simkins 16 dagar sedan
Put those in the microwave for abt 5 to 10 seconds than they are a so much better
jesseca wismer
jesseca wismer 16 dagar sedan
Shaylarbo 16 dagar sedan
The first time I tasted in a dream was when I started exclusively lucid dreaming when I was like 10 and I was like "i wonder if i can taste things in a dream" so i made a 3 musketeers bar appear and it worked
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin 16 dagar sedan
Best cookies
Asma Bandar
Asma Bandar 16 dagar sedan
I've never had those but it's obvious that Chase is an outlier here and Link's theory is correct cause oatmeal raisin is what first comes on his mind when he's asked about his favourite cookie? come on man who does that
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty 17 dagar sedan
Like Dr. Phil’s dad used to say.... “Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up”. Link should take his advice.
Carol Smith
Carol Smith 17 dagar sedan
I’m actually not a cake fan at all. I don’t like cake and I like these cookies. Like one of your staff members said, this is as close to cake as I want to get. I think he’s lying for saying he likes oatmeal cookies, but Oreos are good, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cake, cheesecake. Also side note, I don’t really like pie unless it’s coconut, banana cream, key lime, or pizza pie. The rest are not good in my opinion. Side note part 2, I don’t like pancakes or biscuits or potatoes either and I’m wondering if all of them are connected somehow? Let me know, what you think Link, since we are both analytical creatures. 😂
Star Dust
Star Dust 17 dagar sedan
If it was not for the frosting on them. They would not be good. Taste like flour and baking powder.!
Nicole 17 dagar sedan
I have never tried dipping those in milk. I guess I gotta go buy some now...
Rachael 17 dagar sedan
I love this cookie so much omg I’m craving it so much
Shannen Marie
Shannen Marie 17 dagar sedan
I’m not a big fan of dessert or sweets in general but my sister and I can tear a pack of these cookies up. A bite of cake or a chocolate chip cookie is more than enough for me. Even cinnamon rolls, which are my favorite sweets/desserts, I can only each so much before I’m over it.
Christina 17 dagar sedan
Its not a cup cake its a loft house cookie and Wisconsin Loves them.
peyton cole
peyton cole 18 dagar sedan
my favorite cookie ever
Whiskey Gordon
Whiskey Gordon 18 dagar sedan
A squad of squid is a squadward........ thank you I’ll be here all day.
Makenna Sanders
Makenna Sanders 18 dagar sedan
I literally ate two of these before I left for school i LOVE them
Ariana Mccracken
Ariana Mccracken 18 dagar sedan
I dislike cake... it’s crumbly and I don’t like icing. TOTAL cookie girl here but I do like these cookies 😅
N Aills
N Aills 19 dagar sedan
Anne Foley
Anne Foley 19 dagar sedan
Frosted sugar cookies are a spectrum from soft and fluffy and well flavored, to nasty, to crispy and dry. Despite living in Utah all my life, I've never had actually Lofthouse, but we will drive HOURS up north to get cookies from the Pepperidge Farms outlet.
Anne Foley
Anne Foley 19 dagar sedan
Also, Link ... you're not wrong. That would totally be Utah's dating profile
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly 19 dagar sedan
If their made in Utah I wont buy them
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly 19 dagar sedan
Walmart makes cookies like these. I love these but they are not really a cookie. Their more of a cake
N S 19 dagar sedan
They’re good. Idgaf.
Rik Reichert
Rik Reichert 19 dagar sedan
These remind me of CRMBL cookies. A specialty cookie store in Vegas and a few other places.
Emily Tyner
Emily Tyner 19 dagar sedan
I love these cookies
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM 20 dagar sedan
Link says: i like them if i had raspberry, and honey caramel sauce🍯
YEAH MAN 20 dagar sedan
Is it sad I’m 19 and would get along with them better than anyone my age I literally have the same personality as Rhett 😂
Bean 20 dagar sedan
I just noticed the 6 string sterling bass behind them
defeodation 20 dagar sedan
I like them but I don’t know why. They taste like raw flour with frosting on top, but somehow they’re good. They are definitely not sugar cookies though.
ohslongo 20 dagar sedan
Links opinion doesn’t matter because he hates everything, and rhetts opinion doesn’t matter because he loves everything.
Gabrielle Shumaker
Gabrielle Shumaker 20 dagar sedan
I don't like cake, cookies, or pie. But I like Lofthouse and Lofthouse store-brand knock offs. I also love baking. It's a weird balance.
Ernest Ramey
Ernest Ramey 21 dag sedan
They are ok with a gallon of milk
arya 21 dag sedan
link is so picky holy
Andrew 22 dagar sedan
When link was advertising the hoodie it reminded me of the song Happy Pills
AshPie 504
AshPie 504 22 dagar sedan
It wasn’t as bad as you think it would be but it wasn’t as good as it should’ve been - Link
Brittany Jones
Brittany Jones 22 dagar sedan
These cookies are the backbone of this nation !
McKennah Elyse
McKennah Elyse 22 dagar sedan
I like those cookies, but I like cookies more than cake... lol
Lamejames 22 dagar sedan
Chase and I have the same taste in cookies....niceeeeee
Ligam 22 dagar sedan
is it weird that I like chocolate chip cookies in orange juice-
Nadine Wael
Nadine Wael 22 dagar sedan
So we're just not gonna talk about Link's dream? That's hilarious. My dreams are weird too!
Limes 23 dagar sedan
They’re ashy and it makes me sad :/. Cause the taste is good I just can’t stand the texture.
Christie Nelson
Christie Nelson 23 dagar sedan
It’s a cake cookie!🍰🍥💕🎆🎇
TJTroubleMaker 23 dagar sedan
Idk how people answer the question do you like cake or cookies more. It depends on the cake and it depends on the cookie. Those store premade cakes covered in like cupcake frosting...trash. Some cookies are trash and some are amazing. A really good cookie is better than the average cake and a really good cake is better than an average cookie. lol I think Im maybe just too Rhett-like
Kailee 23 dagar sedan
these cookies are delicious and i am prepared for a fight
Mikayla Stotler
Mikayla Stotler 23 dagar sedan
i love these cookies but i can do without cake (pie is far superior to cake)...sorry link
Hunter 23 dagar sedan
Btw yalls remember a more where link,Rhett and Josh guess celebrities ages and get it right almost every time? I've been tring to find it for ages
Hunter 4 dagar sedan
Got it bro
rhonda90402 23 dagar sedan
I can't believe you did a whole video on these phony fake cookie sugar bombs. They are like pure sugar and so strange to me. I love you guys! Keep making videos. I always look forward to your videos.
Krystal Mendez
Krystal Mendez 23 dagar sedan
I'm with Chase on this lol I like those cookies, but I prefer cookies over cake
DefunctNinja 23 dagar sedan
The answer is: no
Benji Crow
Benji Crow 23 dagar sedan
"Why do you like the cookies, then?" [inaudible dialogue for 30 seconds straight]
Yon Park
Yon Park 23 dagar sedan
Lofthouse cookies have the taste and texture of overly sweet, damp cornstarch packing material. They are only addictive because of the dopamine surge in the lizard brain.
John Hutcheson
John Hutcheson 24 dagar sedan
They are the best cookie on the planet, and you can not change my mind.
Will Platt
Will Platt 24 dagar sedan
Also unrated note but I think I’m more of a Rhett tastebud wise then a Link.
Will Platt
Will Platt 24 dagar sedan
Do most people prefer cookies over cake? I don’t think you can beat a really good slice of cake. Also for what it’s worth I don’t like these “cookies” very much. They look tastier then they actually are and are too artificial. I still could enjoy them but not without guilt. It’s like fast food in that respect I guess.
arts line
arts line 24 dagar sedan
give me a break
SweetSprinkles20 24 dagar sedan
A squall is squirrels.
musigal 24 dagar sedan
I love these cookies and I am indifferent to cake
Bella Parisi
Bella Parisi 24 dagar sedan
"it's the color, it's the- hee hee!!!" - rhett mclaughlin 2021
Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson 24 dagar sedan
They are so good!
Stephanie Vandemark
Stephanie Vandemark 24 dagar sedan
I want one now 😂
missashleyc 24 dagar sedan
Can Josh teach us how to make these, but fancy?
AwesomeCat2012 24 dagar sedan
Oh man, I love those cookies! I had no idea there was a whole movement of people who think they're bad.
AwesomeCat2012 24 dagar sedan
Oh man, I love those cookies! I had no idea there was a whole movement of people who think they're bad.
musigal 24 dagar sedan
Blotch is a word
Paul Carrisoza
Paul Carrisoza 25 dagar sedan
Actually totally fair. Thats all that's here and very true.
Scott Hartley
Scott Hartley 25 dagar sedan
RedDead_Sped 669
RedDead_Sped 669 25 dagar sedan
Is it just me or do they seem very subdued compared to how they were a year or two ago
Diego Ventura Rocha
Diego Ventura Rocha 25 dagar sedan
4:35 ok Gordon Ramsay
stecky87 25 dagar sedan
I like Lofthouse cookies - they're soft, not crunchy, like cookies should be
Spenser Otto
Spenser Otto 25 dagar sedan
These are great when frozen
Gabby Gellerman
Gabby Gellerman 25 dagar sedan
Absolutely love links hoodie
Olivia Roberts
Olivia Roberts 25 dagar sedan
I’ve been vegan for three years and I think that these cookies are the main thing I miss. That’s saying something 😂
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