Testing Weird Peeps Products
Let's Play: Let's Be Safe
Trying Homemade Mouthwashes
Let's Play: Moving Out
We Try Toilet Paper Origami
Melanie Misakian
Melanie Misakian 14 timmar sedan
It’s hard to be a Gemini
Evan Whitmore
Evan Whitmore 14 timmar sedan
Grateful Bread was my guess lol
MGC Tha King
MGC Tha King 14 timmar sedan
4:59 nice save ; goes to show how in sync they are.
Sarah Chesley
Sarah Chesley 14 timmar sedan
Inglorious Custards
joe dirtbag666
joe dirtbag666 15 timmar sedan
Cheesus Crust
Slonismo 15 timmar sedan
Anna seems lovely!
Michael Bryce
Michael Bryce 15 timmar sedan
What about yamin to the beet
Aditya Awasthi
Aditya Awasthi 16 timmar sedan
Today's gmmore was better than the main gmm episode
sstwwmpne 16 timmar sedan
Health me Health you.
Gabriel Hollandsworth
Gabriel Hollandsworth 16 timmar sedan
How do you keep coming up with funnier ways to use the cars extended warranty bit EVERY TIME 😂🥇 Keep them coming.
Vansdad 16 timmar sedan
I was screaming turnip the beet at my phone lmao
Katie -
Katie - 16 timmar sedan
They should talk about their new rings on Ear Biscuits. They're quite bold.
Tamara Baker
Tamara Baker 16 timmar sedan
the cheesy beats
Tamara Baker
Tamara Baker 16 timmar sedan
play on the easybeats
Abby M
Abby M 17 timmar sedan
no one: me: shouting "turnip the beet" at my laptop
Google Account
Google Account 17 timmar sedan
I have always thought they were the same person
dexter morgan
dexter morgan 17 timmar sedan
dink is so unlikable.
Just John
Just John 17 timmar sedan
Metchupand Custard Shop!
Erykthebat 17 timmar sedan
Dairy On my Wayward son
Jessica Howells
Jessica Howells 17 timmar sedan
Can Link not shave more often?
Penney Hughes
Penney Hughes 17 timmar sedan
It's called psoriasis.
Joe B
Joe B 18 timmar sedan
Grilled cheese truck coulda been called a Munster Truck
Tanya Larsen
Tanya Larsen 18 timmar sedan
I’m obsessed with Rhetts amazing beautiful sexy hair!! I think he needs to tell us what he uses!!
btchpants 18 timmar sedan
Thank you, Chase!
Andrew Kasper
Andrew Kasper 18 timmar sedan
Let it fro!
Janson Li
Janson Li 18 timmar sedan
I don't know why, but I laughed so hard when at the end, Rhett and Link essentially switched places.
Draynim Minyard
Draynim Minyard 18 timmar sedan
Where’s the peeps Pepsi colab
‘Nahi G
‘Nahi G 19 timmar sedan
There’s a restaurant in swfl called fk your diet 🤣
Ashlyn McIntyre
Ashlyn McIntyre 19 timmar sedan
there's a coffee place near me called Bean There, Done That!!
Mental Patient
Mental Patient 19 timmar sedan
"Nose wiggle" and I think of 'Bewitched not 'I dream of Jeannie'.
Marilyn Reynolds
Marilyn Reynolds 19 timmar sedan
I saidnJava the hut. I'm always confusing star wars and star trek. May be why I'm single.
sina panaro
sina panaro 19 timmar sedan
BoricuaDelight 19 timmar sedan
Team wash new things before using/wearing it
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 19 timmar sedan
Dang, I was guessing "When Dairy Met Sally" 😆
Christy Murphy
Christy Murphy 19 timmar sedan
"Dont you four cheddar bout me" 🎶
Tik tok Queen
Tik tok Queen 19 timmar sedan
I love how Rhett is silently cutting the whole time while Link is being a 3rd grader🤣
KeyLeigh Huffman
KeyLeigh Huffman 19 timmar sedan
My brain Immediately went to here dairy Potter
Moe Gardner
Moe Gardner 19 timmar sedan
"Edam and Weep" ? "Kale Me Now" ? I used to like custard on crackers. Called it "pudding on the ritz".
NowI'mMe 19 timmar sedan
Dairy Area.
BuffaloBen 20 timmar sedan
Okay but the face jackets should be real
Moe Gardner
Moe Gardner 20 timmar sedan
My skin or someone elses ?
SloppyOkapi 20 timmar sedan
I was thinking Chilly Wonka for the frozen custard place and Cheesy Rider for the grilled cheese one.
Anthony Duran
Anthony Duran 20 timmar sedan
Hal from Malcom in the Middle Lol
Tommy Luu
Tommy Luu 20 timmar sedan
The grilled cheese truck should just be Cheese Wheel
The Great Amida
The Great Amida 20 timmar sedan
"I saw the nose wiggle" That's Bewitched, Rhett, not I Dream of Jeannie
BlankTom 20 timmar sedan
Who else thought "Conelickula" for the custard shop?
Trumpeter 19
Trumpeter 19 20 timmar sedan
Isaac E
Isaac E 20 timmar sedan
I really wanted it to be Cheese Wheels.
UhhKat 21 timme sedan
For my fellow Weebs Soupa Saiyan and Naroodle Noodle Shop are 2 Anime restaurants in Florida! Been to both and worth stopping by!
Ami Simons
Ami Simons 21 timme sedan
I'm from Port Angeles Wa and I wasn't able to guess until they mentioned Turnips lol
claudia 21 timme sedan
hotwing time machine
C L 21 timme sedan
Captain Perk
Rachel Shopiro
Rachel Shopiro 21 timme sedan
There’s a place near(ish) me called “Falafelly Yours”
y lime?
y lime? 22 timmar sedan
The frozen custard restaurant should have been Frocus Pocus!!!
get in
get in 22 timmar sedan
This video rates right up there with the two ladies guys, I totally LOVED this. Link, you could make a good MOM.
get in
get in 22 timmar sedan
LoRHETTA and LINKetta, I miss you but I have you bookmarked for an occasional chuckle.
Inana James
Inana James 22 timmar sedan
Rhett doesn't age
Micah Wagner
Micah Wagner 22 timmar sedan
I thought of broc the beat. Rock the beat.
Stephen Doucette
Stephen Doucette 22 timmar sedan
I think this trip was a big step in shaping current log haired rhett. Keep on your spiritual journey @RhettMC
Christopher Erskine
Christopher Erskine 22 timmar sedan
I really wanted the last one to be Custard’s Last Stand
Sarah Hodnett
Sarah Hodnett 22 timmar sedan
When they mentioned custard, I recalled a mom and pop ice cream and candy shop in my hometown called Custard’s Last Stand. It had a rearing horse on the roof. My dad would take me there when he picked me up from kindergarten(it was across the street). Sadly it’s been gone for about 15 years. Now the building is the towns chamber of commerce. The horse is still there, though!
amanda lett
amanda lett 23 timmar sedan
I feel like they could have just pulled Bob's Burger's burgers of the day and it would have worked!
Phiil Burt
Phiil Burt 23 timmar sedan
Anna seemed so delightful. The mythical crew is so awesome.
Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee 23 timmar sedan
I was not expecting the Hot Fuzz reference but I very much appreciated it
Omar Sheikh
Omar Sheikh 23 timmar sedan
Btw Link is psychic. For real!
Omar Sheikh
Omar Sheikh 23 timmar sedan
Rhett is on fire ! His imagination is at peak sometimes!
Con Cos
Con Cos Dag sedan
There’s a pizza place called “srgt. Pepperonis”
Gi Gi
Gi Gi Dag sedan
Link is seriously the best.
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown Dag sedan
Happy y'all are back. Missed all you guys.
Ashley Dag sedan
I love that Rhett asked for the last one because he wanted to the game with getting it right without help. And almost right after she read the question Rhett asks a questiom and continues to give help! Haha I paused it after she told them it had to with a movie so I don't know how much more she is going to say. I do want to say though that I feel like Rhett and Link should know if its from a movie or band/singer right away. So I don't count that one as help.
Gie SJ
Gie SJ Dag sedan
Rhett's hair down is just literally Aqua Man 🔥
Mama Moon Bear
Mama Moon Bear Dag sedan
There's a hot dog and burger place near me called Mustards last stand.
Emily Martin
Emily Martin Dag sedan
Did Rhett and Link always have two rings?
arctic rose
arctic rose Dag sedan
I was hoping for the healthy restaurant to be "Kale by the Ocean" like cake by the ocean
Declan Pillow
Declan Pillow Dag sedan
I thought the Grilled Cheese Food Truck should have been "Cheesy Rider"
John Sloan
John Sloan Dag sedan
A salad sandwich is real, it’s generally called a chop chop so vegetarians have a choice.
Shane Crouch
Shane Crouch Dag sedan
There is a Bread Zeppelin in Dallas, Texas.
Aww Link's mom at the end made me tear up.
kramerne Dag sedan
Dammit Jim, I,m a doctor, not a barrista!
Caitlyn Carsley
Caitlyn Carsley Dag sedan
Never thought I’d be yelling turnip at my phone
Joseph Neff
Joseph Neff Dag sedan
Dairy me alive.