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Z Z Hill
Z Z Hill 3 timmar sedan
The more you take the more you leave behind..... STEPS
Alecs Granados
Alecs Granados 3 timmar sedan
"We don't have a container for water" sitting next to his mug 11:08
Random Games
Random Games 3 timmar sedan
There is a man who lives on the 75th floor and every morning he goes to the ground floor for work on an elevator and, when he comes home he goes to the 50th floor and walks the 25 flights of stairs to his apartment. Why does he walk the 25 flights of stairs? Answer: he is a midget and can't reach the button for the 75th floor.
Kombu H
Kombu H 4 timmar sedan
This is so frustrating to watch......!!!!!!
MarksFitness 4 timmar sedan
Interesting how the put County Cheddar at in first but "Urban" Butter in last. Guess they're still true North Carolina boys at heart.
Jordan Malker
Jordan Malker 4 timmar sedan
"the six feet thing" he knew
Autumn Semple
Autumn Semple 4 timmar sedan
Link at the last question “ I might just set up shop right there “ Genius actually 😂 I wasn’t expecting that
Jason Buter
Jason Buter 4 timmar sedan
the sister one has an easier solution. If one ALWAYS lies, and one ALWAYS tells the truth, and you know they're sisters... ask 'Are the two of you sisters?'
Nikki Loy
Nikki Loy 4 timmar sedan
That last riddle is basically the same as the one from Labyrinth.
Derik Roberts
Derik Roberts 4 timmar sedan
The more you take, the more you leave behind? Hmmm...🤔 ..."💩?"
haileppgz 4 timmar sedan
Somebody Irrelevant
Somebody Irrelevant 4 timmar sedan
This can _not_ be the way you remind me that Link has kids around the same age as me 😖
Chloe Ellen
Chloe Ellen 5 timmar sedan
A1 flavored ramen HA
Sally W.
Sally W. 5 timmar sedan
Yes! Link is right, Scandinavian bands are awesome! Some of my favorite music.
Meghan Foley
Meghan Foley 5 timmar sedan
Are you a twin ?
haileppgz 5 timmar sedan
Why are we clapping. What did I miss? I don't wanna start the vid over lmao
Kathy Grier
Kathy Grier 5 timmar sedan
Honestly I'm just waiting for Rhett to completely explode on Link with anger and it to be put into the episode.. 🤣
Mark Metivier
Mark Metivier 5 timmar sedan
These were weirdly easy. Surprised Rhett didn’t get them all
Valerie H
Valerie H 5 timmar sedan
Love it when yous guys talk about dreams.
Andrew Sabel
Andrew Sabel 5 timmar sedan
Im gonna say literal macaroni noodles are whats best for macaroni and cheese
jriegger88 __
jriegger88 __ 5 timmar sedan
Queue was my answer for the first one
Jamie Renner
Jamie Renner 5 timmar sedan
As we are close in age, I wonder if Rhett and Link remember the Rubik's cube Saturday morning cartoon.
Kayla Boardman
Kayla Boardman 5 timmar sedan
Rhett, if you like rice&roni by itself.. Try mixing some beans into it!!! You'll really like it then!! It's so good 💯
Petrified Paint
Petrified Paint 5 timmar sedan
lmao wtf were you doing in Aurora, Josh? Bomb tacos for sure!
Jay Dyce
Jay Dyce 5 timmar sedan
KingSolo 5 timmar sedan
Good job Ed boy!
Sbestry 5 timmar sedan
Wow and I’m totally wearing my mustard shirt today!!
Valerie H
Valerie H 5 timmar sedan
LOVE Gifticality!!
Brandon Willy
Brandon Willy 5 timmar sedan
“The more you take, the more you leave behind”... laxatives 🤣
Whats-My-Fandom 5 timmar sedan
Omg, that first one frustrated me so badly lol I'm American and instantly knew it was Queue!
Leron 710
Leron 710 5 timmar sedan
i like how the half the video is about feet.
Mezomp 6 timmar sedan
1:44 that's not very appropriate rhett lol
muskiej5 6 timmar sedan
The first one I said mailbox... that counts right?
Raldvie Justin Serna
Raldvie Justin Serna 6 timmar sedan
Link was really a coglione
Derek Land
Derek Land 6 timmar sedan
Disqualified for not having velveeta shells and cheese.
Dani Wilson
Dani Wilson 6 timmar sedan
Honestly not much cracks me up to where I am literally cry laughing. But you guys do, thank you 🙌🏾
Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson 6 timmar sedan
I agree that spirals are the best and the Walmart brand spirals are the best best
Megan Valek
Megan Valek 6 timmar sedan
Great organization! Thanks for choosing them this time. <3
Alcase 6 timmar sedan
I'm gonna play that song at my massage studio
Grace Whaley
Grace Whaley 6 timmar sedan
I've seen the "Labyrinth" comments and this is exactly that it makes me think of too! This is the same kind of question! They need to watch that scene in the movie. Lol causenim sure idbthey seen it, they might've referred back to it. Lol
Brad Miller
Brad Miller 7 timmar sedan
Last riddle I could never understand...... until now
K Boyle
K Boyle 7 timmar sedan
I've got an answer to the first riddle, but it's not the right answer, it's the wrong answer, but it works! (that's an answer IN riddle form) The answer is, "wrong." If you spell wrong with any one of the five letters that it consists of, your answer would be, "wrong," hence making the answer of one letter, the same as the whole word. Misspelling, "wrong," is wrong just the same as spelling, "wrong," correctly is still, "wrong!"
havoc1zero 7 timmar sedan
Am I the only nerd who felt his heart sink a little when Link made fun of someone pausing the video to write down the riddle, after realizing that I was that guy?
SgtKates 7 timmar sedan
"objectively taste better than it smells" I said pea. 😂 🙃 but I guess that is subjective.
Nessa Benton
Nessa Benton 7 timmar sedan
Chuck says the more you take the more you leave behind is poops.
Kirtus Lorett
Kirtus Lorett 7 timmar sedan
I feel like so much time and effort is put into Good mythical morning that good mythical more is always lack luster. So laid back and borderline blah
love niall
love niall 7 timmar sedan
today's and the past gmmore's like this one make me realize that the punch lines they come up with are so much better than the real ones
Transcendental Portal
Transcendental Portal 7 timmar sedan
Nothing like a little coffee with your creamer
leah labelle
leah labelle 7 timmar sedan
are we not going to talk about how rhett says almonds?
Levi White
Levi White 7 timmar sedan
God, them taking forever to come up with "queue" and "mushroom" was irritating.
Levi White
Levi White 7 timmar sedan
Link: *answers one question* "I'm on a roll."
Seth Tinsman
Seth Tinsman 7 timmar sedan
What was the point of the blindfolds?
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley 7 timmar sedan
Please play a new GMM game called Nasty Or delicious soda Charades
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley 8 timmar sedan
Do will it Chicken Pop Pie
Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams 8 timmar sedan
My first job was working the night shift at waffle house, I can 100% agree that it is its own ecosystem. Seen all kinds of people, fights, drug deals, even got recruited to the army there. Those were great times.
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley 8 timmar sedan
Do will it Fondue Reheated
Robert Owen
Robert Owen 8 timmar sedan
The more you take, the more you leave behind: footsteps.
Dillon Crawley
Dillon Crawley 8 timmar sedan
Do will it Happy Meal!!!!!!!!!!!! With your own version of food and toys
Chris Batten
Chris Batten 8 timmar sedan
Rhett starting to look like Ben Kingsley there
Devin Graves
Devin Graves 8 timmar sedan
Love how almost every comment is about "sprite cranberry"
LilBlairJr 8 timmar sedan
ella smith
ella smith 8 timmar sedan
what happened to links arm
Thomas Richter
Thomas Richter 8 timmar sedan
Fusilli, aka spirals or screws. Are indeed the best pasta, not only for mac and cheese, but in general. Because it retains the most sauce.
Åce The Åłien
Åce The Åłien 8 timmar sedan
Why are they calling it “British?” That’s just English lmao 😂 🤪. American is non-English English.
Holly Kal
Holly Kal 8 timmar sedan
Q 😁
masusockvevo 8 timmar sedan
Spongebob shapes
Devin Graves
Devin Graves 8 timmar sedan
I would always crush up Saltines to put in soup
cole tanner
cole tanner 8 timmar sedan
My guess for the first riddle is Queue
Hjallmar Conesworth
Hjallmar Conesworth 8 timmar sedan
Hey look, a riddle video on youtube that uses the riddle from labyrinth and million other things.
Sydelle1981 8 timmar sedan
Labyrinth prepared me for the twin sister question
Nancy W
Nancy W 8 timmar sedan
awww the 2am mac n cheese
Joshua Workman
Joshua Workman 8 timmar sedan
First one is Q. Queue, Q. Second is a match. Third is mushroom. Fourth is 8. Turn an 8 on its side and you get infinity, cut it physically in half between the top and bottom or fold infinity over on itself and you get 0. Everything and nothing. Fifth is tongue. You taste with your tongue, you don't smell with it. Though a portion of smell is taste. Sixth is steps. Walk anywhere and you leave where you were behind. The further you go, the more you take, the more you leave behind. Not fingerprints. Seventh, everyone is married, there are no single people on board. Last, the given answer is that you ask what the other sister would say, but I am not satisfied with that answer.
TigerAnn 8 timmar sedan
Ginger Baker
Cassie Johnson
Cassie Johnson 9 timmar sedan
Watching this at 2x speed and I still got them all way before them
RestlessPenguin 9 timmar sedan
I thought the question would be: would you want me to go this way? If pointing at the correct path, the liar would not want you to go there but would say “yes” because she has to lie about a lie whereas the honest twin wants you to be free and would say “yes”
jaskoller 9 timmar sedan
Who the heck made that Mac&Cheese? Needs to be smooth and creamy. Not crusty and chunky!!! :) BAaahahahahahhahaaaa
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 9 timmar sedan
* Rhett: Magnus Nilsson.. he’s definitely Swiss * Swedish people: Here we go again....
Josh Amaral
Josh Amaral 9 timmar sedan
I wouldn't say it was easy, I just have seen Batman Forever.
iZigs 9 timmar sedan
The sisters one is like that one yu gi oh episode with those bother twins
Ariana Capraro
Ariana Capraro 9 timmar sedan
The more you take the more you leave behind Me-LAXATIVES fingerprints Me-MINES BETTER, I WIN